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nyhc, beatdown, mosh

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SPINE / Faith (Lp) Bridge nine
MADBALL / For the cause (cd)(Lp) Nuclear blast
HATEBREED / Under the knife (7ep) Smorgasbord
EXISTENCE / Into the furnace (7ep) Quality control hq
TOKEN ENTRY / Jaybird (Lp) I scream
MURPHY'S LAW / Back with a bong! (Lp) I scream
T.J.MAXX, SETTLE THE SCORE, EVERYBODY GETS HURT / Brotherhood -3way split- (CD) Pitbull japan
BERSERK / Towards emptiness... (tape) Self
HANGMAN / A vile decree (7ep) Flatspot
PAYDAY / Second to none demo (tape) Quality control hq
TRAIL OF LIES / W.a.r (cd) Retribute
DEATH THREAT / Peace & security (Lp) Bridge nine
V.A / America's hardcore volume 4 (Lp) Triple-B
TWITCHING TONGUES / Gaining purpose Through passionate hatred(Lp)Metal blade
JUDGE / Bringin' it down (tape) Revelation
COLD AS LIFE / Suffer-For the few (7ep) Demons run amok
AGNOSTIC FRONT / Another voice (Lp) Strength
AGNOSTIC FRONT / My life my way (Lp) Strength
MERAUDER / Five deadly venoms (Lp) Demons run amok
MERAUDER / Master killer (Lp) Demons run amok
MERAUDER / God is I (Lp) Demons run amok
MERAUDER / Bluetality (Lp) Demons run amok
TURNSTILE / Time & space (cd)(Lp) Roadrunner
NO WARNING / Torture culture (tape) Triple-B
TERROR / The walls will fall (7ep) Triple-B
UNIFIED RIGHT / If I can't listen to UNIFIED RIGHT in heaven then send me straight to hell (Lp) Triple-B
BIG CHEESE / Aggravated mopery (7ep) Quality control hq
ALL OUT WAR / For those who were crucified (Lp) Victory
HATEBREED / Satisfaction is the death of desire (Lp) Victory
EGODESTROYS / ....A new cold war (cd) Irish voodoo
CANDIRIA / Deep in the mental (7ep) Devastating soundworks
THE WORST DOUBT / Promo 2017 (tape) Straight & alert
BACKTRACK / Bad to my world (cd)(Lp)(tape) Bridge nine
H2O / The Don fury demo session (Lp) Bridge nine
MADBALL / Empire (Lp) Dead serious
ADDITIONAL TIME / Wolves amongst sheep (cd)(Lp) Dead serious
LEEWAY / Open mouth kiss (cd) Reality
FORCED ORDER / One last prayer (cd)(Lp) Triple-B
BURIED ALIVE / Watchmen sessions (7ep) Triple-B
ALL OUT WAR / Give us extinction (cd) Retribute
WORLD OF PAIN / No utopia (cd) Retribute
DMIZE / The demos (Lp) Cupcake
FREEDOM / Never had a choice (7ep) Triple-B
INTEGRITY / Howling, for the nightmare shall consume (cd) Relapse
INTEGRITY / Den of iniquity (cd) Magic bullet
INTEGRITY / Humanity is the devil : 20th anniversary remix - remaster (cd) Magic bullet
EYES OF THE LORD / Call it war (Lp) Closed casket activities
INVOKE / Undying agony (7ep) Plead your case
BURN / Do or die (Lp)(cd) Deathwish
FIREWALKER / st (Lp)Pop wig
FIRM STANDING LAW / Unashamed (7ep) Carry the weight
100 DEMONS / In the eyes of the lord (cd) Goodlife
SHUTDOWN / Something to prove (cd) Victory
LIFE'S BLOOD / Hardcore a.d. 1988 (Lp)(cd)(tape) Prank
LAID 2 REST, SWEAR TO GOD / split -Feast upon the weak- (cd) Ct hate
DESPAIR / 4 Years of decay 1994-1998 (2Lp) Safe inside
FIVE MINUTE MAJOR / When it ends (cd) Inner rage
MADBALL / Set it off (Lp) Backbite
MADBALL / N.Y.H.C.ep (7ep) Reality
SCARS OF DECEIT / No apologies (cd) To the point
DA CROWN / Family first (cd) To the point
LAST BREATH OF MAN / Anguish by deranged Miscreation (cd) To the point
BARFIGHT CHAMPS / st (cd) To the point
WITHDRAWAL / Never (Lp) Escapist
HIGHER POWER / Soul structure (cd)(Lp) Flatspot
BURN / Last great sea (7ep) Revelation
PSYCHO ENHANCER / Every last drop (cd) To the point
THE PROJECTS / st (cd) Self
ENEMY MIND / No safe place (cd) Beatdown hardwear
BURIED ALIVE / Last rites (cd) Victory
V.A / Only the strong (cd) Victory
NYC HEADHUNTERS / The rage of the city (7ep) Painkiller
XIBALBA / Diablo, con amor.. adios (7ep) Closed casket activities
V.A / NEW YORK HARDCORE: Where the wild things are (Lp) Noiseville
FIRST BLOOD / Rules (cd)(Lp) Pure noise entertainment
PENITENTIARY / Demo 2016 (cdr) Self
TANTRUM / Killer tape (cd) Filled with hate
FORCED OUT / End of suffering (cdr) Filled with hate
COLD HARD TRUTH / Truthgetta (cd) Filled with hate
VOW OF HATRED, STEEL CITY FIRM / split -Urban purge- (cd) Marked for death
BERSERK / Demo (tape) Quality control hq
LIFESICK / 6.0.1. (Lp) Southern lord
TERROR AVE / Crown holders (cd) To the point
AKANI / Santa muerte (7ep) Demons run amok
AKANI / Through my darkest infernal (Lp) Demons run amok
WILL TO DIE / Mass grave (7ep) Speedowax
TURNSTILE / Move thru me (7ep) Pop wig
MERAUDER / Master killer limited special edition (2cd) Century media
JAGGED VISIONS / Beyond the serpents touch (7ep) Trip machine laboratories
ALL OUT WAR / Truth in the age of lies (cd) Organized crime
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