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ホームaltanative, indie , psychedelic, rock, pop, acid folk ... BLKTOP PROJECT / Concrete jungle (cd) Rush!/ Awdr/lr2

BLKTOP PROJECT / Concrete jungle (cd) Rush!/ Awdr/lr2

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Tommy Guerrero、Ray Barbee、Matt Rodriguez、Chuck Treece、Josh Lippiとゆう5人のスケーターによるバンド、BLKTOP PROJECT!8年ぶりにリリースされるセカンドアルバム!!!


1. Strut And Swagger
2. And The Stylus Followed
3. Folk And Fiction
4. Stick And Move
5. Shrine On
6. Year Of The Drum
7. In The Moment
8. The Light To Get By
9. Esto Fortis!
10. A New Line
11. Fall And Rise