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New and Re-stock item 3/28 up!!!
GIVE / Sonic bloom (Lp) Revelation
GIVE / Electric flower circus (Lp) Adagio830
GIVE / Singles going confetti (Lp) Deranged
GIVE / Sonic bloom (t-shirt) Revelation
GIVE / I am love (7ep) Triple-B
GIVE / Boots of Faith (7ep) Deranged
GIVE / Flower head (7ep) Youngblood
GIVE / Petal pushing (7ep) Painkiller
【予約商品】 DJ HIGHSCHOOL / Make my day (cd) WDsounds
MONAD / The monad collective (cd) WDsounds
PAYBACK BOYS / Struggle for pride (cd) WDsounds
PAYBACK BOYS / Hotel Muzik (cd) WD sounds
DREADEYE / this is for the new breed E.P. (7ep) WDsounds
RED DEATH / Demo 2014 (7ep) Grave mistake
COKE BUST / Lines in the sand (cd) Six weeks
GENOCIDE PACT / Desecration (7ep) Bad teeth
SUPERTOUCH / The earth is flat (Lp) Revelation
SUPERTOUCH / The earth is flat (t-shirt) Revelation
花電車 / Live at nowhere 1987-1988 (2cd) Alchemy
花電車 / The golden age of heavy blood (cd) Alchemy
record shop DIGDIG x Chun one 2015 gray (t-shirt)
record shop DIGDIG x Chun one 2015 black (t-shirt)
record shop DIGDIG x Chun one 2015 yellow (t-shirt)
SIEGE / Drop dead -30th anniversary edition- (cd) Armageddon
SIEGE / Drop dead -30th anniversary edition- (Lp) Deep six
SIEGE / Lost session '91 -失われたセッション- (7ep) Patac
Visitor / High speed savage (Lp) Imminent destruction
Visitor / High speed savage (cd) High speed savage
WILDHONEY / Seventeen forever (7ep) Photobooth
AGNOSTIC FRONT / No one rules (Lp) Radio raheem
BIG CONTEST / Time will tell (Lp) Moshers delight
FULL OF HELL / Roots Of Earth Are Consuming My Home (cd) (Lp) A389
FULL OF HELL / Rudiments of mutilation (cd) (Lp) A389
WEEKEND NACHOS / Worthless (Lp) Deep six / (cd) Relapse
WEEKEND NACHOS / Still (Lp) Deep six
WEEKEND NACHOS / Punish and destroy (Lp) Cowabunga
SPINE / Time has gone (Lp) Bad teeth
SPINE / Subhuman (7ep) Bad teeth
TURNSTILE / Non stop feeling (cd)(Lp) Reaper
NEGATIVE APPROACH / Total recall (cd) touch and go
NEGATIVE APPROACH / Nothing will stand our way (cd) (Lp) Taang!
THE FIX / The speed of twisted thought (Lp) Touch & go
BIG BOYS / Skinny elvis (cd) Touch and go
DARKSIDE NYC / Optimism is self-deception vol.1&2 (cd)
FALL SILENT / Six years in the desert (cd) Revelation
FALL SILENT / Drunken violence (cd) Revelation
INCENDIARY / Cost of living (cd) (Lp) Closed casket activities
SOW THREAT / st (7ep) Imminent destruction
SOW THREAT / Demo 2013 (tape) Self
VIOLENT PARTY / Poison mixers (Lp)  Imminent destruction
VIOLENT PARTY / Ex libris (7ep) Imminent destruction
PARADOX / Strangulation (7ep) Imminent destruction/Shithammer
ReddTemple + Otomo Yoshihide / st (Lp) Self
BEHIND THE 8BALL / Breakdown the h8 bullshit (cd) Tohoku hardcore community
SUN CHILDREN SUN, THE ACT WE ACT / split (7"flexix2) Wesuck
SUN CHILDREN SUN, the SUPER FLOOR / split (cd) Depression/Double pints/Novembre
STAGNATION, DISORDER / split -U.K vs Japan noize core wars- 日英雑音戦争 (7ep) Strong mind japan
SAD BOYS, RAW DISTRACTIONS, STAGNATION / Land of the crying sun -3way comp- (7ep) Hardcore survives
STAGNATION, CONTROL / Split (7ep) Hardcore Survives
C / Dear fuckin' all the fascists +2 (12") Hardcore survives
FURY OF FIVE / At war with the world (long sleeve t-shirt)
死んだ方がまし / 切断魔-不思議な光 (7ep) Self
KOWLOON GHOST SYNDICATE / demo 2014 (tape+cdr) Self
MASS-HOLE / PAReDE (cd) WDsounds
MASS-HOLE / 0263 bullets (cd) WDsounds/Midnight meal
MASS-HOLE / Telephone my girlfriend on a cold dai 2 (cd) WDsounds
MASS-HOLE A.K.A BLACKASS / Every and tie (cdr) Midnight meal
MEDULLA / Back pawn/Baaad trainz (12") Midnight meal
ILL-TEE / Ice cream dream (cd) Midnight meal
THINK AGAIN / A dope communication (cd+dvd) Blood sucker
THINK AGAIN / Insane humanity (cd) (7ep) Hardcore survives
SOTATILA, THINK AGAIN / black raibow -split- (7ep) Hardcore survives
WARHEAD / Warhead (cd) Blood sucker
WARHEAD / Warhead (cd+bandana) Blood sucker
WARHEAD / Acceleration: the world of confusion (7ep) HG fact
ASPHALT / World noise situation (cd) Blood sucker
ASPHALT / Midnight pain (cd) Blood sucker
CRIKEY CREW / My sons (cd) Sniffer
ASOCIAL TERROR FABRICATION / under the dark force (7ep) Hardcore survives
FALSE INSIGHT, STUPID BABIES GO MAD / New scum city -新底辺屑都市- (7ep) Strong mind japan
SYSTEM FUCKER / 意志貫徹 (Lp) Strong mind japan
V.A / HARDCORE INFERNO (Lp) Depression
ADA+MAX / Ada max was lurking on the 13 floor (cd) Answer
MIDNIGHT RESURRECTOR / Hated true sounds (cd) Spooky bank
Bid'ah / Enthusiasm of the unorthodox (cd) Hardcore kitchen
ACIDIC SOIL / Hydrosulfate (7ep) Metal actinium
V.A / TRIBUTE TO OUT COLD (Lp) Too circle
V.A / GRIND BASTARDS #5 (cd) Grind freaks
BROCCOLI / st (cd) Fixing a hole
BROCCOLI / Home (cd) Fixing a hole
GAMY, FASTKILL / Mosh in the pentagram (cd)
HOBBLEDEES / Liberal fuckin' folks (cd) Diwphalanx
CRIPPLE BASTARDS / Misantropo a senso unico -redux edition- (cd) F.o.a.d.
NO COMMENT / Downsided (7ep) Deep six
NO COMMENT / Common senseless (7ep) Deep six
THE GUAYS / Goo! choki! punch! (7ep) 十三月の甲虫
THE GUAYS / 砲撃 (cd) G.r.g



MASTERPEACE / Bomb (dvd) Times together
Diwphalanxからリリース予定の2ndフルアルバムも待ち遠し過ぎるOsaka city Hardcore Punk/Rock!MASTERPEACE!
4、5年前からリリースの予定はあったと思いますが、遂にMASTERPEACEのdvd作品がTimes togetherよりリリースです!感涙!

SKM / The first

LIONEL / Small town, big dreams