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VIOLENT PARTY / Ex libris (7ep) Imminent destruction
PARADOX / Strangulation (7ep) Imminent destruction/Shithammer
STAGNATION, DISORDER / split -U.K vs Japan noize core wars- 日英雑音戦争 (7ep) Strong mind japan
WHO KILLED SPIKY JACKET? / st (tape) Pogo77
UNRUH / Misery strengthened faith (cd) King of the monsters
WARSONG / Discography (cd) Too circle
TARSIUS TARSIER / Ceremonia de atadura de manos (cd) Longlegslongarms
PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES, REAZIONE / very disater!!! (cd) Anfibio
BAD OMEN / Unite And Fight (cd)
HEXIS / Abalam -Japan edition- (cd+dvd) LongLegsLongArms
1981 / Anthem for doomed youth (Lp) Svart
1981 / Dancing (12") Svart-Passing bells
NAPALM RAID / Storm (7ep) Rust and machine/Imminent destruction
HYSTERIA / st (7ep) Imminent destruction
PMMA / All she wanted (7ep) Imminent destruction
STATE POISON / Discography (cd) Kick rock
CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY / Future decay (cd) Hells headbangers
MIDNIGHT / No mercy for mayhem (2cd)(Lp)(tape) Hells headbangers
V.A / A roar of indignation (Lp) Imminent destruction
THE KIDNAPPERS, MODERN PETS / 21 killer tracks!!! (cd) Black hole
ACTIVES / Street warfare (2cd) F.f.t.
LA FRACTION / Les silences (7ep) Fraction production
DEATH / III (cd) P-vine

DEATH / III (cd) P-vine

BLIND TO FAITH / Under the heptagram (12") A389
YOUNG AND IN THE WAY / Cloven hoof (7ep) Antithetic
.NEMA / Bring our curses home (cd)(Lp) Sound pollution
MARJINAL / Sejajar japan edition 2014 (cd) microAction
1981 / Solutions/Dancing (7ep) Profiteer/Passing bells
1981 / Antems for doomed youth (cd) Vox populi
SHITFUCKER / Suck cocks in hell (cd) (Lp) (tape) Hells headbangers
WRONG / st (7ep) Purple circle
DISORDER / Under the scalple blade (Lp) Radiation
BLITZ / Time bomb early singles and demos collection (Lp) Radiation
E.A.T.E.R. / System failure...abort and retry (Lp) Distortion
E.A.T.E.R. / If nothing's right...go left (7ep) Self
FULL OF HELL, CALM THE FIRE / split (7ep) A389
V.A / Vicious and loud (7epx2) Persona unknown
TERVEET KADET / Musta hetki-Piinaavanautinto (cd) Break the record
SYPHILITIC VAGINAS / st (Lp) Rescued from life
EXTREME NOISE TERROR / Tear it down (7ep) MCR company
CHAOS U.K., EXTREME NOISE TERROR / Split -Earslaughter- (Lp) Boss tuneage
REPRESSION ATTACK / Altar of destruction (cd) Self
BIRDS IN ROW / You, me & the violence (cd) Deathwish
OATHBREAKER / Eros|Anteros (cd) (Lp) Deathwish
ALL PIGS MUST DIE / Nothing violates this nature (cd) Daymare
ASTA KASK / Handen pa hjartat (cd) Crispynuts
ASTA KASK / Handen pa hjartat (Lp) Crispynuts
MISANTROPIC / Insomnia (Lp) Southern lord
TUNA / Dupla face (Lp) Too circle
CRASS / Ten notes on a summer's day (cd) Crass
CHURCH WHIP / Psychedelic nightmare (Lp) Vinyl rites
E.A.T.E.R. / Abort the system (7ep) Hardcore survives
KONTRASEKT / End of destruction (Lp) Vex
BONE SICKNESS / Demo (7ep) Inimical
E.A.T.E.R. / Doomsday troops (7ep) Hardcore survives
LIKE RATS / st (7ep) A389

LIKE RATS / st (7ep) A389

SEPTIC TANK / st (7ep) MCR company
NAILS / Obscene humanity (7ep) Southern lord
NAILS / Abandon all life (cd)(Lp) Southern lord
HESSIAN / Manegarmr (cd) Southern lord
PROPHECY OF DOOM / Total mind war (cd) Selfmadegod
CRASS / Yes sir, i will (2cd) Crass
CRASS / Penis envy (cd) Crass
CRASS / Christ-the album (2cd) Crass
CRASS / Station of the crass (cd) Crass
ASTA KASK / Med is I magen (Lp) Prank
ASTA KASK / Aldrig en (Lp) Prank
PERDITION / st (7ep) Hardcore survives
KILL LIFE / Snake kills whole family (7ep) Magic bullet
GEHENNA, INTEGRITY / split (7ep) Holy terror
MIDNIGHT / Complete and total hell (tape) Hells headbangers
MIDNIGHT / Complete and total hell (cd) Hells headbangers
AGGRASTAT / Noise extermination (7ep) Imminent destruction
GEHENNA / Negotium Perambulans In Tenebris (12") A389
GEHENNA / Negotium Perambulans In Tenebris (cd)  Magic bullet
OMEGAS / N.Y.terminator (7ep) Painkiller
THE SPIRITS / I tuoi sogni (cd) F.o.a.d
DRILLER KILLER / Cold cheap & disconnected (cd) Crimes against humanity
DRILLER KILLER / 4Q mangrenade (cd) Crimes against humanity
DRILLER KILLER / Fuck the world (cd) Crimes against humanity
STINKY RATS / Discografia (cd) F.o.a.d/Eu'91 serbianleague
NERORGASMO / st (cd+dvd) F.o.a.d/Eu'91 serbianleague
TUNA / st (Lp) Too circle

TUNA / st (Lp) Too circle

LIBYANS / A Common place (Lp) Sorry state
LIBYANS / discography (Lp) Narshardaa
LIBYANS / A Common place + 6songs (cd) Too circle
THE RENEGADES OF PUNK / Coracao metronomo (cd) Karasu killer
WRETCHED / Con il potere che tu stesso gli hai dato... (Lp) Chaos produzioni
WRETCHED / Libero di vivere libero di morire (Lp) Chaos produzioni
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