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japanese new school、nyhc、metalcore

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UNCOVERING / Devil's cane (cdr) No souls saved
GATES OF HOPELESS / Evil edge force 2004 (cd) Self
BLOODSHOT / st (cd) Self
noy / Hard choice brings us the pain (cd) Break the records
GATES OF HOPELESS / Carved memory (cd) Victim
BLINDSIDE, NO ZODIAC / split (cd) Militia inc.
PITTRISK / The sun rises (cd) Straight up
PALM / To live is to die, to die is to live  (cd) Deliver B
PALM / To live is to die, to die is to live  (Lp) Deliver B
ROCKCRIMAZ / Down with it (cd) Whs inc.
MAGHONOR / Da latest classics (cd) Self
V.A / ハードコアマラソン 1996 Osaka (cd) Tag rag
V.A / Far east hardcore (cd) Slam/God's pop
V.A / Keep his friends alive (cd) Radical east
ilska / Demon 201h8 (cdr) Self
ilska / Demo + 201h8 (tape) Toosmell
UNIVERSE LAST A WARD, KRUELTY, MIRRORS/ Counterfeit killers syndicate (cd) Cks
END IN BLOOD / The past is not the best (cd) Forbidden garden
NODAYSOFF / Old city brand (cd) Radical east
nervous light of sunday / 自己暗示 (cd) instill
COMMUNITY TRUST / The 3rd altanative (cd) Cosmic note
H8CALL / Suburban central (cd) Self
DIKTATOR / Northeyes beatdown squad (cd) Self
DxHxC / Spirits murder (cd) Self
UPSET BEHIND, PREDATOR, SLEPT / XIII rhapsody (cd) Keep on rock'in
LASTWAR / Fuckoff (cd) Self
16REASONS / st (cd) Self
KRUELTY / Phobia (cd) Self
Quetzalcoatl / st (12") 半田商会
Quetzalcoatl /  U take orb. (2Lp) 半田商会
NoLA, The Donor / split -Damned- (cd) Break the records
BREAK OF CHAIN / Survivors of the desolated city (cd) Self
ELMO / Draw Morbid Brutality (7ep) Toosmell
COMMUNITY TRUST / Then you can Talk (cd) Cosmic note
STILL / Tokyo is flat (cdr) Self
OTUS / Mold (tape) Self
FACECARZ, SLAPDOWN / Radical typhoon (cd) Bowlhead inc.
THE DONOR / All blues (cd) Till your death
TO THE END / Hypocrisy judge (cd) Self
ANTI.D.TRIBE / How to swing the arms (CD) Self
WEAKEND HEROES / 振り出しに向かう (cd) Keep and walk
OTUS / Overglaze (7ep) Six feet under
CREEPOUT / Nekropolis (cd) Bowl head inc.
CALUSARI / Jack in the mad boxxx (cd) Juke boxxx
DEAD-REFORCE / Valance of death II (cd) Juke boxxx
EMBODY THE CHAOS / Awakening of chaos (cd) Mark my words
DOMINATE / You ain't nothing (cd) Filled with hate
WORM / Another dimension (cd) Crazy diamond
nervous light of sunday / 深層心理 (cd) Instill
V.A / TILL YOUR DEATH vol.2 (4cd) Till your death
UNGAUGE / Demo 2016 (cdr) Self
TIGER / Rough it (cd) Furious
V.A / KEEP AND WALK 10th anniversary compilation album (cd) Keep and walk
FIGHT IT OUT / Most hated (cd) Bowl head inc.
YOUNG LIZARD / 3 songs ep (tape) Toosmell
BEYOND HATE / Made in japan (cd) Front of union
V.A / HARDCORE BALL 4 (cd) Straight up
SHUT YOUR MOUTH / Phoenix (cd) Toosmell
LEVIASUN / Memento mori (cd) Self
B SIDE APPROACH / demo 2016 (cd) Self
NOT II BELIKESOMEONE / Tragic orchestra (cd) Alcatrize
FALLING DOWN / Believe (cd) Crew for life
DIEDRO, ENFADO / split (cd) Juke boxxx
SECOND TO NONE / Bab-Ilu (cd) Radical east
 BREAK OF CHAIN, NO ONE RULES / split (7ep) 半田商会
BREAK OF CHAIN, NO ONE RULES / split (cd) 半田商会
BEYOND HATE, SLUDGE / split -Bonded by blood- (cd) Juke boxxx
STAND HARD / Shoudou (cd) Bdm
RAZING STAFF / Lesson two (cd) Furious
HOPELESS RAVEN / 光の傍で (cd) Dot2line label
ENDZWECK, malegoat / split (7ep) Cosmic note/Stiff slack
INFeNCE / st (cd) Self
EX-C / Dance in the dark (cd) Front of union
FROM ONE STEP / Gxsxtxb (cd) Straight up
LOYAL TO THE GRAVE / Straight ahead demo 2015 (tape) Self
SWAG / Esprit de unity (cd) Straight up
FACECARZ / And fortitude (cd) Bowl head inc./Facecarz
endzweck / tender is the night (cd) Cosmic note
GUSANOS / Life chord (cd) mkYENban
SAND / Death to sheeple (cd) Pizza of death
NUMBERNINE / demo 2015 (cd) Self
EX-C / Demonstraition 2015 (cd) Front of union
wombscape / 新世界標本 (cd) landscape
CRUSTNOME / demo 2015 (cd) Self
ASIANBEAUTYMURDER / The floor is yours (cd) Self
AGAINST THE GRAIN / demo2 (cdr) Self
BREAK OF CHAIN / This is sendai (cd) Straight up
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