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ホームthrash, fast, 80's...NEOS / Fight with donald (7ep) Supreme echo

NEOS / Fight with donald (7ep) Supreme echo

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early 80's Canada hyperactive speed-punk/Hardcore!!!NEOSが1995年にリリースしていた"Fight with donald"が25周年記念リイシュー!カナダのSupreme echoよりリリース!

This Side

A1 No Tyme 4 Romance
A2 Conscripts
A3 Just Like All The Rest
A4 Racist Act
A5 Oppostion To All Violence, Even If Commited In Self-Defense
A6 Ripped Off
A7 Destruct
A8 Typical... Song
A9 Don't Want To Be

Flip Side

B1 Sleeve
B2 Bobby Sands
B3 Sexual Revolution
B4 Other World
B5 School Punks
B6 Where Did You Go Wrong???
B7 Churchgoers Motive
B8 They'll Destroy Themselves
B9 Fight With Donald (9/28/80)