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STORMCROW / Enslaved in darkness (Lp) Brainsand
BIB /  Biblical (7ep) Quality control hq
BIB / Delux (Lp) Pop wig

BIB / Delux (Lp) Pop wig

TIIKERI, VÄNSUUT / split (7ep) Vox populi
AXEGRINDER / Still grinding enemies (cd)
PROPHECY OF DOOM / Darkness collection (cd) Prophecy
GEL / Only constant (Lp) Convulse
ELECTRO HIPPIES / The only good punk... ...is a dead one (Lp) Radation
 FLOWER / Hardly a dream (Lp) Profane existence
RETIREMENT / Buyer's remorse (Lp) Iron lung
DEADFORM / demo (tape) Brainsand
  SKAVEN / Flowers of flesh and blood (Lp) Carbonized
  SORE THROAT / Starving wolves stand & fight (Lp) F.o.a.d
 SORE THROAT / Never mind the napalm (Lp) F.o.a.d
JIVEBOMB / Primitive desires (tape) Flatspot
 THE INFAMOUS GEHENNA, BLEACH EVERYTHING / split -Heavy metal suicide- (7ep) Magic bullet
  HEAVEN / Starless midnight (7ep) Iron lung
  BAD BREEDING / Human capital (Lp) Iron lung
  DOLDREY / Invocation of doom (Lp) Iron lung
DOLDREY / Celestial deconstruction (Lp) Iron lung
 PARANOID / Out raising hell (cd) Black konflik
  FATUM, DECADE / Split (cd) Black konflik
  DRILLER KILLER / Killers, fillers, and cunty crust live drillers from the 90's (cd) Black konflik
  AVSKUM / st (cd) Black konflik
 ASYLUM / Closure (cd) Black konflik
  RIGOROUS INSTITUTION / Cainsmarsh (cd) Black konflik
HELLSHOCK / st (Lp) Black water
RASHOMON / Nin​-gen (Lp) Iron lung
GEHENNA / Negative hardcore (Lp) Iron lung
  WARTHOG / st -5th ep- (7ep) Toxic state
AIVOPROTEESI / Pommisuoja (cd)(Lp) Vox populi
 DECOMP / Condemned to earth (cd) Black konflik
POBEL MOBEL / The return of the mob (cd) Black konflik
SEDITION / Discography circa 1989 - 1992 (2Lp) Screaming babies
DEVIATED INSTINCT / Rock'n'roll conformity 帯・ライナー付き (Lp) Peaceville
DEFIANCE / The very best of and we don't care (cd) Black konflik
DEFIANCE / War on the streets (cd) Black konflik
 ASESINATO / Loving kindness meditation (tape) Wwav
SPY / Habitual offender (cd) (tape) To live a lie
  ERUPT / Left to rot (7ep) Static shock
 GRINNING DEATH'S HEAD / Cataclysm (7ep) Youth attack
DISRUPT / Discography (4Lp) Unrest
ASESINATO / Loving kindness meditation (7ep) Advanced perspective
V.A / Brno city hardcore (cd) 男道 Dan-doh
BRAINSTORM / Milošević is dead (tape) F.o.a.d
SEDITION / Discography circa 1989 - 1992 (2cd) Mcr company
DOOM / Peel Sessions (cd) Black konflik
Eléctrika / Demo (7ep) A-z
 DISCHARGE / Hear nothing see nothing say nothing (tape) Radiation
DISARMO TOTALE / 1982-1983 (Lp) F.o.a.d
  V.A / Estamos en la sima (2Lp) F.o.a.d
 UNIDAD IDEOLOGICA / st (Lp) La vida es un mus
URIN / Afekt (7ep) Iron lung
 SECT MARK / Promo MMXXI (tape) Iron lung
CHUBBY AND THE GANG / The mutt's nuts (cd) Partisan
  EX-KOMBRO / Alambres y barrotes (Lp) F.o.a.d
  SEKUNDA / Discography (3Lp) F.o.a.d
SORE THROAT / Who killed gumby? (Lp) F.o.a.d
SPITBOY / Rasana (7ep) Ebullition
GEHENNA / Upon the gravehill (Lp) King of the monsters
SCOWL / How flowers grow (cd)(Lp) Flatspot
HEZ / Guerra interior (7ep) A-z
 V.A / Hard-core for the masses (cd) Black konflik
ANGST / Practice & live 1986 (cd) Black konflik
F.O.T.K / Fear of the known (cd) Break the records
ZORN / Hardcore zorn (7ep) Sorry state
DETESTATION / st (Lp)  Skuld

DETESTATION / st (Lp) Skuld

EXCREMENT OF WAR / Cathode ray coma (Lp) Phobia
 SPITBOY / Body of work 1990-1995 complete discography (2Lp) Don giovanni
MENTIRA / Nada es sagrado (Lp) Iron lung
SYSTEMA / Ultima guerra (cd) Discos peligrosos
 GEL / Violent closure (7ep) Atomic action!
ALIEN NOSEJOB / Hc45-2 (7ep) Iron lung
V.A / Postponed pleasure (cd+zine) Discos peligrosos/Vox populi
ROUGH FRANCIS / Urgent care (Lp) Self
ACCIDENTE / Canibal (cd)(Lp) Vox populi
GAG / Killing for both realities 3 '92 (Lp) Iron lung
LEBENDEN TOTEN / Synaptic noise dissociation (Lp) Iron lung
ASOCIAL, BEDROVLERS / How could hardcore be any worse? vol. 1 (cd) Black konflik
CRUDE S.S. / Killing for nothing (cd) Black konflik
 GAG / Still laughing (Lp) Iron lung
 BOMBANFALL / Asiktsfrihet (7ep) D-takt & rapunk
  MODERAT LIKVIDATION / Kuknacke (cd) Black konflik
  ANTI CIMEX / En produkt fran dagens skitsamhalle (cd) Black konflik
   BROKEN BONES / I..o..u...nothing (cd) Black konflik
 DEVIATED INSTINCT / Nailed (cd) Black konflik
 DEVIATED INSTINCT / Nailed (12") Terminal filth
V.A / Something to believe in (2cd) 男道 Dan-doh
DIEjA / 死邪 (cdr) Gxbxt

DIEjA / 死邪 (cdr) Gxbxt

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