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SUNNY DAY REAL ESTATE / Diary (cd) Sub Pop
BY A THREAD, STILL LIFE PROJECTOR / Split (cd) 720 Records
KID DYNAMITE / Cheap Shots, Youth Anthems (cd+dvd) Jade Tree Records
THE APPLESEED CAST / Lost Songs (cd) Deep Elm Records
THE APPLESEED CAST / Low Level Owl: Volume 1 (cd) Deep Elm Records
FOUR YEAR STRONG / Rise Or Die Trying (cd) I Surrender Records
PHOENIX FOUNDATION / we need to make some changes... (cd) Snuffy Smile
ENGINE DOWN / Demure (cd) Lovitt Records
ENGINE DOWN / To Bury Within The Sound (cd) Lovitt Records
V.A / Deep Elm Records For The Working Class 2 (cd) Deep elm
CIRCA SURVIVE / juturna (cd) equal vision
CIRCA SURVIVE / On Letting Go (cd) Equal Vision Records
NEVA DINOVA / st (cd) crank! record
SUNDAYS BEST / Where Are You Now? (cd) crank! records
THE QUEERS / A Day Late And A Dollar Short (cd) asia man
LOOK MEXICO / This is Animal Music (cd) STIFF SLACK
ELLIOTT / Photorecording (cd+dvd) Revelation records
FIFTH HOUR HERO, THIS IS MY FIST / Split (7ep) No Idea Records
LATTERMAN / ...We Are Still Alive (cd) Deep Elm Records
OWEN / At Home With Owen (cd) Polyvinyl Records
CROSS MY HEART / The Reason I Failed History (cd) Dim Mak Records
DILLINGER FOUR / Versus God (cd) Hopeless Records
DILLINGER FOUR / Midwestern Songs Of The Americas (cd) Hopeless Records
THE ANGELIC PROCESS / Weighing Souls (CD) profound lore
ALIAS AND TARSIER / Plane That Draws A White Line (CD) anticon
ALIAS / Collected Remixes (CD) anticon
ALIAS / Eyes Closed EP (CD) anticon
ROB CROW / I Hate You Rob Crow (CD) temporary residence
TEXAS IS THE REASON / Do You Know Who You Are (cd) Revelation Records
HUSKER DU / Metal Circus (cd) SST Records
KAMMERFLIMMER KOLLEKTIEF / Cicadidae (cd) Temporary Residence Records
THE ROCKING HORSE WINNER / Horizon (cd) Equal vision
AMERICAN FOOTBALL / st (cd) Polyvinyl Records
COALESCE, THE GET UP KIDS / Split (7ep) Second Nature Recordings
BOYS LIFE / Departures and Landfalls (cd) Headhunter Records
OWEN / The EP (cd) Polyvinyl Records
HEY MERCEDES / st (cd) Polyvinyl Records
FACE TOMORROW / The Closer You Get Japanese Edition (cd) falling leaves
FURTHER SEEMS FOREVER / The Final Curtain (cd,dvd) 567 Records
CAP’N JAZZ / Analphabetapolothology (2cd) Jade Tree Records
BRAID / movie music vol.1 (cd) Polyvinyl
GLOS / harmonium (cd) lovitt Records
CAROLINE / murmurs (cd) Temporary Residence Records
TEXAS IS THE REASON / s/t (cd) (7ep) (tape) Revelation
SAOSIN / s/t (cd)

SAOSIN / s/t (cd)

WILLIAM / surface the vessel (cd)
MATES OF STATE / all day (cd) Polyvinyl
GRACER / Voices travel (cd) Revelation
Q AND NOT U / power (cd) Dischord
GLORIA RECORD / start here (Lp) Broken Circle
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