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aie / box (cd) P-vine

aie / box (cd) P-vine

V.A / Do Not Regret Vol.2 (cd) Nodevans Records
polyABC / Wonder Of Dear (cd) Captain haus
bufferins / what a beautiful world (cd) Straight up-Slow records
COMATOSE / shutter chance (7ep) Aim record
Discharming man / dis is the oar of me (cd) Traffic, 5B Records
ABOUT ME / acts of kindness (cd) Versus horse
54-71 / reprise (cd) Lastrum

54-71 / reprise (cd) Lastrum

COMMUNE / sing out the revolution (cd) Cosmic note
MOD LUNG / dirty earth (cd) Fine tuning!
the warm / st (cd) Fine tuning!
BROWNTROUT, DRUNKEN BOAT / split (7ep) Snuffy smiles
8 ROOF / year! if you can't win!! (cd) Snuffy smile
Thymo / レキゥイエム (cd) Disparates
V.A / no matter where we go! i hate smoke records sampler 2008 (cd) i hate smoke
KIWIROLL / ANTHOLOGY II (cd) Secreta trades
KIWIROLL / ANTHOLOGY I (cd) Secreta trades
DUDOOS / Humming Mit Ddz (cdr) 七ツ星録音ASIA
KAMAMBELS / Hiroshimassa on ainakarppi!!! (cdr) 七ツ星録音ASIA
KAMAMBELS / Mizuno Mijako Hiroshima (cdr) 七ツ星録音ASIA
JAYVEE / Hope springs eternal (cd) Water slide
SPIRAL CHORD / サ・ヨ・ナ・ラ・セ・カ・イ (cd) contrarede
NO HITTER, SUPER USA! / split (5ep) Nodevans
FREAKYFROG / demo 2007 (cdr) self
FREAKYFROG / demo 2006 (cdr+dvdr) self
curve / barricade (cd) same blue/liquid trigger
SEMI FOUR / boring & endless (cd) ANTI NEW-WAVE
ELMOC / st (cd) Suburbia works
MISCASTS, YOUR PEST BAND / split (7ep) Snuffy smiles
V.A / 黄昏賛歌 (cd) 月狼
ONSA / 音旅行 (cd) RX

ONSA / 音旅行 (cd) RX

the last letter / the forgotten memory and answer (cd) Flat fat C
folio / The Curve Causes a Shiver (cd) STIFF SLACK
V.A / A tribute to SNUFF (cd) Inyaface
the SHUWA / inevitable accident (cd) Catune
BALLOONS / 3dep (cd) Stiff slack
54-71 / I'm not fine, thank you. And you? (cd) contrarede
DISCOUNT, CIGARETTEMAN / split (7ep) Suburban home
DEW UNDER / statement (7ep) Less Than TV
DEW UNDER / acknowledgement (7ep) Less Than TV
BANKART LESION / giraftic album (cd) Suburbia works
RHYME DAYS AWAY / has eyesight decreased (cd) Suburbia works
MAKES NO SENSE, SUFFER FROM A CASE / split (cd) Suburbia works
the guitar plus me / water music (cd) fine tuning!
MANIFESTO JUKEBOX, I EXCUSE / split (7ep) Combat rock industry
銀杏BOYZ / libido ep (12ep) Phat'n'phunky
DRIFTAGE / paint it black (7ep) Snuffy smile
MINORITY BLUES BAND, BLOCKO / split (7ep) Snuffy smile
V.A / bastard can't dance Leatherface tribute (cd) Snuffy smile
INFRO / melody (cd) impulse

INFRO / melody (cd) impulse

ANSWER / answer looks life scene (cd) impulse
6 birds barked in the park / まる さんかく しかく (cd) self
THIS WORLD IS MINE / Complete Discography (cd) Power Elephant!
PEAR OF THE WEST, LEFTY LOOSIE / Split (7ep) Snuffy smiles
BLOTTO, RINGERS / Split (7ep) Snuffy smiles
YOUR PEST BAND / Your Pest Vinyl (7ep) Snuffy smiles
V.A / jet over night (cd) Waterslide/Jet over night

V.A / jet over night (cd) Waterslide/Jet over night

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slowpe / 3rd letters (cd)
nim / Perfect Chicken (cd) waver waver
CUBISMO GRAFICO FIVE / jamaica jump up feat Your Song Is Good (7ep) Niw
FIRST DAY ACTION / Detour (cd) Stiff slack
BALLOONS / 9:40 p.m. (cd) Stiff slack
MISCASTS, DRIFTAGE / split (7ep) Snuffy smiles
Climb The Mind / よく晴れた朝は地下を探索しに出かけよう (cd) Stiff slack
FIRST DAY ACTION / Good-bye Perfect Life EP (cd) Stiff slack
LOSER LIVING DEAD / 4songs demo (cd) self
MUGWUMPS / at pop speed (cd) Inya face
WATER CLOSET, SUPER USA! / split (5インチレコード) nodevans
ANGRY NERD / all my generation (cd) nodevans
ego trunk / letter (cd) nodevans
SUPER USA! / made in japan (cd) nodevans
ANGRY NERD, TRUNKLIFT / split (cd) nodevans
BUFFERINS / koboreochirumono (cd) Straight up
Discharming man / 360° (cd) 5b records
NOBODYS / nobody knows nobodys (cd) Hip cat's
MALEGOAT / plan infiltration (cd) Water slide
HER SPECTACLES / remain (cd) Water slide
SUFFERING FROM A CASE / that scene (cd) Water slide
SOON / kill the hipsters (cd) Squirrel fox
KIWIROLL / その青写真 (cd) Stiffeen
kuh / ky (cd) Captain haus

kuh / ky (cd) Captain haus

V.A / Radical punk for shits (cd) Anti new waves
LIFE INDICATOR / indication (cd) Anti new waves
BROWNTROUT / stepping with fuzzy ideas (cd) Anti new waves
LIVE CLEAN STAY YOUNG / local rocker 365days (cd) I hate smoke
54-71 / Untitled (cd) Lastrum
WORLD TODAY / question everything? (cd) Water slide
PEACE OF BREAD / discography 2000-2005 (2cd) Water slide


V.A / The Life Between You And Me (cd) Water slide
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