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REVOLUTION FOR HER SMILE, folks / split (7ep+cd) Self
dOPPO, Discharming man / split -Dream violence- (cd)	5b
my ex / イエスタディワンスモア (cd) buzzbuzzbuzz
Discharming man / 歓喜のうた (cd) 5b
Dancebeach, THE T.V. DINNERS / split (7ep) Throat
SEGWEI / Gush (12") Fellow travelers
EXCUSE TO TRAVEL / Make excuses (tape) Self
HAM HAM HAMBURGERS / Dia del jamon (cd) Hip cat's
DAWN, SHIPYARDS / split (12") Debauch mood
NAVEL / Heartache (cd) Belly button
NAVEL / Uneasy recordings:1994-1999 (cd) Belly button
falls / Wednesday (cd) Waterslide
BLUEBEARD / st (cd) Mangrove

BLUEBEARD / st (cd) Mangrove

NOT WONK / Laughing nerds and a wallflower (cd) Kilikilivilla
TURNCOAT / Iris (tape) mostoff
TURNCOAT / Iris (cd) Waterslide
LIFE BALL / If I were your friend (cd+dvd) kilikilivilla
cheap cheese / Up & down (cd) Self
LINK / Bubble launcher (7ep+cd) Kilikilivilla
V.A / While we're dead - The first year (cd+zine) Kilikilivilla
Duck. Little Brother, Duck!, malegoat / split (7ep) Stiffslack
bacho / 最高新記憶 (cd) Cosmic note
SANHOSE / π Japanese (cd) Snuffy smiles
YOUR PEST BAND / Time to go (cd) Snuffy smiles
LOVEMEN / 1993-2000 ch.2 (2cd) Waterslide
SANSQURIT / Section 2 e.p (cd) Self
PEAR OF THE WEST / Now it's all over (7ep) Imomushi
V.A / More smellfor music (cd) Toosmell
CAR10 / Rush to the funspot (Lp+cd) KiliKiliVilla
LOVEMEN / 1993-2000 ch.1 (2cd) Waterslide
OSRUM / st (cd) Osrum musical industries
V.A / Journey to the my way (cd) I Hate smoke
HAIR MONEY KIDS / Youth film (cd) Tasty
To overflow evidence, nim / split -Suggesting the possibility- (cd) Unbroken
mynameis... / 明日檜 (cd) thing! thing! thing!
THE SLEEPING AIDES & RAZORBLADES / Forget me (7ep) Debauch mood
REVOLUTION FOR HER SMILE / Songs for all alone (cd) 生き埋め
LINE / Complete discography 2000-2002 (cd) Power elephant!
SEAMEAL / いつかの時 (cd) Playmore
perfectlife / マラディーズ (cd) Stc
WOLFGANG JAPANTOUR / Keep on flowing 2004-2012 (cd) Crew for life
早朝ピストンズ"SO-CHO PISTONS" / Piston bop nite!! (cd) Dumb
BROWN TROUT / Long good-night (Lp) mostoff
RED CLAW SCORPIONS / Working-class (cd) TV-freak
SHIPYARDS / About lights (cd) Waterslide
BOOCUSS / 5 (cd) Karabiner

BOOCUSS / 5 (cd) Karabiner

 CAR10 / Everything starts from this town (cd) Sauna cool
SLYDING MAN / 我慢は限界 (cd) Impulse
SUSPICIOUS BEASTS / Sunshine in the trash (7ep) Debauch mood
WATER CLOSET / You and me (7ep) Episode sounds
YOUR PEST BAND / Other bore (7ep) Episode sounds
EMPIRE! EMPIRE!(I WAS A LONELY ESTATE), malegoat / split (7ep+dvd) Stiff slack
DISCHARMING MAN / aprilfool (7ep) Stiff slack
tail, calledyouvie / split (cd) Self
THIRSTY CHORDS / Red eyes (cd) Shirafu
PLUG / Resound (cd) Straight up
GORO GOLO / Golden rookie, goes loose (cd) P-vine
LEXT / To the ocean (cd) Beach party
V.A / Small circle of friends (cd) I hate smoke
RUDE BONES / Now won't come again (7ep) Ska in the world
SANHOSE / Cough drop (tape) Self
bed / Indirect memories (cd) 3p3b
downy / 第五作品集『無題』 (cd) felicity
THREE MINUTE MOVIE / End of the summer (7ep) Finetuning!
THREE MINUTE MOVIE / Faraway (7ep) Finetuning!
SANHOSE / Parada (7ep) Snuffy smiles
V.A / Puke & destroy 3 -3way split- (7ep) Snuffy smiles
SLIME FISHER / Discography 1992-1995 (cd) Squirrel fox
THE T.V. DINNERS / Zankyo + Fuckin' eternal romanticists (cd+dvd) Stiff slack
MATERIAL, CUTHBARTS / Split (cd) Impulse
V.A / Breaking concept vol.4 (cd) Impulse
THE DISCONTINUED NOVEMBER / From november to where (cd) Fixing a hole
monochro / Connected man (cd) Discompact
 FRONTIER BACKYARD / Morning (7ep) Niw!
FRONTIER BACKYARD / The only meaning (7ep) Niw!
FRONTIER BACKYARD / Picture of the sun (7ep) Niw!
THE PRACTICE / Howling at the moon (7ep) Niw!
salt of life / zero (cd) with one accord
nim / Eq (cd) Impulse

nim / Eq (cd) Impulse

V.A / 極東最前線3 (cd) 裸足の音楽社
THREE MINUTE MOVIE / Betting for broke players (cd) Anti new waves
DIRTY SATELLITES / Beautiful & blue (cd) Impulse
teora / 陽の上の街灯 (cd) Self
NUTS & MILK / Root down (cd) Stiffeen
WATER CLOSET / Why on why (7ep) Suburbia works
St.ELMO'S FIRE / Dirty (cd) It's a fact
HOPELESS DEW / Why don't you wonder what proves people exist (cd) Tasty
BAL BAS NOW / Our great escape (cd) Toonice
SOUTH AFRICAN STANHOPE / demo 2013 (cdr) Self
PSWINGSET, PLAY DEAD SEASON / split (7ep) Stiff slack
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