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MASS-HOLE / Lost waves (cd) Midnightmeal
MASS-HOLE / Doze (cd) WDsounds
■予約商品■ BES / Live in tokyo (cd) Ultra-vybe, inc
MASS-HOLE / 82dogs tape (cd) Midnightmeal
MASS-HOLE & DJ SIN-NO-SKE / Blood&sportz (cd) Midnightmeal
MASS-HOLE / Queens and kings vol.2 (cd) WDsounds
YUKSTA-ILL x DJ BLOCKCHECK / Abyss mix (cd) Rcslum
COTTONDOPE / Marouder's taproom (cd) Midnightmeal
MASS-HOLE / White tape (cd) Midnightmeal
MASS-HOLE as BLACKASS / Telephone my girlfriend on a cold dai (cd) Midnightmeal
ISSUGI / The very best of 7inc tree release live dvd (dvd) Dogear
DJ SIN-NO-SKE / Route 19 (cd) Midnightmeal
TEE-$HORT / Night & bay 8 (cd) Midnightmeal
MASS-HOLE / Both side (cd) Midnightmeal
MASS-HOLE / Food's dealer "Special mix tape set" (tape+long sleeve tape) Midnightmeal
MASS-HOLE / Carwash (cd) Midnightmeal
MASS-HOLE / Queens & kings (cd) WDsounds
MASS-HOLE / The menace 2 (cd) Midnightmeal
SIN-NO-SKE / The deal (cd) Midnightmeal
MASS-HOLE a.k.a Blackass / Two of sheeps -remaster version- (cdr)Midnight meal
DJ SEROW / Vernal euphoria (cd) Midnight meal
MASS-HOLE / The menace in japan (cd) Midnight meal
TEE-$HORT / Night & bay vol.6 (cdr) Midnight meal
MASS-HOLE A.K.A BLACKASS / Every and tie (cdr) Midnight meal
BUGDAT/ Inner city life (cdr) Midnight meal
MASS-HOLE / Telephone my girlfriend on a cold dai 2 (cd) WDsounds
TEE-$HORT / Night & bay vol.5 (cdr) Midnight meal
MICHIOSHKA / Osaka bay area bay dream -MASS-HOLE mastering edition- (cdr) Seminishukei
MASS-HOLE & CE$ / Number shot vol.6 〜Reflections in the 57〜 (cdr) Midnight meal
ELEVEN / Sprung Dubbing Vol.1 (cdr) Seminishukei
MASS-HOLE a.k.a BLACKASS / Presidents heights doze (cd) Presidents heights
MASS-HOLE / 2mix 4battle (cd) Midnightmeal
FOUR HORSEMEN / Unchain 2019 - Bottles up (cd) Midnightmeal
MASS-HOLE / agata tape (cd) Ebbtide
FOUR HORSEMEN / Four heavenly kings (cd) Midnightmeal
MASS-HOLE, DJ GQ / Brother grim league vol.2 (7ep) Darahabeats
 YUKSTA-ILL / Defy (cd) P-vine/RC slum
MASS-HOLE x DJ SCRATCH NICE / B'ronx instrumentals (Lp) Dogear
ILLNANDES & ENDRUN / Czn'pass (2Lp) Dogear
ISSUGI x JJJ / Link up 2 experiment (2Lp) Dogear
ILL-TEE / Single (cd) WDsounds
MASS-HOLE, DJ GQ / Brother grim league (7ep) Darahabeats
ISSUGI / 7inc tree - The story of 7inc tree -Tree & chambr- (cd) Dogear
誤 / Tact (cd) Self
PSYCHO PATCH / Difficult to cure (cd) Listen up
MIKUMARI & ILLNANDES / Gazza crooks (cd) Rcslum
MASS-HOLE / Blue tape (cd) Midnightmeal
J.COLUMBUS / North tokyo soul tape (cd) WDsounds
HIT / The hit (cd) WDsounds
TEK (SMIF-N-WESSUN) / Skin on trial (cd) WDsounds
ROCKASEN / Two Sides of (Lp) Assassin of youth
DOGEAR RECORDS / 06-17 mixed by DJ K-FLASH (cd) Dogear
V.A / 5014CompMostWANTED45 (7epx2) WDsounds
  ISSUGI & GRADIS NICE / The remix album "day and nite" (cd) P-vine
KINGPINZ (MASS-HOLE & KILLIN’G) / Kingpinz (cd) WDsounds/Dirtrain
ENDRUN / Oneway (cd) P-vine
J.COLUMBUS / Hotel mets (cdr) WDsounds
V.A / Lazy replay : mixed by DJ KIYO (2cd) Lazy women
ISSUGI from MONJU / 7inc tree (cd) Dogear
MC KHAZZ / Snowdown (cd) Rcslum
V.A / 5014Comp most wanted - Instrumental - (cd) WDsounds
YUKSTA-ILL / Neo tokai on the line (cd) P-vine
YUKSTA-ILL / Minority policy -Operated by KOKIN BEATZ THE ILLEST- (cd) Rcslum
仙人掌 / Voice (cd)WDsounds/Dogear/P-vine
V.A / 5014 Comp most wanted - Revist - (cd) WDsounds
MASS-HOLE / 80+2 (cd) Lazy woman music
SLUM RC / Who wanna rap 2 (cd) Rcslum
  ISSUGI from MONJU / Earr (cd) Dogear
 IO / Soul long (cd) P-vine
 IO / Soul long (2Lp) P-vine
KNZZ / Z (cd) P-vine
MASS-HOLE / PAReDE original soundtrack score (cd) WDsounds
KILLah BEEN / 夜襲 (cd): P-vine/Apollo-rec productions
MASS-HOLE / 1982Sinstrumental (cd) Dirttrain
BUSHMIND / Sweet talking (cd) Seminishukei/Awdr/Lr2
RUMI 雨衣ルミ / 甘い魔者 (2Lp) Creative platform
MASS-HOLE / PAReDE (cd) WDsounds
MASS-HOLE / PAReDE (2Lp) WDsounds
V.A / Tofu recipes -tofubeats remix ep- (12") tofubeats
CENJU / Cakez (cd) Skarface/WDsounds/P-vine
MASS-HOLE / 0263 bullets (cd) WDsounds/Midnight meal
ILL-TEE / Ice cream dream (cd) Midnight meal
MEDULLA / Back pawn/Baaad trainz (12") Midnight meal
MASS-HOLE a.k.a BLACKASS / Black & snow (cd) Midnight meal
V.A / Lazy replay ep (12") Lazy woman music
ERA / 3 words my world REMIX (12") WD sounds
TONOSAPIENS / presidents heights (cd) Presidents heights/P-vine
INGLORIOUS BASTARDS / ingloriosu lp (cd)
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