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ホームthrash, fast, 80's... BAD BRAINS / st (Lp)(tape) Org music

BAD BRAINS / st (Lp)(tape) Org music

販売価格: 2,980円(税込)
*Lp 2980yen
*tape 1890yen

BAD BRAINSの1982年の名作!2021年再発盤!!!

A1 Sailin' On
A2 Don't Need It
A3 Attitude
A4 The Regulator
A5 Banned In D.C.
A6 Jah Calling
A7 Supertouch/Shitfit
A8 Leaving Babylon

B1 Fearless Vampire Killers
B2 I
B3 Big Takeover
B4 Pay To Cum
B5 Right Brigade
B6 I Luv I Jah
B7 Intro