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FLOORPUNCH / Mosh (enamel pin)
TEPPEI HORI / Kekkai #004_20161118 (zine)
 GORILLA BISCUITS / Gb (embroidered patch) Revelation
 BOLD / logo (embroidered patch) Revelation
EL ZINE vol.25 (zine)
WARZONE / Cross (patch)
FAST issue #11 (zine)
REACT! records / XXX logo (patch) React!
EL ZINE vol.24 (zine)
TEPPEI HORI / Kekkai #003_20160717 (zine)
WALLS OF JERICHO / Mosh army (snapback)
The history of NEMESIS records (book)
RECORD AFICIONADO Volume 1 -US Hardcore/Punk 1978-1985- (book)
YOUTH OF TODAY / No more (embroidered patch) Revelation
JUST ZINE 2 (zine)
CUT SELF NOT vol.3 - falls - (dvd) Urge film
EL ZINE vol.23 (zine)
TEPPEI HORI / Kekkai #002_20150620 (zine)
ENJOY and RELAX / 2016 summer (zine+cdr)
JUST ZINE (zine)
EL ZINE vol.22 (zine)
EL ZINE vol.21 (zine)
GORILLA BISCUITS / Logo (embroidered patch) Revelation
YOUTH OF TODAY / Fist (embroidered patch) Revelation
REVELATION RECORDS / Logo (embroidered patch) Revelation
JUDGE / Logo (embroidered patch) Revelation
REVELATION RECORDS Square badge pack (12xbadge) Revelation
ギョ・ビリーズ! (koozie)
BULLDOZE / Bd (snapback)
FAST zine issue #10 (zine)
EXCEL / Split image (mesh cap)
CURSED / He goat (patch)
CURSED / logo (patch)
ZENTERPRISE magazine vol.5 (magazine)
TEPPEI HORI / Kekkai #001 (zine)
LOCKIN' OUT / False (pin) Lockin' out
LOCKIN' OUT / Black lock (cap) Lockin' out
下山 GEZAN / Over drive 2009〜2016 (dvd) 十三月の甲虫
REAL DEAL HISTORY "And all that" (book+cd)
PAYBACK BOYS / Live at the sexorcist (dvd-r) WDsounds
THE SHRINE / Wolf (patch+sticker)
THE SHRINE, DEATH ALLEYS, DIRTY FENCES / Bless off europe 2014 (photo zine)
THE SHRINE / Wolf (snapback)
ADULT CRASH 2 (book+7ep) Vicious circle
EL ZINE vol.20 (magazine)
B/W SHIRO KURO -Sugi's drawings 2004-2006- (book) Blood sucker
NO FRIENDS zine (zine+flexi)
CONVERGE / Thousands of miles between us (blu-rayx3) Daymare
LOCKIN' OUT Camo embroidered snapback
PARANOID / Mince collection (zine) galeria de muerte
EL ZINE vol.19 (zine)
FAST issue #9 (zine)
KAZUHIRO / Trash works 1982 to 2015 this is not art, this is life (book) Hardcore kitchen
CUT SELF NOT VOL.1 - malegoat (dvd) Urge film
EL ZINE vol.18 (zine)
noise kun x record shop DIGDIG (mug cup)
CLIMB THE MIND / 渋谷節 (dvd) Stiff slack
NOUP ZINE vol.14 2015 June (zine)
BILLY CLUB SANDWICH / Japan suspects tour (dvd) WDsounds/Dead city
ペキンパー第五号 -エレクトリック・ウィザード降臨!第三次世界ドゥームロック大戦勃発!かっ!- (book+dvd)
373 / Everyday (book) K.M.L. book/Feever bug
42 MAGAZINE (book)
DESCENDENTS/ALL / :Filmage: The story of Descendents/All (dvd) King
EL ZINE vol.17 (magazine)
PENNSYLVANIA HARDCORE "Documenting a 30-year history" (dvd)
CLUMSY issue #2 (zine)
MASTERPEACE / Bomb (dvd) Times together
EL ZINE vol.16 (zine)
REMEMBER ZINE issue.1 (zine) 竹林出版
TOYOKATSU / Annihilation of artworks (book) Larva
PARANOID / Mince #3 (zine)
 DIG-EST zine -Okayama mayhem issue- (zine) Dig-est
COPASS GRINDERZ & Co/SS/GrindERz// & Co/SS/gZ / Document fucking archives 1988-2014 (book+dvd) Taste
RISE FROM THE DEAD / Rise 3D logo cap black (cap)
ABNORMALS / Live holy blind (dvd) Spider
DIG-EST zine -Uniform choice issue- (zine) Dig-est
THE SHRINE / Wolf (metal pin)
THE SHRINE / Bless off cross (patch)
THE SHRINE / Wolf (patch)
WE GOT POWER!:Hardcore punk scenes from 1980s southern california (book) Bazillion points
el zine vol.15 (book)
TREMATODA ZINE / Trematoda ultra violent art brigade (zine) Trematoda
BOLLOCKS no.013 (book)
BOLLOCKS no.019 (book)
BOLLOCKS no.020 (book)
BOLLOCKS no.018 (book)
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