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9/20(sun) 岡山PEPPERLAND!!!
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New and Re-stock item 7/7 up!!!
SEGWEI / Gush (12") Fellow travelers
SEGWEI / Soul deep (Lp) Revolution winter
SEGWEI / Soul deep (cd) Fellow Travelers
FEROCIOUS X / Svart att overleva (cd+dvd) L.a.r.v.a.
ASPIRIN / 衝動の矛先 (cd) Heal up
Visitor / High speed savage (Lp) Imminent destruction
Visitor / High speed savage (cd) High speed savage
KAFKA / 8 track (Lp) D-takt & rapunk
THE DISASTER POINTS / For once in my life (cd) Catch all
BAT / Primitive age (tape) Tankcrimes
HIGHSCORE / New fuel (Lp) Deranged
RAW JUSTICE / We don't need your friends (7ep) Straight and alert
RAW JUSTICE / Artificial peace (7ep) Straight and alert
RAW JUSTICE / Cmags (t-shirt) Straight and alert
STATE CRAFT / never forget (cd) Slam
FEAR OF GOD / As statues fell die-hard picture edition (Lp) F.o.a.d
FEAR OF GOD / As statues fell -white- (Lp) F.o.a.d
FEAR OF GOD / As statues fell die -black- (Lp) F.o.a.d
FEAR OF GOD / Under the chainsaw : complete demos 1987 (Lp) F.o.a.d.
HARDA TIDER, CRUCIAL SECTION / split -Unleash the fucking fury- (cd) Crew for life
CRUCIAL SECTION / Standing on the front line (cd) (Lp) Crew for life
CRUCIAL SECTION / Friends in the circle pit! (cd) (7ep) Crew for life
TRANSGRESSOR / Ether for scapegoat (cd) Memento mori
HARM DONE / Hammer tape '15 (tape) Straight and alert
HARM DONE / st (7ep) Straight and alert
G.I.S.M. / Determination (cd) Beast arts
VIOLENT REACTION / XXX Dead end (t-shirt) Quality control hq
VIOLENT REACTION / Marching on (cd)(Lp) Revelation
CULT LEADER / Useless animal (7ep) Deathwish
NAILS / Abandon all life (cd) (Lp) Southern lord
FULL OF HELL / Full of hell & merzbow (Lp) A389
FULL OF HELL / Full of hell & merzbow (2cd) Daymare
CORRUPTED / Garten Der Unbewusstheit (cd) Nostalgia blackrain
CORRUPTED / 喪失:Loss (7ep) Crust war
CORRUPTED / Nadie (Lp) Throne
TARSIUS TARSIER / Ceremonia de atadura de manos (cd) Longlegslongarms
HEXIS / Abalam -Japan edition- (cd+dvd) LongLegsLongArms
COLD CAVE / Full cold moon (Lp) Deathwish
COLD CAVE / Oceans with no end (7ep) Deathwish
WILD HONEY / Sleep through it (Lp) Deranged
STRAIGHT RAZOR / st (7ep) React!
SELF DEFENSE FAMILY / Heaven is earth (Lp)(cd)(tape) Deathwish
SELF DEFENSE FAMILY aka END OF A YEAR / The corrections officer in me (12") Family drugs
SELF DEFENSE FAMILY aka END OF A YEAR /  I'm going through some shit  (7ep) Deathwish
SELF DEFENSE FAMILY aka END OF A YEAR / Self immolation family (7ep) Deathwish
END OF A YEAR(SELF DEFENSE FAMILY) / More songs about transportation and intercourse (7ep) Hex
END OF A YEAR(SELF DEFENSE FAMILY) / I heard crime gets you off (7ep) Run for cover
【予約商品】MALEGOAT / Here and there (cd) Stiff slack
【予約商品】ERA / Life is movie (cd) How low
【予約商品】Dancebeach, THE T.V. DINNERS / split (7ep) Throat
GOATSNAKE / Black age blues (2Lp)(cd) Southern lord
GOATSNAKE / Black age blues (t-shirt) Southern lord
WARHORSE / As heaven turns to ash (2Lp) Southern lord
FAILURES / Decline and fall (Lp) Youth attack
ANCESTORS / In death (7ep) Youth attack
RAW NERVE / Every problem solved (7ep) Youth attack
ARTS / Thousand wounds of war (Lp) Youth attack
NAZI DUST / Wretched hour (Lp) Vinyl rites
THE FLEX / Don't bother with the outside world (7ep) Lockin' out
THE FLEX / Flexual healing vol.5: Do ya think I'm flexi? (flexi) Bleeding edges
ACxDC / Antichrist demoncore (Lp) Melotov
DEEP WOUND / st (7ep) Armageddon
TRUE VISION / Demo 2015 (tape) Quality control hq
SLUR / demo 2015 (tape) Quality control hq
SLEEP / Vol.1 (Lp) Tupelo
ASBESTOS DEATH / Unclean, dejection (cd) Southern lord
SLEEP / Dopesmoker (picture Lpx2) Southern lord
SLEEP / Dopesmoker (2Lp) Southern lord
SLEEP / Dopesmoker -dark green- (t-shirt) Southern lord
MINDSET / Now, more than ever (cd) Refuse
SOUL DISCHARGE / Unconditional love (cd) Self
FUGAZI / First demo (cd)(Lp) Dischord
SKIZOPHRENIA! / Single-ticket to demo-lition (cd) Hardcore survives
SUSPENSE / Murder with the axe (7ep) La vida es un mus
NEO PUNKZ / Fascist fuckerz (7ep) La vida es un mus
HANK WOOD AND THE HAMMERHEADS / st (7ep) La vida es un mus
PRAG / st (7ep) La vida es un mus/Nopatience
Gofish / とてもいいこと (cd) Sweet dream press
Gofish / あたまのうえ (cd) Compare notes
Gofish / ねむりを待つあいだ-山ごもり (7ep) Sweet dreams
CONFUSION / 3 songs demo (cdr) Self
TILL EWING / Highest bash in the fuckin babylon (cd) Wrong art
TILL EWING / radical rebirth trap (cd) まるごし WORLD WIDE
EXCEL / Split image (cd) Southern lord
POWER TRIP / Manifest decimation (cd) (Lp) Southern lord
HEARTLESS / Hell is other people (cd)(Lp) Southern lord
XIBALBA / st (cd) Southern lord
THE ACCUSED / The Curse Of Martha Splatterhead (cd) Southern Lord
THORR'S HAMMER / Dommedagsnatt (cd) Southern lord
わすれろ草 / みみくりげ (cd) Sweet dreams press
ゑでぃまあこん / ミイラと蚊 (Lp) 円盤
ゑでぃまぁこん / カミナリデンゴン (cd) Pong-kong
アラヨッツ / ちっぽけなおつまみ (cdr) Pong-kong
BRONxxx, THE TUBULOIDS / split -An international skaterock split!- (Lp) Beer city
GIRL COPS / demo 2015 (cdr) Self
WEAK TEETH / So you've ruined your life (Lp) Tor johnson
ASIANBEAUTYMURDER / The floor is yours (cd) Self
TOKEN ENTRY / From beneath the streets (Lp) Mad at the world
SOUL SEARCH / Nothing but a nightmare (7ep) Revelation


MASTERPEACE / Bomb (dvd) Times together
Diwphalanxからリリース予定の2ndフルアルバムも待ち遠し過ぎるOsaka city Hardcore Punk/Rock!MASTERPEACE!
4、5年前からリリースの予定はあったと思いますが、遂にMASTERPEACEのdvd作品がTimes togetherよりリリースです!感涙!

LIONEL / Small town, big dreams

SKM / The first