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ATOSONE, CE$ / Theodore linus (cd) Royalty club
FREE BABYRONIA / Music of royalty select (cd) Royalty club
K-FLASH / 修羅地獄 [演歌黒選] (cd) Listen up
ATOSONE / Snow will thaw a frozen heart (cdr) Royalty club
FOOT CLUB (DJ Highschool + DJ Bison) / Vol.2 The O'hare (cd) Seminishukei
ONE-LAW / 7inch street mix (cdr)
OVERALL & BUSHMIND / Over the borders (cd) Seminishukei
CE$ / Gloomy sky (cdr)
MASS-HOLE as BLACKASS / Telephone my girlfriend on a cold dai (cd) Midnightmeal
DJ SIN-NO-SKE / Route 19 (cd) Midnightmeal
TEE-$HORT / Night & bay 8 (cd) Midnightmeal
YANOMI for OBRIGARRD / Man in the women (cd) Royalty club
SUPER-D / Blue rain (cd) Midnightmeal
MASS-HOLE / Both side (cd) Midnightmeal
SQUADRON & MARK LOAFER / Five o'clock shadow (cdr) Dogbite
DJ ONE-LAW / 2Pacs… (cdr)
MASS-HOLE / Food's dealer "Special mix tape set" (tape+long sleeve tape) Midnightmeal
DJ HIGHSCHOOL / Boys and girls (cd) Royalty club
P-Hz (Mr.PUG) / Slow flow lounge (cd) Dogear
K-FLASH / 和イル道スタイル 2 (cdr) Listen up
K-FLASH / 和イル道スタイル (cdr) Listen up
K-FLASH / 和イル道スタイル 3 (cdr) Listen up
BUSHMIND / The days in our steps (cd) Royalty club
MASS-HOLE / Carwash (cd) Midnightmeal
SHAWN-D AKA PSYCHO DIGGER / Cannibals favorite meal (cd) Midnight meal
DJ SEROW / Ice cream drive (cd) Midnightmeal
BUSHMIND / 2015 Dtw (cdr) Himcast
BUSHMIND / Ultimate covered collection Vol.1 - Light My Fire - (cdr) Seminishukei
BUSHMIND / Ultimate coverd collection vol.2 - In a gadda-da-vida - (cdr) Seminishukei
CE$ / Sad,luv&it (cd) Royalty club
CENJU & DJ HIGHSCHOOL / 14th avenue radio mix (cdr)
K-TEE / Da mobb need makin' bills (cd) DMB production/Midnight meal
MASS-HOLE / Queens & kings (cd) WDsounds
BUSHMIND / Up, up and away (cd) Seminishukei
GRINGOOSE / With your sweet heart including starrburst new 5 tracks (cd) Seminishukei/ Prillmal
DOGGIES / Trap room shit$ KNZZ mixed by J-SCHEME (cd) Doggies
DOGGIES / Trap room shit$ FEBB mixed by J-SCHEME (cd) Doggies
GRINGOOSE / Misty moonlight lover (cd) Prillmal
GRINGOOSE / I left my heart in nezu (cd) Prillmal
MASS-HOLE / The menace 2 (cd) Midnightmeal
SIN-NO-SKE / The deal (cd) Midnightmeal
ONE-LAW / 1980 (cd) Fellows
DJ HIGHSCHOOL / Fill in my blank vol.2 (cd) WDsounds
MASS-HOLE a.k.a Blackass / Two of sheeps -remaster version- (cdr)Midnight meal
SUPER-D / SOUNDDRUG vol.1 -Hell'z Kitchen- (cd) Midnight meal
TEE-$HORT / Night & bay vol.7 (cd) Midnight meal
CE$ / Steal da city -The wwwg edition- (cdr)
DJ SEROW / Vernal euphoria (cd) Midnight meal
MASS-HOLE / The menace in japan (cd) Midnight meal
ETERNAL STRIFE / The city you live (cd) WDsounds/Lps
DJ BLOCKCHECK / Bubblicious 99 (cd) Rcslum
DJ HIGHSCHOOL / Making my day (cdr)
CE$ / Dogg morning (cdr)
CE$ / Bctrbdss est2011 Beatdown College (cdr)
DJ MALTA & UC EAST / In the curved air (cd)
AIWABEATZ / Slow madness -acid gangsta collection- (cdr)
AIWABEATZ / Slow madness -gangsta soul acid harmony- (cdr)
AIWABEATZ / Slow madness -mellow yellow daydreamin- (cdr)
TEE-$HORT / Night & bay vol.6 (cdr) Midnight meal
MASS-HOLE A.K.A BLACKASS / Every and tie (cdr) Midnight meal
BUGDAT/ Inner city life (cdr) Midnight meal
MASS-HOLE / Telephone my girlfriend on a cold dai 2 (cd) WDsounds
DA PENCH MOBB / All day (cdr) Seminishukei
OVERALL / all over (cd) Seminishukei
PARASOLS! / Jungle adventure mix (cd) Seminishukei
DJ PK / Houseqlassics vol.2 (cdr) Seminishukei
DJ HIGHSCHOOL / Breaking dishes & melting waxes (cdr) Seminishukei
DJ HIGHSCHOOL & BUSHMIND / Lieutenant's aquarium (cdr) Seminishukei
AP / Unknown family (cdr) bushbashblend
BUSHMIND / 2013 Dtw mix (cdr) Himcast/Dcr
BUSHMIND / Midnight wander (cd) Seminishukei
DJ BOKADOS / Oldies and goodies 4 (cdr)
DJ BOKADOS / Oldies and goodies 5 (cdr)
STARRBURST / Slow jammin' (cdr)
STARRBURST / Marvelous comforts (cdr)
STARRBURST / Sabor de verano (cdr)
STARRBURST / Frozen (cdr)
WOLF 24 / Another night of misty wolves (cd) WDsounds
DEAD FUCKIN' NINJA / Int'l players classics vol.3 (cd) Seminishukei
FOOT CLUB(DJ Highschool + DJ Bison) / Vol.1 (cdr) Seminishukei
BLAQ CZA / Fame tapes vol.1 (cd) Whatevamuzik
TEE-$HORT / Night & bay vol.5 (cdr) Midnight meal
WOLF 24 / letters to lovers (cd) WDsounds
STARRBURST vs DJ HIGHSCHOOL / Tracks for snacks vol.1 (cdr) Seminishukei
DJ HIGHSCHOOL / Fill in my [blank] (cdr) 804 productions
DJ HIGHSCHOOL / Int'l players classics vol.2 (cd) Seminishukei
NO RULE x ELEVEN / Seventeen lemonade -split mix- (cdr) Seminishukei
DJ PK / Houseqlassics vol.1 (cdr) Seminishukei
GRINGOOSE / Coast II coast (cd) Prillmal/Seminishukei
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