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ホームdvd、 vhs、 zine、 goods NAPALM DEATH / Scum demon Orange (figure) Super7

NAPALM DEATH / Scum demon Orange (figure) Super7

販売価格: 3,480円(税込)
NAPALM DEATHが1987年にリリースしたクラシック"Scum"のジャケアートワークに登場したあのdemonがフィギュアでリリース!
Orange ver!!!

Inspired by the 1987 debut album from England’s heavy metal pioneers Napalm Death! The 3.75” Scum Demon ReAction figure is encased in a blister on a cardback that mirrors the influential album’s cover. Also, this orange colorway matches the album’s second pressing!
This is also the first ReAction figure to feature ball joint articulation (with the wings) as well as articulation at the head and legs!