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GRAY MATTER / Take it back-Food for thought (cd) Dischord
SOUL SIDE / Soon come happy (cd) Dischord
DUCK. LITTLE BROTHER, DUCK! / Don't take our filth away (cd) Stiff slack
TITLE FIGHT, TOUCHE AMORE / split (7ep) Sea legs
CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE / cfd (cd) (Lp) Magic bullet
ELLIOTT / Songs in a transit wind (Lp) Simba
THEIR/THEY'RE/THERE / st (cd) Stiff slack
BANANAS / The first 10 years...of (cd) Plan-it-x
BANANAS / Nautical rock n roll (cd) Plan-it-x
TTNG (THIS TOWN NEEDS GUNS) / (cd) Stiff slack
LATTERMAN / Turn up the punk, we'll be singing (Lp) No idea
LATTERMAN / No matter where we go..! (Lp) No idea
BRIDGE AND TUNNEL / Homecoming (7ep) Run for cover
BRIDGE AND TUNNEL / st (7ep) No idea
BRIDGE AND TUNNEL / East/west (cd) (Lp) No idea
BRIDGE AND TUNNEL / Rebuilding year (cd) (Lp) No idea
FURTHER SEEMS FOREVER / penny black (cd) Rise
TEXAS IS THE REASON / Do You Know Who You Are?:the complete collection  (cd) Revelation
TEXAS IS THE REASON / Do You Know Who You Are?:the complete collection (2Lp) Revelation
POLITICAL ASYLUM / Window on the world (cd) Boss tuneage
POLITICAL ASYLUM / How the west was won (cd) Boss tuneage
HARD-ONS / Dickcheese (2cd) Citadel
INTO IT. OVER IT. / 52 Weeks (2cd) Stiff slack
DUCK. LITTLE BROTHER, DUCK! / Don't take our filth away (Lp) Topshelf
QUICKSAND / Slip (cd) Polydor
QUICKSAND / st (7ep) Revelation
DRIVE / Discography (cd) Boss tuneage
TITLE FIGHT / Floral Green (cd) Alliance trax
HARD-ONS / Love is a battlefield of wounded hearts (tape) Taang!
HARD-ONS / Dickcheese (tape) Taang!
DADS / American Radass (this is important) (cd) Stiff slack
PSWINGSET / All Our False Stars (cd) Stiff slack
SELF-EVIDENT / We Built A Fortress On Short Notice (cd) Stiff slack
THE GROUND IS LAVA / Freeze Tag (cd) Be a primitive
THE HARD-ONS / Smell My Finger (cd) Citadel
DOWZER / Facing Paper Tigers (cd) Waterslide
SHADES APART / Save it (tape) Revelation
WHIRLPOOL / Liquid glass (tape) Revelation
WHIRLPOOL / st (tape) Revelation
THE ABS / A Wop Bop A Loo Bap-A Cough,Wheeze,Fart! (2cd) Bosstuneage
CHINO HORDE / Everything (2Lp) Adagio 830
HICKEY / Various states of disrepair (2Lp) 1-2-3-4 GO!
SENSE FIELD / Killed For Less (Lp) Revelation
MICE PARADE / Live: England Vs France (cd) P-vine
OWEN / Abandoned Bridges (7ep) Polyvinyl
Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) / On Time Spent Waiting,.. (7ep) Topshelf
JOYCE MANOR / Of all things i will soon grow tired (cd) Asia man
YOU BLEW IT! / Grow Up,Dude (cd) (Lp) Topshelf
7 DAY CONSPIRACY / When There's No Hope Left (cd) Fixing a hole
HANDGUNS / It's Better Late Than Never (cd) Ice grill$
A LOSS FOR WORDS / No Sanctuary (cd) Rise
NO TRIGGER / Tycoon (cd) Ice grill$
DECADE / st (cd) Ice grill$

DECADE / st (cd) Ice grill$

SENSES FAIL / Follow Your Bliss: The Best Of Senses Fail (2cd) Ice grill$
MIDWAY STILL / Always End (cd) Water slide
JOYRIDERS / Cathedral Glasgow Cross (cd) Fixing a hole
Here Come The Intrepids / st (cd) Fixing a hole
THE REPTILIAN  / Full Health (10") Count your lucky
THE REPTILIAN  / Boys' Life (cd) Count your lucky
BORIS SMILE / My Love Powered By 10,000Practice Amps (cd) Count your lucky star
BORIS SMILE / Beartooh (cd) Count your lucky star
football,etc / The Draft (Lp) Count your lucky star
CHAMBERLAIN / Moon My Saddle (2Lp) Topshelf
OUR SUNDAY AFFAIRS / A 16 Song Step-Guide On How To Lose (cd) Be a primitive
SNOWING / Pump Fake-Scherbatsky (7ep) Square of opposition
BY SURPRISE / Mountain Smashers (Lp) Topshelf
RATIONS / How Much Land Does a Man Need? (7ep) Eager beaver/Square of opposition
1994! / Fckyrhed (Lp) Square of opposition
HIGHTIDE HOTEL / Nothing was Missing, Except Me (Lp) Count your lucky stars
LEATHERFACE / Cherry knowle (cd) Byo
SAVES THE DAY / Can't Slow Down (cd) Equal Vision
VACACIONES / All The Elefant Recordings,1999-2003 (2cd) Waterslide
EXIT CONDITION / Days of wild skies (Lp) Boss tuneage
Annabel, Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate?), Joie De Vivre, The Reptilian / 4Way Split (7ep) Count your lucky stars
THE ANNIVERSARY / Devil On Our Side: B-Sides & Rarities (2cd) Vagrant
IRON CHIC / Not like this (Lp) Dead Broke
Into It.Over It. / Twelve towns (cd) Stiff slack
SNOWING / I Could Do Whatever I Want If I Wanted (Lp) Count your lucky stars
PENFOLD / Amateurs & Professionals (Lp) Count your lucky stars
END OF A YEAR / You Are Beneath Me (cd) Deathwish
DAN / Thology(Full Stort & Pics) (2cd) Boss tuneage
SUCH GOLD, A LOSS FOR WORDS / split (cd) Ice grill$
BALANCE AND COMPOSURE / Separation (cd) Ice grill$
AGES / Sleep On It (cd) Ice grill$
ENGINE KID / Angel Wings (cd) Revelation
END OF A YEAR / The Sorrowful And Immaculate Heart Of Emanuela Orlandi (7ep) Disposable Culture
JOHN HENRY WEST / Door Bolted Shut (Lp+cd) Ebullition
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