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ホームcrust、 punk... AVSKUM / st (cd) Black konflik

AVSKUM / st (cd) Black konflik

販売価格: 1,980円(税込)
2016年にスウェーデンのSkrammelから2枚組Lpにてリリースされていた編集盤が2021年cdにて再リリース!マレーシアのBlack konflikリリース!

A previous LP released by Skrammel Records in 2016 and now a CD version. A compilation of Avskum track that
taken from the 80's and 90's. This CD contain 36 tracks only.

1. There is no need for crying
2. The significance / face of war
3. Gold Digger
4. Fear
5. Cute
6. ..And the slaughter can begin
7. The end
8. You take part in creating this system
9. World is a mess / Oga for Oga Tand for Tand
10. Glom Aldrig Hiroshima
11. Fuck the bomb
12. Bootbrain song
13. Treblinka II
14. ..And i can still breath
15. The century of darkness
16. How far can they push us
17. Price your butchers...whok!
18. Krossa NRP
19. Fred och anarki
20. Hat
21. Countdown has started
22. Wich are your heroes
23. Sla Tillbaka
24. No one is innocent
25. Is this what you want
26. Meaning of life
27. Fangelser och frihet
28. Total forintelse
29. Total kontrol
30. Levance begravd
31. The sound of harmageddon
32. The final countdown part one
33. The final countdown part two
34. Soldier songs
35. Handfull of bullshit
36. Happy end