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ホームjapanese new school、nyhc、metalcoreV.A / Inspiration from forest (cd) Falling leaves

V.A / Inspiration from forest (cd) Falling leaves

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2003年EVYLOCKのコーキ氏によるレーベル、Falling leaves recordsよりリリースされた日本/USの叙情ニュースクール/激情ハードコアを全15バンドを集めたコンピレーション!!!

1.evylock(sapporo) /shine!
2.FUNERAL DINER(us) /shifting
3.ENDZWECK(tokyo) /flower bouquet
4.EMBRACED(us) /saratoga
5.MY OWN SKY(us) /giving up
6.FAREWELL TO FASHION(us) /broken wings for the masses
7.NEXT SEASON(us) /farewell to the last of my companions
8.ALL YOU NEED(us) /I'll be there
9.WORDS NOW HEARD(us) /shades of grey
10.SAVING THROW(us) /snake's way
11.THE SUN(sapporo) /bye bye
12.BOYS GO TO WAR(us) /alone,we are
13.GAUSE MEANS NOTHING(tokyo) /right hand
14.NEVER IN RED(us) /to place blame,dial 'I'
15.END ALL(sapporo) /sending letters