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ホームgrindPHOBIA / Decades of blastphemy (4xcd) Selfmadegod

PHOBIA / Decades of blastphemy (4xcd) Selfmadegod

販売価格: 3,980円(税込)

4枚のcdに全147曲4時間以上にも及ぶグラインドコアを詰め込んだ凄まじい作品、ポーランドのSelfmadegod recordsからのリリース!

CD 1
01. Split with Gadget
02. Split with Extinction of Mankind
03. "Get Up and Kill" LP
04. "Grind Your Fucking Head In" LP

CD 2
01. "Serenity Through Pain" LP
02. "Destroying the Masses" 10"LP

CD 3
01. "Means of Existence" CD
02. "Return to Desolation" CD

01. Split with Abaddon Incarnate
02. Split with Suffering Mind
03. Split with Skrupel
04. Split with Resist and Exist
05. Split with Corrupted
06. Split with Plutocracy
07. "Enslaved" 7"EP
08. "My Friends - Our Grind!" 7"EP
09. "What Went Wrong" DEMO