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New and Re-stock item 1/30 up!!!
RAW POWER / Screams from the gutter (cd) F.o.a.d
RAW POWER / You are the victim/God's course (cd) F.o.a.d
RAW POWER / Birth (Lp) F.o.a.d.
D.R.I., RAW POWER / Dirty rotten power ep (2flexi) F.o.a.d
FURY OF FIVE / At war with the world (long sleeve t-shirt)
 BULLDOZE / Script (t-shirt)
TAKEN / Carry us until there is nothing left (2cd) Falling leaves
evylock / INTO THE NORTH (cd) Falling leaves
IT PREVAILS, evylock / re:findings split (cd) Falling leaves
evylock, LOST, Nature Living / 3way split -A Decade In Three Ways- (cd) Zestone/Falling leaves/Theory & practice
ether of clearquake / love’s end (cd) Coexista
J.COLUMBUS / Sun columbus (cd) WDsounds
lil MERCY x BLAH-MUZIK / Write & blow (cd) WDsounds
GRIM TALKERS / Grim talkers (cd) Gravity swarm/Wdsounds
GRIM TALKERS / Grimy city (cd) Gsr!
GRIM TALKERS / Forest shed grim (tape) Gsr!
GRIM TALKERS / Built sand invasion (cd) Gsr!
CENJU / Cakez (cd) Skarface/WDsounds/P-vine
仙人掌 / Be in one's element the remix (cd) Creative platform
仙人掌 / Be in one's element (2Lp) Creative platform
CAMPANELLA / Vivid (cd) WDsounds
ONE-LAW / Misty (cd) Fellowz/P-vine
MINERAL / 1994 - 1998 The complete collection (2cd) Xtra mile
ZOOKEEPER / Pink chalk (cd)(Lp) Count your lucky stars
THE T.V. DINNERS / Zankyo + Fuckin' eternal romanticists (cd+dvd) Stiff slack
S.H.I. / Lucifer rising (7ep) Crust war
ZOUO / THE FINAL AGONY -red vinyl- (7ep) Crust war
ZOUO / A Roar Agitating Violent Age (Lp) Crust war
POIKKEUS / Katsmesser, you can't escape (7ep) Crust war
ISTERISMO / Follia Verso L'Interno (12") Crust war
DORAID / Midnight (10") Strong mind japan
FLEXEYE / Spazztic demonstration (tape) Self
SOCIAL PORKS, FLEX EYE / split (7ep) Depression
DERRICK MORGAN / Shake a leg (cd) (Lp) Sunrise
THE 69YOBSTERS / Angel with dirty reggae (cd) P-vine
V.A / Across the pond UKHC comp (tape) Milk run
BLCXCSTB / Gossip fruits (cdr) Whateva muzik
FALL SILENT / Six years in the desert (cd) Revelation
FALL SILENT / Drunken violence (cd) Revelation
IMPULSE / Chula violence (7ep) To live a lie
ARTIFICIAL PEACE / Complete session november 81 (cd)(Lp) Dischord
DEAD IN THE DIRT / The blind hole (cd)(Lp) Southern lord
noise kun x record shop DIGDIG (zip hoodie)
RISE FROM THE DEAD / Flash!!! (t-shirt)
RISE FROM THE DEAD / Rise 3D logo cap black (cap)
RISE FROM THE DEAD / Early days 1990-1993 (cd)  Timebomb
SxOxB / 2014 Spirit navy (t-shirt)
S.O.B. / Sound of burial (zip parka)
S.O.B. / Sound of burial (long sleeve t-shirt)
SxOxB black (mesh cap)
GENERAL FUCKING PRINCIPLE, SCHEISSE MINNELLI / Best at its worst -最悪で最高!- split (Lp) Beanies
THE INDEX / Rock-steady beat ok! (cd) Dig over
ENDZWECK / Tales of the jazz age (7ep) Self
LOVEMEN / 1993-2000 ch.1 (2cd) Waterslide
.NEMA / Bring our curses home (cd)(Lp) Sound pollution
MOONSCAPE / Cursed (tape) Royal shadow
WDsounds In & out classic Gray (long sleeve t-shirt) WDsounds
WDsounds In & out classic Navy (long sleeve t-shirt) WDsounds
DOCTOR AND THE CRIPPENS / Raphanadosis (cd) Boss tuneage
DOCTOR AND THE CRIPPENS / Raphanadosis (2Lp+cd) Boss tuneage
DOCTOR AND THE CRIPPENS / Fired from the circus (cd) Boss tuneage
DOCTOR AND THE CRIPPENS / Fired from the circus (2Lp+cd) Boss tuneage
D-CLONE / Creation and destroy (cd) Mouse
THE JAZZ INTRUSION / Natty dreadography (cd) Mouse
XIBALBA / Tierra y libertad (cd) Daymare
XIBALBA / Hasta La Muerte (cd) Alliance trax
XIBALBA, SUBURBAN SCUM / split (Lp) Closed cascket
XIBALBA / Hasta (t-shirt) Southern lord
XIBALBA / La Muerte (t-shirt) Southern lord
XIBALBA / Dark (t-shirt)
ANGEL DU$T / A.d. (Lp) React!
WEEKEND NACHOS / Worthless (Lp) Deep six / (cd) Relapse
VIOLENT REACTION / Dead end (7ep) Painkiller
THE RIVAL MOB / Mob Justice (cd) (Lp) (tape) Revelation
COLUMN OF HEAVEN / Ecstatically embracing all that we habitually suppress (Lp) Rsr
MUDLARK / st (Lp+7ep) Schizophrenic
PHOBIA / Grind core (7ep) Deep six
CLUMSY issue #2 (zine)
YDI / A place in the sun (7ep) Tko
NEGATIVE APPROACH / Nothing will stand our way (cd) (Lp) Taang!
NEGATIVE APPROACH / Total recall (cd) touch and go
EARTHLESS / Rhythms from a cosmic sky (cd) (Lp) Tee pee
EARTHLESS / From the ages (cd) (Lp) Tee pee
salmonella / Witch tapes (cd) Obake koubou
BANETORIKO & SALMONELLA / Kagefumi (cd) Obakekoubou
KOWLOON GHOST SYNDICATE / demo 2014 (tape+cdr) Self
MIDNIGHT / No mercy for mayhem (2cd)(Lp)(tape) Hells headbangers
FUGAZI / First demo (cd)(Lp) Dischord
FUGAZI / Repeater + 3 Songs (cd) Dischord
FUGAZI / Red medicine (cd)(tape) Dischord
FUGAZI / The argument (cd) (Lp) Dischord
FUGAZI / Steady Diet of Nothing (cd) Dischord
FUGAZI / In on the kill taker (cd) (Lp) Dischord
MINOR THREAT / First demo tape (7ep) Dischord
DAG NASTY / Dag with shawn (cd) Dischord
THE ANCHORS / Answer songs (cd) Impulse
DANCEBEACH / Beat From Experience (cd) Less Than TV



MASTERPEACE / Bomb (dvd) Times together
Diwphalanxからリリース予定の2ndフルアルバムも待ち遠し過ぎるOsaka city Hardcore Punk/Rock!MASTERPEACE!
4、5年前からリリースの予定はあったと思いますが、遂にMASTERPEACEのdvd作品がTimes togetherよりリリースです!感涙!

SKM / The first

LIONEL / Small town, big dreams