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岡山県岡山市北区 錦町1-24 SOHO BLD.3F
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record shop DIGDIG
2018 年始の営業予定

1/20 12時〜20時
1/21 12時〜20時


平日はクローズになります! すいません、、、




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ミミレミミ new 7ep『Vinyl countdown ep』



New and Re-stock item 1/17 up! gofish新作入荷!!!
ECOSTRIKE / Voice of strength (t-shirt) Triple-B
TRIPLE-B records / Lion logo (dad hat) Triple-B
TRIPLE-B records / Lion logo (snapback cap) Triple-B
RED DEATH / Formidable BBB (t-shirt) Triple-B
RED DEATH / Formidable darkness (long sleeve shirt) Triple-B
RED DEATH / Formidable darkness (Lp)(cd) Triple-B
NoLA, The Donor / split -Damned- (cd) Break the records
THE DONOR / All blues (cd) Till your death
DETAIN / Capital punishment (t-shirt)
INSTED / Proud youth: 1986-1991 (2Lp) Indecision
THE ABUSED / Loud and clear (Lp) Radio raheem
THE ABUSED / Face (t-shirt)
URBAN WASTE / st (Lp) Mad at the world
BREAKDOWN / The '87 demo (Lp) 540/Painkiller
BREAKDOWN / Old school white (t-shirt)
LIFE'S BLOOD / Hardcore a.d. 1988 (Lp)(cd)(tape) Prank
NIGHT FORCE / st (7ep) Quality control HQ
THE HAMMER / Vermin (7ep) Straight & alert
CLEAN BREAK / st (7ep) Straight & alert
CLEAN BREAK / Face value (7ep) Straight & alert
BURN / Do or die (Lp)(cd) Deathwish
BURN / st (7ep) Revelation
BURN / Last great sea (7ep) Revelation
BURN / Do or die black (t-shirt)
BURN / Face (t-shirt)
BURN / Reaper white (t-shirt)
BURN / Reaper Grey (long sleeve shirt)
BURN / Reaper Black (long sleeve shirt)
GIVE / Sonic bloom (Lp) Revelation
GIVE / Electric flower cult (12") Lockin' out
GIVE / Electric flower cult (t-shirt) Lockin' out
CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE / 4010 - Away (7ep) Magic bullet
CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE / cfd (cd) (Lp) Magic bullet
BOYS LIFE / Departures and landfalls (Lp) Topshelf
THE GET UP KIDS / Four minute mile (Lp) Doghouse
EMPIRE! EMPIRE! (I WAS A LONELY ESTATE) / You will eventually be forgotten (Lp) Topshelf
SLIGHT SLAPPERS / Sweet power violence (7ep) Break the records
ELMO / Draw Morbid Brutality (7ep) Toosmell
ELMO, THIRTY JOY / split (cdr+t-shirt+sticker)
THIRTY JOY / Dance step (tape) Black hole
SQUADRON & MARK LOAFER / Five o'clock shadow (cdr) Dogbite
Gofish / 燐光 (cd) Sweet dream press
Gofish / とてもいいこと (cd) Sweet dream press
Gofish / ねむりを待つあいだ-山ごもり (7ep) Sweet dreams
Gofish / あたまのうえ (cd) Compare notes
わすれろ草 / みみくりげ (cd) Sweet dreams press
EGODESTROYS / ....A new cold war (cd) Irish voodoo
record shop DIGDIG / Judig grey (long sleeve shirt)
record shop DIGDIG / Judig white (t-shirt)
record shop DIGDIG x Chun one 2017 (pocket t-shirt)
TURNING POINT / 7" cover (t-shirt)
TURNING POINT / Jump (t-shirt)
INSIDE OUT / No spiritual surrender (long sleeve shirt) Revelation
 INSIDE OUT / No spiritual surrender  (hoodie) Revelation
INSIDE OUT / logo (sweat shirt) Revelation
INSIDE OUT / Logo black (t-shirt) Revelation
INSIDE OUT / Logo white (t-shirt) Revelation
PAYBACK BOYS / Struggle for pride (cd) WDsounds
PAYBACK BOYS / Hotel Muzik (cd) WD sounds
PAYBACK BOYS / Pbb tyo (t-shirt) WDsounds
illya / Microcosmos (cd) Captured
DISDOMESTIC VIOLENCE / T.d.s.c (cd) Novembre
BABY, PLEASE KILL ME / Pay a dollar or die (cd) Novembre
FLOATERS / Waiting for amnesty (cd) Captured
■予約商品■ Quetzalcoatl / st (12") 半田商会
MOONSCAPE, UNARM / Split (7ep) Black hole
RED RED KROVVY, MILK / split (tape) Black hole
GATECREEPER / Sweltering madness (7ep) Closed casket activities
CRO-MAGS / The age of quarrel (t-shirt)
THE RIVAL MOB / Mob Justice (cd) (Lp) (tape) Revelation
SLEEP / Dopesmoker (cd) Southern lord
SLEEP / Dopesmoker -dark green- (t-shirt) Southern lord
THE SHRINE / Ripper (hoodie)
THE SHRINE / Tripping corpse across america (t-shirt)
THE SHRINE / Rare breed (long sleeve shirt)
■予約商品■ COFFINS, SECOND TO NONE / split -Nine cocoons of dens to F- (cd) Daymare
SECOND TO NONE / Bab-Ilu (cd) Radical east
SECOND TO NONE, SABBAT / split (7ep) Organized sons of satan
V.A / GREEN PEACE (cd) Juke boxxx
assembrage / A curtain call of an aeon (cd) Guerrilla
GREENMACHiNE, HANGMAN'S CHAIR / split (cd) Daymare
SLEEPCITY / Blue (cd) Times together
MASTERPEACE / Want to live, want to do it (tape) Egypt
MASTERPEACE / Bad brains & good brains (cdr) Egypt
MURPHY'S LAW / Killer (t-shirt)
AGNOSTIC FRONT / Envy the dead (t-shirt)
AGNOSTIC FRONT / United blood (7ep) Bridge nine
ANTIDOTE / Thou Shalt Not Kill (cd) (7ep) Bridge Nine
ANTIDOTE / Thou shalt not kill (t-shirt) Bridge nine
xXx FANZINE 1983-1988 : Hardcore & Punk in the eighties (book) Bridge nine
The history of NEMESIS records (book)
ORHUN ONER / Life.love.shirts. -A collection of hardcore clothing (book) Revelation
TONY RETTMAN / STRAIGHT EDGE - A clear headed hardcore punk history (book) Bazillion points
NO EXCUSE / Grudge (cd) Break the records
NO EXCUSE, FIREBIRDGASS / split -光炎万丈〜Lightning Flames〜- (cd) Break the record
九狼吽, KOHU-63 / split (cd) Break the records
JULIEN BAKER / Turn out the lights (cd)(Lp) Matador
JULIEN BAKER / Sprained ankle (Lp+7ep) Matador
RORSCHACH / Remain sedate-Protestant (2Lp) GERN BLANDSTEN
Featured 1/14 up!!
CRIKEY CREW / The one (cd) Yellowside
V.A / 狼の宴 -Wolfshohle- (cd) Pc
EXCRETEASS / Gods reflects on grind (cd) Unacknowledge
TILL EWING / Naked (cd)(tape) Crew for life
■予約商品■ COFFINS, SECOND TO NONE / split -Nine cocoons of dens to F- (cd) Daymare
SECOND TO NONE, SABBAT / split (7ep) Organized sons of satan
SECOND TO NONE / Bab-Ilu (cd) Radical east
FIGHT IT OUT, SAIGAN TERROR / split (7ep) Fairly social press
FIGHT IT OUT / Most hated (cd) Bowl head inc.
NERO IMAI / Return of acid king (cd) RCslum
SONETORIOUS aka DJ HIGHSCHOOL / Bedtime beats vol.5 (cd) Seminishukei
UPANDCOMING / Discography (cd) Catune
BIG CITY / 大都会 (cd) Self
TERROR SQUAD / The years of the wolves -TERROR SQUAD live archives vol.1- (cd) Choking
SLIGHT SLAPPERS / Sweet power violence (7ep) Break the records
CRUCIAL SECTION / Demo 2017 (tape) Crew for life
 ACUTE / みだら (cd) Crew for life
wolfgang japantour / A mutable world (cd) Crea for life
MOONSCAPE, UNARM / Split (7ep) Black hole
DRIVEN / demo 2017 (tape) Fired stomp
SOUL DISCHARGE / Strictly groove (cd) Self
WILLFUL MISTAKES / Nausea (cd) Weekend stand
FACECARZ, SLAPDOWN / Radical typhoon (cd) Bowlhead inc.
OTUS / Mold (tape) Self
ELMO / Draw Morbid Brutality (7ep) Toosmell
BREAK OF CHAIN / Survivors of the desolated city (cd) Self
TERMINAL NATION / Absolute control (7ep) Deep six
WEHRMACHT / Complete beer - soaked collection 1985/1989 (6xtape+bandana) F.o.a.d
STAND OFF / Behind the wire (7ep) Youngblood
FORCED ORDER / One last prayer (cd)(Lp) Triple-B
BACKTRACK / Bad to my world (cd)(Lp)(tape) Bridge nine
■予約商品■ Quetzalcoatl / st (12") 半田商会
XIBALBA / Diablo, con amor.. adios (7ep) Closed casket activities
LAID 2 REST, SWEAR TO GOD / split -Feast upon the weak- (cd) Ct hate
LIFE'S BLOOD / Hardcore a.d. 1988 (Lp)(cd)(tape) Prank
DMIZE / The demos (Lp) Cupcake
REDSHEER, kmkms, What Ever Film, forget me not / 4way split -Confidence- (7ep+cd) Impulse
To overflow evidence / Clear (cd) Unbroken
To overflow evidence / 2009-2013 (cd) Keep and walk


LIONEL / Small town, big dreams

SKM / The first