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DAITRO / Y 日本盤 (cd) Oto
DAITRO, SED NON SATIATA / split (Lp) Code of ethics
Elder / st (cd) Impulse

Elder / st (cd) Impulse

SHIKARI / 1999-2003 (cd) Level plane
KIDCRASH / jokes (cd) INIT

KIDCRASH / jokes (cd) INIT

KIDCRASH / jokes (Lp) Init

KIDCRASH / jokes (Lp) Init

L'ANTIETAM / ARTHUR CARR (cd) Slave union
L'ANTIETAM / Family (cd) Slave union
COUGAR DEN / Keepondrifter (cd) Init
SINALOA / Footprints On Floorboards (cd) Waking
LA QUIETE, LOUISE CYPHRE / Split (10') Electric Human Project
FUNERAL DINER / The Wicked EP (cd) Alone
CITY OF CATERPILLAR / Demo + Live Recording (cd) Level Plane Records
RAEIN / ogni nuovo inizio (cd) Ape must not kill ape
ANGEL HAIR / st (7ep) Gravity
ANTIOCH ARROW / In Love/The Lady (cd) Gravity Records
HOLY MOLAR / The Whole Tooth And Nothing But The Tooth (8cm cdx2) Three One G
PORTRAITS OF PAST / Cypress Dust With (cd) Cosmic Note
DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP? / Suburban Malaise Spectacle (cd) Cosmic Note
The Black Heart Rebellion / Monologue CD Japan limited edition (cd) Tokyo jupiter
Archives / Decline (cd) Tokyo jupiter
LOMA PRIETA / Discography 05-09 (cd) Cosmic note
ISCARIOTE / genese et agonie (cd) Salvation
ISCARIOTE / necropole trauma (cd) Salvation
RAEIN / ogni nuovo inizio (cd) Oto
YFERE, DRYCONDITIONS / split (7ep) Ape must not kill ape
KIDCRASH, L'ANTIETAM / split (7ep) Narshardaa
the SADDEST LANDSCAPE / The Sound of the Spectacle (cd) Copter Crash
THE BLOOD BROTHERS / Crimes (cd) Second nature
AN ALBATROSS / We Are The Lazer Viking (cd) Ace fu
AN ALBATROSS / Blessphemy (of the Peace Beast Feast Giver and the Bear Warp Kumite) (cd) Ace fu
THE ASSISTANT / We'll Make The By Walking (cd) Alone
HOOVER / Lurid Traversal of Route 7 (cd)(Lp) Dischord
HOT CROSS / A New Set Of Lungs (cd) Level plane
HOT CROSS / Cryonics (cd) Level plane
HOT CROSS / Fair Trades And Farewells (cd) Level plane
ICONOCLAST / st (cd) ebulltion
YAPHET KOTTO / We Bury Our Dead Alive (cd) ebulltion
The Black Heart Rebellion / discography (cd) Tokyo Jupiter
The Caution Children / Vacations (cd) Tokyo Jupiter
CINEMECHANICA / Rivals (cd) Stiff slack
FOLLOWED BY 37 SECONDS OF HAPPINESS / st (7ep) Ape must not kill ape
le pre ou je suits mort / st (cd) Ape must not kill ape
Amalthea / decisions should be a desert... (cd) Ape must not kill ape
THE LAST FORTY SECONDS, SUNDOWNER / split (7ep) Ape must not kill ape
MR. WILLIS OF OHIO /eure welt (7ep) Ape must not kill ape
LA QUIETE, CATENA COLLAPSE / split (7ep) Adagio830
KONTRAPUNKT / st (7ep) Ape must not kill ape
SUIS LA LUNE / Quiet, pull the strings! (cd) Ape must not kill ape
ECONOCHRIST / Discography (2cd) Ebullition Records
MOUTH OF THE ARCHITECT / Quietly (cd) Translation Loss Records
ORCHID / Chaos is me-dance tonight! revolution tomorrow! (cd) Ebullition
AUSSITOT MORT / montuenga (cd) Oto
MAXIMILLIAN COLBY / Discography (cd) Lovitt Records
I HATE MYSELF / Ten Songs (cd) No Idea Records
THE VSS / nervous circuits (2cd+dvd) Daymare
MOHINDER / st (cd) Gold Standard Laboratories
INDIAN SUMMER / Hidden Arithmetic (cd) Future Records
AMANDA WOODWARD / La Decadence De La Decadence (cd) Level Plane Records
HEROIN / Destination (cd) Gravity
THE FICTION / I Told Her that I Like Living In A Box (cd) Level Plane Records
ORCHID / st (cd) Ebullition Records
THE PINE / st (cd) Alone Records
JULIA / st (cd) Bloodlink Records
PORTRAITS OF PAST / discography (cd) Ebullition
AMPERE / The first five years (cd) oto
AKEPHAL / st (cd) Narshardaa

AKEPHAL / st (cd) Narshardaa

CEASE UPON THE CAPITOL / st (cd) React with protest
BORN AGAINST / Battle Hymns Of The Race War (LP) Prank
ROSETTA / The Galilean Satellites (2cd) Translation loss
ROSETTA / The Cleansing Undertones Of Wake/Lift (cd) Translation loss
ROSETTA / Wake/Lift (cd) Translation loss
SLEEPYTIME TRIO / Memory Minus (cd) Lovitt Records
POLICY OF 3 / An anthology (2cd) Ebullition
THE SADDEST LANDSCAPE / Lift Your Burdens High For This Is Where We Cross (cd) Alone
DANSE MACABRE / Synkopenleben Nein Danke (cd) Electric Human Project
INDIAN SUMMER / Science 1994 Discography (cd)
SAETIA / A Retrospective (cd) Level Plane Records
FOUR HUNDRED YEARS / Suture And Other Songs (cd) Lovitt Records
FOUR HUNDRED YEARS / Transmit Failure (cd) Lovitt Records
USURP SYNAPSE / Disinformation Fix (cd) Alone Records
PORTRAITS OF PAST / st (Lp) Ebullition Records
PG. 99 / Singles (cd) Reptilian Records/ (Lp) Robotic empire
FUNERAL DINER / The Underdark (cd) Alone Records
YOU AND I / Discography (cd) Alone Records
ON THE MIGHT OF PRINCES / Sirens (cd) Revelation
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