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FAIRLY SOCIAL PRESS zine #2 (zine+cdr) Fairly social press
IT'S ALL GOOD / st (7ep) Fairly social press
■予約商品■ GAME CENTER / 2010 (7ep) Tokei
■予約商品■ GAME CENTER / さよならサバーバン (cd) Tokei
■予約商品■ GEZAN / 狂(KLUE) (cd) 十三月の甲虫
■予約商品■ ERA / Ground music (cd) How low
■予約商品■ THE TRASH / Trash (cd) Antiknock
■予約商品■ SKAM DUST feat AWICH / Catch the fire (7ep) Free our soul
■予約商品■ LRF / Meat mentality (cd) Real deal
■予約商品■ BLACK AND WHITE / One Cchod wonders here's the black and white (Lp) Pogo77
■予約商品■ self deconstruction / superficial (cd) Break the records
■予約商品■ BENBE / Nancy whiskey (7ep) The blue herb
■予約商品■ envy / The fallen crimson (cd) Sonzai
■予約商品■ プラナリア / 呼吸00:04:19 (cd) High speed savage
■予約商品■ Mr.PUG / Dope or nope (Lp) Dogear
■予約商品■ KID FRESINO / Conq.u.er (2Lp) Dogear
■予約商品■ Tokiyo / Bad brain (cd) Tani9
■予約商品■ Forbear / 10songs (10"+cd) Like a fool
■予約商品■ KATHABUTA / Discography 1989-1997 (3cd) Blood sucker
■予約商品■ BLOOD INCANTATION / Hidden history of the human race (2cd) Daymare
■予約商品■ KRUELTY / Dying truth (cd) Daymare
■予約商品■ MASS-HOLE / 2mix 4battle (cd) Midnightmeal
■予約商品■ DJ SEROW / Back to square one (cd) Midnightmeal
■予約商品■ CRACKS BROTHERS / 03 (Lp) Cracks brothers
■予約商品■ WEAKS / Dreamin' (cd) Strong mind japan
■予約商品■ FEBB / The season - deluxe (2Lp) WDsounds/P-vine
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