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ホームdvd、 vhs、 zine、 goods CIRCLE JERKS / Skank man grayscale (figure) Super7

CIRCLE JERKS / Skank man grayscale (figure) Super7

販売価格: 3,300円(税込)
80'sアメリカンハードコアを語る上で外すことの出来ない名バンドCIRCLE JERKSのフィギュア!
grayscale verです!!!

If there is one image that captures punk rock, it's the Circle Jerks' main dude, Skank Man. The latest 3.75", articulated, Circle Jerks ReAction figure of Skank Man was inspired by those xeroxed show flyers wheatpasted to light poles back in the day, with his punk-rock attitude ready to go wild in the streets. Now you can bring the mosh pit to your collection.