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London Oi!/Streetpunk
CROWN COURT (member is Arms Race、Violent Reaction、Die)




New and Re-stock item 6/23 up!!!
nervous light of sunday / 深層心理 (cd+zine) Instill
nervous light of sunday / 冷静 (cd) Cosmic note
COUNT OF STRENGTH, nervous light of sunday / split (cd) Cosmic note
nervous light of sunday/ 瞼の裏側 (cd) Cosmic note
nervous light of sunday / 弱心光景 (cd) Cosmic note
GUSANOS / Life chord (cd) mkYENban
SPIKE SHOES / Spectriddim (cd) Tiny axe
SPIKE SHOES / Evoke (cd) Tiny axe
TURNCOAT, offseason / split (2xflexi) Waterslide/mostoff
TURNCOAT / Iris (cd) Waterslide
LEARNERS / More Learners (Lp) Kilikilivilla
LEARNERS / st (Lp) Kilikilivila
DEAD LANGUAGE / st (Lp) Iron lung
DAUÐYFLIN / Ofbeldi (Lp) Iron lung
COLD SWEAT / Blinded (Lp) Iron lung
MOZART / Nasty (7ep) Iron lung
LOCK / The cycle (7ep) Iron lung
WOUND MAN / Rolled (7ep) Iron lung
WOUND MAN / Perimeter (Lp) Painkiller
INITIAL STATE / Abort the soul (cd) (Lp) Prank
HIS HERO IS GONE / 15 counts of arson (cd) (Lp) Prank
CHRIST ON PARADE / Sounds of nature (Lp) Prank
DISEMBODIED / Psalms of sheol (Lp)(cd) Prime directive
SQUADRON & MARK LOAFER / Five o'clock shadow (cdr) Dogbite
NIGHTSTICK / Blotter (Lp) Armageddon
V.A / 5014CompMostWANTED45 (7epx2) WDsounds
MASS-HOLE / The menace in japan (cd) Midnight meal
MERAUDER / Master Killer (t-shirt)
record shop DIGDIG / Welcome to DSOC (long sleeve t-shirt)
record shop DIGDIG / Welcome to DSOC (t-shirt)
UNRUH / Tomb (3Lp box set) King of The Monsters
PUNCH / Eyeless EP (cd) Cosmic note
WEEKEND NACHOS / Apology (cd) Cosmic note
BIOHAZARD / State of (long Sleeve t-shirt)
BIOHAZARD / Urban discipline (t-shirt)
7 ANGELS 7 PLAGUES / Jhazmyne's (t-shirt)
LEEWAY / Bter (t-shirt)
LEEWAY / Bolt (t-shirt)
WOLF WHISTLE / Ma glory (t-shirt)
 GORILLA BISCUITS / Gb (embroidered patch) Revelation
 BOLD / logo (embroidered patch) Revelation
DISCLOSE / Tragedy (Lp) La vida es un mus
D-CLONE / Creation and destroy (cd) Mouse
THE JAZZ INTRUSION / Natty dreadography (cd) Mouse
WEAKS  / フラメンコ (7ep) Strong mind japan
PHOENIX FOUNDATION / Closer (cd) Waterslide
KLAXION / 警笛ナラセ (cd) Front of union
WORM / Another dimension (cd) Crazy diamond
DOMINATE / You ain't nothing (cd) Filled with hate
EXCEL / Split image (cd) Southern lord
BEYOND HATE / Made in japan (cd) Front of union
BEYOND HATE, SLUDGE / split -Bonded by blood- (cd) Juke boxxx
TILL EWING / Highest bash in the fuckin babylon (cd) Wrong art
FIGHT IT OUT / Most hated (cd) Bowl head inc.
FACECARZ / And fortitude (cd) Bowl head inc./Facecarz
ROCKCRIMAZ / Straight Up Menace (cd) Bowl head inc.
LIFE OF AGONY / 20 years strong i river runs red:live in brussels (cd+dvd) Bowl head inc.
COLD WORLD / No Omega 日本盤 (cd+dvd) Bowl head inc.
xEDENISGONEx / Vengeance from this dying world (cd) Mark my words
FRIENDSHIP / Hatred (cd) Daymare
FULL OF HELL / Trumpeting ecstasy (cd) Daymare
To overflow evidence / Clear (cd) Unbroken
To overflow evidence / 2009-2013 (cd) Keep and walk
NO FAITH / Force subservience (Lp) Iron lung
PROTESTER / Hide from reality (Lp) Trash king productions
LAID 2 REST, SWEAR TO GOD / split -Feast upon the weak- (cd) Ct hate
IRON LUNG / White glove test (2cd) Prank
IRON LUNG / White glove test (Lp) Prank/Iron lung
IRON LUNG / Life,iron lung,death (cd) 625/Boredom noise
IRON LUNG / Life,iron lung,death (Lp) Iron lung
IRON LUNG / Savagery (7ep) Iron lung
LIFE'S BLOOD / Hardcore a.d. 1988 (Lp)(cd)(tape) Prank
FIRST FIGHT DOWN / Revelation : extinction (cd) Mark my words
STOLEAWAY / A monument to my sins (cd) Mark my words
RENOUNCED / Conditioned from birth + Love & depression (cd) Mark my words
■予約商品■ CRIKEY CREW / The one (cd) Yellowside
ELMO, THIRTY JOY / split (cdr+t-shirt+sticker)
ANNIHILATION TIME / Tales of the ancient age (cd) (Lp) Tee pee
THE SHRINE / Bless off (cd) (Lp)(tape) Tee pee
THE SHRINE / Primitive blast (cd) (Lp) (tape) Tee pee
GRAVEYARD / st (cd)(Lp) Tee pee
SUPER DUMB / Join (cd) P-vine
仙人掌 / Voice (cd)WDsounds/Dogear/P-vine
  ISSUGI & GRADIS NICE / The remix album "day and nite" (cd) P-vine
A-THUG / God malverde (cd) P-vine
DIRTY WOMBS / Blazing rituals 2011-2016 discography (cd) Break the records
FUK / The return of tommy trouble (cd) Break the record
100 DEMONS / In the eyes of the lord (cd) Goodlife
SHORTSIGHT / Cold wounds waking (cd) Goodlife
SHOREBREAK / Path of survival (Lp) Good life
ABNEGATION / Verses of the bleeding (Lp) Goodlife
REPRISAL / Mail order knife set (cd) Goodlife
REPRISAL / Boundless human stupidity (Lp) Goodlife
REPRISAL / Boundless human stupidity (cd) Goodlife
LOW VISION / Live in best time (Lp) Hardcore survives
THE SAVAGES, SOLPAATOS, POVLACION / 3way split -τρίαινα (trident)- (7ep) Hardcore survives
■予約商品■ nim / leverage (cd) Keep and walk
■予約商品■ MASS-HOLE / Both side (cd) Midnightmeal
■予約商品■ SUPER-D / Blue rain (cd) Midnightmeal


LIONEL / Small town, big dreams

SKM / The first