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ホームnewschool、metalcoreBLOODLET / Live on WFUM-FM -03.23.1995- (Lp) A389

BLOODLET / Live on WFUM-FM -03.23.1995- (Lp) A389

販売価格: 2,380円(税込)
A389 Record store day 2014 release.

アートワークはISISのAaron Turnerによるもの。

Enjoy a rare live-on-air radio performance from BLOODLET captured live on WFMU in 1995 before their landmark album Entheogen was completed. Contains slightly different arrangements of their destined-to-be classic tracks, creative improvised interludes and an unreleased/unheard track entitled 'Canker'.
Digitally restored/remastered by Audiosiege with original artwork by Aaron Turner of Isis fame.