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record shop DIGDIG

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New and Re-stock item 7/19 up!
ECOSTRIKE / Time is now (7ep) Triple-B
THREE KNEE DEEP / Wrong world (t-shirt) Triple-B
THREE KNEE DEEP / Wrong world (Lp) Triple-B
SWARRRM, killie / 耐え忍び霞を喰らう -2nd press- (Lp) Longlegslongarms
killie / 犯罪者が犯した罪の再審始まる (cd) Self
REDSHEER, kmkms, What Ever Film, forget me not / 4way split -Confidence- (7ep+cd) Impulse
CITY OF CATERPILLAR / Complete discography (2cd) Longlegslongarms
DIP LEG / the sympathy without love (cd) Satire
DIP LEG / no one is hurt at a place of love (cd) Satire
UNDERDOG / Matchless (cd)(2Lp) Bridge nine
UNDERDOG / st (7ep) Bridge nine
UNDERDOG / Nyc (t-shirt)
LIFE'S BLOOD / Hardcore a.d. 1988 (Lp)(cd)(tape) Prank
ISSUGI from MONJU /7inc tree very best of side AA (cd) Dogear
ISSUGI from MONJU / 7inc tree (cd) Dogear
R61BOYS / 中央分離帯 (cd) Under throne production
EXISTENCE / Into the furnace (7ep) Quality control hq
QCHQ / Q logo (dad cap) Quality control hq
■予約商品■ LOW CARD de la morte / el paris radio massacre sessions (cd) Hardcore kitchen
LOW CARD de la morte / El mariachi (7ep) Surprised pops
BY-PASS, DIMWIT, LOWCARD de la morte / 3way split (cd) Hardcore kitchen
ADA MAX, CONSOCIO SENTENCIA, FILTHY HATE / Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - 3 VENOMS EXECUTIONERS(邦題:三毒処刑人) (8.93") Awesome mosh power
HARDA TIDER, CRUCIAL SECTION / split -Unleash the fucking fury- (cd) Crew for life
HARDA TIDER, NIGHT FEVER / split (Lp) Adult crash
SAND / Twentyfour-seven (cd) Hard core kitchen
JAHANGIR、 NOWON、 the Miscasts / 3way split -Suspect three- (cd) Hardcore kitchen
ADA, Dancebeach, Excuse To Travel, JahanGir / 4way split -Steel evening silent floor- (cd) Hardcore kitchen
DISGUNDER / Ripping to the grind (cd) Hardcore kitchen
DISGUNDER, SWARRRM / split -Skylab hurricane- (7ep) Break the record
DISGUNDER, DISTURD, DORAG / 3 way split -Destructive Decibel Domination- (cd) Hardcore kitchen
V.A / GENOCIDE EXPRESS FROM NOWHERE -大量虐殺特急列車- (cd) Hardcore kitchen
WRECKING CREW / Balance of terror (Lp) I scream
TOKEN ENTRY / Jaybird (Lp) I scream
MURPHY'S LAW / Back with a bong! (Lp) I scream
FRIENDSHIP / Hatred (Lp) Southern lord
ZAY / Cry for the moon (cd) Zay-nin
.islea. / こころのもり (Lp) iii
SACRILEGE / Turn back trilobite (cd)(Lp) Hammerheart
SACRILEGE / Within the prophecy (cd)(Lp) Hammerheart
SACRILEGE / Behind the realm of madness (cd) Relapse
仙人掌 / Boy meets world (cd) Dogear/WDsounds
MC KHAZZ ’N’ DJ HIGHSCHOOL  / I'm ya boy e.p (cd) Rcslum
MC KHAZZ / Snowdown (cd) Rcslum
DJ HIGHSCHOOL / Make my day (cd) WDsounds
DJ HIGHSCHOOL / Rise & shine feat. DUO TOKYO - Thum thum feat. TAC ROC (7ep) WDsounds
FOOT CLUB (DJ Highschool + DJ Bison) / Vol.2 The O'hare (cd) Seminishukei
SONETORIOUS aka DJ HIGHSCHOOL / Bedtime beats vol.5 (cd) Seminishukei
CORRUPTED / Nadie (Lp) Throne
CORRUPTED / Felicific algorithim (12") Cold spring
CORRUPTED / 喪失:Loss (7ep) Crust war
zArAme / 1 (cd) Disruff
zArAme / 11 (cd) Disruff
DON KARNAGE / Reminiscence (cd) Disruff
AND PROTECTOR, HOLLOW SUNS / split (cd) Cosmic note
STRUGGLE FOR PRIDE / We struggle for all our pride. (2cd) WDsounds/ Awdr/lr2
STRUGGLE FOR PRIDE / cut your throat (cd) Felicity
STRUGGLE FOR PRIDE / You bark, we bite (cd) Avex/Cutting edge
BREAKFAST, STRUGGLE FOR PRIDE / split (cd) 625 thrash core
KRIMEWATCH / st (cd) Break the records
KRIMEWATCH / st (Lp) Lockin' out
KRIMEWATCH / demo 2016 (7ep)  Static shock
RIXE / Collection (Lp) La vida es un mus
RIXE / Cassete promo (tape) La vida es un mus
EL ZINE vol.31 (zine)
EL ZINE vol.30 (zine)
EL ZINE vol.28 (zine)
MASSHYSTERI / st (cd) Feral ward
MASSHYSTERI / Var Del Av Stan (cd) Feral ward
LEFT FOR DEAD / Devoid of everything (cd) (Lp) A389
SIEGE / Drop dead -30th anniversary edition- (cd) Armageddon
SCALPLOCK / On whose terms (cd)(Lp) Sound pollution
.NEMA / Bring our curses home (cd)(Lp) Sound pollution
DYSTOPIA / Human=garbage (cd) Tankcrimes
ANTISCHISM / st (cd) Prank
SPAZZ / Dwarf jester rising (cd) Tankcrimes
SPAZZ / La revancha (cd) Tankcrimes
SPAZZ / Crush kill destroy (cd) Tankcrimes
SPAZZ / Dwarf jester rising (Lp) 625
SPAZZ / La revancha (Lp) 625
SPAZZ / Crush kill destroy (Lp) 625
SPAZZ / Sweatin' to the oldies (2Lp) Tankcrimes
SPAZZ / Sweatin' to the oldies (cd) Tankcrimes
SPAZZ / Sweatin' II : Deported live gorilla (cd) Tankcrimes
SPAZZ / Sweatin' 3: skatin' satan & katon (cd) Tankcrimes
CAVE STATE, CONCUSSIVE / split (7ep) To live a lie
CAVE STATE / st -2nd- (7ep) Deep six
羅生門 RASHOMON / Demo (7ep) Society bleeds
CHARM, U.G MAN / Some secret split (Lp) 625
SLIGHT SLAPPERS / Ashita hi wa mata nobori masuka? (Lp) 625
SLIGHT SLAPPERS / Sweet power violence (cd) Break the records
SLIGHT SLAPPERS / Sweet power violence (7ep) Break the records
SOCIAL PORKS x SLIGHT SLAPPERS / split (7ep) Less than TV
FAST issue #13 (zine)
FAST issue #12 (zine)
DISCLOSE / Yesterday's fairytale, tomorrow's nightmare (Lp) La vida es un mus
DISCLOSE / Tragedy (Lp) La vida es un mus
DxHxC / Spirits murder (cd) Self
DIKTATOR / Northeyes beatdown squad (cd) Self
Featured 5/27 up!!
COMMUNITY TRUST / The 3rd altanative (cd) Cosmic note
nervous light of sunday / 自己暗示 (cd) instill
nervous light of sunday / 深層心理 (cd+patch) Instill
DAY BY DAY / Nowhere to run (cd) Retribute
TRAIL OF LIES / W.a.r (cd) Retribute
FALL SILENT / Superstructure -japan edition 2017- (cd) Slovenly
ECOSTRIKE / Voice of strength (Lp) Triple-B
RIOT STARES / Let the phase speak (7ep) Speedowax
RIOT STARES / st (7ep) Bitter melody
EXCESSIVE FORCE / In your blood (cd) Knives out
KRUELTY / Phobia (cd) Self
CORRUPTED / Felicific algorithim (12") Cold spring
COFFINS, SECOND TO NONE / split -Nine cocoons of dens to F- (cd) Daymare
SECOND TO NONE / Bab-Ilu (cd) Radical east
V.A / GRIND BASTARDS #12 (cd) Grind freaks
EXCRUCIATING TERROR / Legacy of terror sessions (cd) Mierdas production
Homecomings / Play yard symphony (7ep) Second royal
Homecomings / Symphony (10") felicity
GUEVNNA / Heart of evil (cd) LongLegsLongArms
SUMMERMAN / fan (cd) Self
CxPxS / Truth (cd) Royal shadow
CxPxS, SHOOTMASTER / split (7ep) Hello from the gutter
manchesterschoolΞ / 常夏、憂えば (7ep) Surprised pops
LOW VISION / Live at kichijoji warp 20170909 (tape) Toosmell
farandell / Active deviation (cd) fundamentalists united/Soul age
FLOWER ZOMBIES / Nowhere songs (Lp) Black hole
LIFE / The only one earth (7ep) Hardcore survives
SOW THREAT / Hate and love (cd) Straight up
killie / 犯罪者が犯した罪の再審始まる (cd) Self
KRIMEWATCH / st (Lp) Lockin' out
DECLINO / Terra bruciata - Discografia completa (2Lp) F.o.a.d.
SCREAM / Nmc 17 (cd)(Lp) Southern lord
TWITCHING TONGUES / Gaining purpose Through passionate hatred(Lp)Metal blade
ELMO / Draw Morbid Brutality (7ep) Toosmell
nim / Searchlight (cd) Keep and walk
ミミレミミ / Vinyl countdown ep (7ep) Imomushi
LEBENDEN TOTEN / Mind parasites (Lp+flexi) Overthrow
CRIKEY CREW / The one (cd) Yellowside
TILL EWING / Naked (cd)(tape) Crew for life


LIONEL / Small town, big dreams

SKM / The first