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ホーム japanese thrash, fast, 80's style
japanese thrash, fast, 80's style

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STILL / st (7ep) Militia inc.
FAAFAAZ / Good morning (cd) ロードトリップ
FLAT SUCKS / Osoru osoru (cd) Tani9
MASTERPEACE / Bad brains & good brains (cdr) Egypt
MORIBUND PUNISHMENT / "Killer dynamite" (7ep) Awesome mosh power
ZIRASHI / Over (cd) Revolution☆rock
SPIKE SHOES / Spectriddim (cd) Tiny axe
TRAGIC FILM / Violent works discography (cd) Final letter
OFFICE VOIDS / st (7ep) imakinn
ロンリー / Yamiyo (cd) Less than TV
宮武BONES / Packs (cd) 男道 Dan-doh
THIRTY JOY / Dance step (tape) Black hole
BRONxxx / Poser now poser forever (Lp) Beer city
VVORLD / Babylon haze (cd) Self
FLAT SUCKS / demo - 続、おひるねの時間 - (cdr) Self
511 / 暁と闇 (cd) Hi-pressure
V.A / TRASH FROM CHAOS #2 (cd) 男道
CIRCLE FLEX, FCFS!, DANCE MY DUNCE, THE SPROUTS / 4way split - The bridge for your dance floor - (Lp) Surprised pops
SCRUM HALF / You suck (cd) Crew for life
V.A / GENOCIDE EXPRESS FROM NOWHERE -大量虐殺特急列車- (cd) Hardcore kitchen
REAL REGGAE / Rigg (cd) Diwphalanx
TERRIBLE JOKE / st (cd) Tani9
COLOR ME BLOOD RED / Less than cd (cd) Less than TV
S.E.X 4eva / Bullshit groove session's demo (cdr) Self
CONCRETE WAVES / demo 2015 on the hard punk roq (cdr) Self
FRIENDSHIP / st (cd) Coner printing kg
BRICKBUTT / The stupid sons of diplomats (cd) Spooky bank
NK6 / A vicious circle (cd) Pad
COSMOS, THRH, CROW DRAGON TEA, U SPAN D / Massages from local -4way split- (cd) Happy & funny life
KATSUYAMA I.D. / Brain damge.ep (cd) Self
HISATAKA / Brain brain (7ep+cd) 男道 Dan-doh
ミミレミミ / I understand the notation change ep (7ep) imomushi
V/ACATION / Vacant or action (tape+cdr) Self
DEAD FISH BOYS / Goodbye our past days (cd) Thrash teeth
LOVE IS DEAD / 2203ep (cd) Till your death
MosomosO, COLOR ME BLOOD RED / split -Hey!!- (cd) 男道 Dan -doh
SUN CHILDREN SUN / st (cd) mAjor label
絶倫ZOMBIES / 有脳なZombieと無脳な絶倫 (cd) mAjor label
B玉 / Trash (cd) Self
VIVISICK / Respectand hate (cd) (Lp) Insane Society
VIVISICK / Set The Apathetic Era On Fire From 1997-2004 (cd) Self
VIVISICK / Nuked identitiy (cd) Vivisick/Tankcrimes/Insane society
PUNKUBOI / 蠅の王、ソドムの市、その他全て (cd) Less than TV
NAMASTE / Pulse of the earth 〜鼓動〜 (cd) 海賊
VOGOS / 100%vogos (cd) 十三月の甲虫
AGGRO / My vice-Fried (7ep) Beerdrop
AGGRO / Maelstrom (7ep) Beerdrop
HARDA TIDER, CRUCIAL SECTION / split -Unleash the fucking fury- (cd) Crew for life
BRONxxx, THE TUBULOIDS / split -An international skaterock split!- (Lp) Beer city
TILL EWING / Highest bash in the fuckin babylon (cd) Wrong art
GIRL COPS / demo 2015 (cdr) Self
DEAD INFIELD / st (cd) フヂヲカ屋レコーズ
LOW VISION / Live in best time -日本限定流通盤- (Lp+zine+patch) Hardcore survives
LOW VISION / Live in best time (Lp) Hardcore survives
DIRTYISGOD / Puke to the moon (cd) CH cargo
R.A.G.S / La verdad (cd) Break the record
TONE DEAF, she luv it / split (7ep+cd) Self
V.A / Innocent loud (cd) Roll 4ever
THRH / Love the life you live live the life you love (7ep+cd) I hate smoke
CHEAP SKATE / Nerd under pressure -Diy recording discography 2011-2012- (cd) 珍庫唱片/Ngoo
JOHN DOE / 4 tracks demo (tape) Self
SUN CHILDREN SUN, THE ACT WE ACT / split (7"flexix2) Wesuck
MIDNIGHT RESURRECTOR / Hated true sounds (cd) Spooky bank
GAMY, FASTKILL / Mosh in the pentagram (cd)
NOT A NAME SOLDIERS, EF / split -Area- (cd) Straight up
odd eyes / A love supreme for our brilliant town (7ep+cd) Summer of fan
THIRTY JOY / st (tape) Suburbia works
V.A / Trash!! crash!! thrash!! vol.2 (cd) Chaos kochi
BY-PASS, DIMWIT, LOWCARD de la morte / 3way split (cd) Hardcore kitchen
CROCODILE COX AND THE DISASTER / Siren/No Way out (7ep) Diwphalanx
MosomosO / Kokoniaruze (cd) Four eyes
SHORT FUSE / Flux of time (cd) Crew for life
FLEXEYE / Spazztic demonstration (tape) Self
INTO THE GREY / st (cd) Crew for life
SCOTTISH FOLD, SK8NIKS / split -Golden tag team of punk rock- (7ep)
DEEPSLAUTER / Elevation depth (cd) Thrash on life
ゲバ棒, Miracle Afro Public / split -Violent temptation- (cd) Ooo sound
V.A / BLACK SHEEP Anthology vol.1 (Lp) Black sheep
TONE DEAF / Unfailing youth ep (7ep) Self
CIRCLE FLEX / The city spreads under your leg (cd) Weekend stand
BABY, PLEASE KILL ME / Hello again, and fuck you (cd) Novembre
SHOOTMASTER / Scum charged attitude (cd) Hello from the gutter
TEENAGE DREAM / Teenage riot (cd) Chaos kochi
SIN ORDEN, CRUCIAL SECTION / Wake up and fight (cd) Crew for life
V.A / Trash!! crash!! thrash!! (cd) Chaos kochi
CONCRETE WAVES / demo 2014 (cdr) Self
RINTO-SS / 日本の一番あれの日 (cd) Self
antoniothree, DERIDE, H.M.V, WAGPLATY / 百万$のキッス (cd) Hardcore kitchen
STEP LIGHTLY / Negative killers (7ep+cd) Thrash on life
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