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LAST / Better than to do nothing


入荷しました!!! FIVE NO RISK / Self encourage (cd) Front of union


New and Re-stock item 2/7 up!!!
IRON BOOTS / Complete discography (Lp) Triple-B/Grave mistake
IRON LUNG / Savagery (7ep) Iron lung
IRON LUNG / Life,iron lung,death (cd) 625/Boredom noise
 IRON LUNG, SHANK / Split (cd) 625
DEAD LANGUAGE / st (Lp) Iron lung
SCUMRAID / Rip up (7ep) Iron lung
V.A / America's hardcore volume 3 (Lp) Triple-B
V.A / America's hardcore volume 2 (Lp) Triple-B
V.A / America's hardcore Volume 1 (Lp) Triple-B
DEATH INJECTION / Hate for myself and everyone else (Lp) Triple-B
FURY / Kingdom come (7ep) Triple-B
SWEET JESUS / Box (7ep) Triple-B
TRIPLE-B Records / bbb (t-shirt) Triple-B
FIDDLEHEAD / Out of the bloom (7ep) Lockin' out
BROCCOLI / Single 1993-1998 (cd) Fixing a hole
BROCCOLI / Home (cd) Fixing a hole
BROCCOLI / st (cd) Fixing a hole
B/W SHIRO KURO -Sugi's drawings 2004-2006- (book) Blood sucker
B/W (SHIRO KURO)/ Sugi's drawings 1989-2003 -Drawing Collection- (book) Blood sucker
CROWN OF THORNZ / Nothing but tragedy (7ep) Bridge nine
AGNOSTIC FRONT / No one rules (Lp) Radio raheem
SUPERTOUCH / The earth is flat (t-shirt) Revelation
ASMODEUS / st (Lp) Strong mind japan
Visitor / High speed savage (Lp) Imminent destruction
KAFKA / 8 track (Lp) D-takt & rapunk
BIRTH RITUAL, BATTLE SHRINE / split (7ep) Aces sky high
BIRTH RITUAL / Turn up the evil (Lp) Self
BIRTH RITUAL / Angel grinder (7ep) 拷問装置
COWARDS / Rise to infamy (Lp) Throatruiner
DECONSECRATE / Nothing is sacred (cd)(Lp) Goodlife
WARZONE / Don't forget the struggle Black (t-shirt)
WARZONE / Don't forget the struggle White (t-shirt)
THE JAZZ INTRUSION / Natty dreadography (cd) Mouse
MERCENARIAS / Demo 1983 (7ep) Nada nada discos/Dama da noite
死んだ方がまし / 切断魔-不思議な光 (7ep) Self
GHILOM / ギロムとは何か (cd) Self
DOUGLAS / The more the merrier (cd) Self
CRUMBSUCKERS / Life of dreams (t-shirt)
CRUMBSUCKERS / Life of dreams - Beast on my back (cd) Real gone
CRUMBSUCKERS / Turn back time:the early years 1983-1985 (2Lp+cd)(2cd) F.o.a.d
LUDICHRIST / Immaculate deception & Power trip (2cd) Dead city
LUDICHRIST / God is everywhere:demos '85/Live at CBGB '86 (2Lp) F.o.a.d.
BURN / st (7ep) Revelation
ELLIOTT / False cathedrals (cd)(Lp) Revelation
GORILLA BISCUITS / Start today (cd)(Lp)(tape) Revelation
SHAI HULUD / Just can't hate enough x 2 - Plus other hate songs (Lp) No sleep
SHAI HULUD / That within blood ill-tempered (cd) (Lp) Revelation
SHAI HULUD / A Profound hatred of man (cd) (Lp) Revelation
SHAI HULUD / Hearts once nourished with hope and compassion (cd)(Lp) Revelation
DIE COMMUNICATIONS / Dialog in the life (cd) Fixing a hole
DIE COMMUNICATIONS / My Risk, Our Returns (cd) Fixing a hole
salt of life / Old youngster (cd) Self
falls / Wednesday (cd) Waterslide
MINORITY BLUES BAND / Capitalized Suffering (cd) Snuffy smiles
MINORITY BLUES BAND / Momentary Beautiful Burnout - Songs From Split E.Ps And More (cd) Snuffy smiles
PLAY DEAD SEASON, This Time We Will Not Promise And Forgive / split (cd) Say hello to never
PSWINGSET, PLAY DEAD SEASON / split (7ep) Stiff slack
GRINGOOSE / With your sweet heart including starrburst new 5 tracks (cd) Seminishukei/ Prillmal
GRINGOOSE / Misty moonlight lover (cd) Prillmal
GRINGOOSE / I left my heart in nezu (cd) Prillmal
GRINGOOSE / Coast II coast (cd) Prillmal/Seminishukei
TILL EWING / Highest bash in the fuckin babylon (cd) Wrong art
THE COMES / No side (shm-cd) SS recordings
THE COMES / Power Never Die (cd) SS recordings
THE COMES / Live 1985-1986 (2cd) SS recordings
V.A / Old punks 激闘市街戦 (7ep) Pogo77
LIFE / The world lies across them (Lp) La vida es un mus
TOM AND BOOT BOYS, ROUGH STUFF / split (7ep) Pogo77
TOM AND BOOT BOYS / Stupid and naked punks are running in my house (7ep) Pogo77
BLACK AND WHITE / Brain wash (7ep) Pogo77
CENTIPEDE / Puzzle (7epx2) Pogo77
SWANS / Love of life (Lp) Mute
SWANS / White light from the mouth of infinity (2Lp) Mute
FRIENDSHIP / st (cd) Coner printing kg
KNZZ / Z (cd) P-vine
DOGGIES / Trap room shit$ KNZZ mixed by J-SCHEME (cd) Doggies
DOGGIES / Trap room shit$ FEBB mixed by J-SCHEME (cd) Doggies
DJ HIGHSCHOOL / Make my day (cd) WDsounds
DJ HIGHSCHOOL / Rise & shine feat. DUO TOKYO - Thum thum feat. TAC ROC (7ep) WDsounds
DJ HIGHSCHOOL / Fill in my blank vol.2 (cd) WDsounds
DJ BLOCKCHECK / Bubblicious 99 (cd) Rcslum
ETERNAL STRIFE / The city you live (cd) WDsounds/Lps
NUMBERNINE / demo 2015 (cd) Self
EX-C / Demonstraition 2015 (cd) Front of union
LOS CRUDOS / Doble Lp discografia (2Lp) Maximumrocknroll
KRIEGSHOG / st (Lp) HG fact
SORE THROAT / Unhindered by talent (Lp) F.o.a.d.
SORE THROAT / Death to capitalist halmshaw (2Lp) F.o.a.d.
DISTURD / Dark (cd) Self
DISTURD / Inside (7ep) Hardcore survives
V.A / Accelaration to doomsday -終焉へ加速する- (7ep) Narm discos/Imminent destruction
V.A / HARDCORE INFERNO (Lp) Depression
ASOCIAL TERROR FABRICATION / under the dark force (7ep) Hardcore survives
FALSE INSIGHT, STUPID BABIES GO MAD / New scum city -新底辺屑都市- (7ep) Strong mind japan
DISARRAY / 1982-1986 (cd) Ranch/SS recordings
C / Dear fuckin' all the fascists +2 (12") Hardcore survives
Featured 2/6 up!!
KATSUYAMA I.D. / Brain damge.ep (cd) Self
ミミレミミ / I understand the notation change ep (7ep) imomushi
MIKRIS / 6 coffin (cd) The dog house music
MIKRIS / 6 coffin reboot (cd) The dog house music
salt of life / Old youngster (cd) Self
RED SKY / demo 2015 (cdr) Self
Homecomings / Hurts-fine (7ep) Second royal/felicity
Homecomings / クリスマスをしようよ-White love song (7ep) Second royal
HAIR MONEY KIDS / Memories (cd) Tasty
PUNKUBOI / 蠅の王、ソドムの市、その他全て (cd) Less than TV
VIVISICK / Nuked identitiy (cd) Vivisick/Tankcrimes/Insane society
COSMOS, THRH, CROW DRAGON TEA, U SPAN D / Massages from local -4way split- (cd) Happy & funny life
BRICKBUTT / The stupid sons of diplomats (cd) Spooky bank
カマラーダ, Roys / split (cd) Break the records
TERROR SQUAD, SWARRRM / split -The fierce trinity- (7ep) Break the records
LASTSENTENCE / Absurd days (7ep) Guerrilla
AUTOROLL / Shadows (cd) Too circle/Rebelabel
THE COMES / No side (shm-cd) SS recordings
BEHIND THE 8BALL / Breakdown the h8 bullshit (cd) Tohoku hardcore community
MAKE IT LAST / Lower east side tokyo (cd) カタギ
V.A / For our same will (7ep) Soul age
MONAD / The monad collective (cd) WDsounds
FACECARZ / And fortitude (cd) Bowl head inc./Facecarz


LIONEL / Small town, big dreams

SKM / The first