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- DESOLATED japan tour -
9/20(sun) 岡山PEPPERLAND!!!
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DIGRESS / The seventh day (7ep) Carry the weight
BUFFERINS / koboreochirumono (cd) Straight up
bufferins / what a beautiful world (cd) Straight up-Slow records
MATERIAL, CUTHBARTS / Split (cd) Impulse
KAZUHIRO / Trash works 1982 to 2015 this is not art, this is life (book) Hardcore kitchen
TREMATODA ZINE / Trematoda ultra violent art brigade (zine) Trematoda
BLOW ONE'S COOL / Evil nipple session (cd) Timebomb
 LIQUID SCREEN / Alls Fair in Love and War (pic 7ep) Episode sounds
Bid'ah / Enthusiasm of the unorthodox (cd) Hardcore kitchen
SAND / Spit on authority (cd) Pizza of death
V.A / Japanese katana soundtrack (cd) Pizza of death
STATE CRAFT / to celebrate the forlorn seasons (cd) (Lp) Good life
BY-PASS, DIMWIT, LOWCARD de la morte / 3way split (cd) Hardcore kitchen
antoniothree, DERIDE, H.M.V, WAGPLATY / 百万$のキッス (cd) Hardcore kitchen
OOZE / Don't lose sight of misdirection (cd) Hardcore kitchen
OOZE / Dansing on the edge with the times (cd) Hardcore kitchen
ANTI SPECTACLE / st (cd) Hardcore kitchen
NAVEL / Heartache (cd) Belly button
NAVEL / Uneasy recordings:1994-1999 (cd) Belly button
MEAN JEANS / Geeked up body rockers (cd) 十三月の甲虫
THE GUAYS / Goo! choki! punch! (7ep) 十三月の甲虫
VOGOS / 100%vogos (cd) 十三月の甲虫
B玉 / Trash (cd) Self
CRYPT CITY, DISCOTORTION / split (7ep) Recorded city
CRYPT CITY / st (Lp+cd) Self
CRYPT CITY / Defect (Lp+cd) Hi, My Name Is Satoshi From Hell
CRYPT CITY / Live defect (cd) Throat
GOUPIL AND C, bahAMaba / split (cd) Marrcad ltd.
GOUPIL AND C / So on (cd) Marrcad
Numb Turnpike a.k.a Telekov / st (cd) Scum study production
TELEKOV(Numb Turnpike) / Anything but a yuppie (cd) Scum study production
WARZONE / Don't forget the struggle Black (t-shirt)
SHEER TERROR / Logo on army green (t-shirt)
LUDICHRIST / Most people are still dicks old school (t-shirt)
BREAKDOWN / Running scared (t-shirt)
DEATH RATTLE / Noiz and peace (cdr) Self
ReddTemple + Otomo Yoshihide / st (Lp) Self
 BIRUSHANAH / 魔境 -Makyo- (cd) Scumzone
やじん / 抱きしめて (cd) Impulse
MASTERPEACE / フヘントヘンカ (cd) Diwphalanx
MASTERPEACE / Bomb (dvd) Times together
xREPENTANCEx / The sickness of eden (Lp) Carry the weight
SLEEP / Dopesmoker (picture Lpx2) Southern lord
SLEEP / Dopesmoker (2Lp) Southern lord
SLEEP / Dopesmoker -dark green- (t-shirt) Southern lord
GOATSNAKE / Black age blues (2Lp)(cd) Southern lord
GOATSNAKE / Black age blues (t-shirt) Southern lord
SOUTHERN LORD Vol. 4 (t-shirt) Southern Lord
V.A / Scrap! (cd) Mangrove
CENTIPEDE / Puzzle (7epx2) Pogo77
ENCOFFINATION / O' Hell, Shine in Thy Whited Sepulchres (cd) Self made god
ENCOFFINATION / Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh (cd) Self made god
ペキンパー第五号 -エレクトリック・ウィザード降臨!第三次世界ドゥームロック大戦勃発!かっ!- (book+dvd)
■予約商品■ COKE BUST / Discography 2007-2014 (cd) Toosmell
the north end / balance (cd+7ep) Say hello to never
NOTIIBELIKESOMEONE / Life is helix (cd) Self
SUN CHILDREN SUN / st (cd) mAjor label
絶倫ZOMBIES / 有脳なZombieと無脳な絶倫 (cd) mAjor label
LA FRACTION / Les silences (7ep) Fraction production
FRAMTID / Under the aAshes (Lp) La vida es un mus
FRAMTID / Consuming shit and mind pollution (Lp) Crust war
FRAMTID / over the ashes of europe 2007 (dvd) FREEDOM FIGHTER
FRAMTID, SEEIN RED / split (7ep) Hate
NEO PUNKZ / Fascist fuckerz (7ep) La vida es un mus
SUSPENSE / Murder with the axe (7ep) La vida es un mus
DEEP WOUND / st (7ep) Armageddon
VISCERA INFEST / Sarcoidosis (cd) Obliteration
VISCERA INFEST / Verrucous carcinoma (cd) Obliteration
VULGAROYAL BLOODHILL / Los muchos muertos de VULGAROYAL BLOODHILL (cd) Obliteration
UNHOLY GRAVE, BUTCHER ABC / Nuke'em all -split- (cd) Grind freaks/Obliteration
COFFINS, BUTCHER ABC / split (7ep) Obliteration/Bones brigade
ANAL VOLCANO / ¡no puedo vivir sin eso! (cd) Obliteration
ZENOCIDE, W.D.L.K. / split -Dirtbag cartel- (cd)
ENDON / Mama (cd) Daymare
NOOTHGRUSH, COFFINS / split (cd) Daymare
DISGORGE / Gorelics (cd) Obliteration
TRANSGRESSOR / Ether for scapegoat (cd) Memento mori
LIFE / The world lies across them (Lp) La vida es un mus
BLACK GANION / Second (cd+dvd) Juke boxxx
BLACK GANION, LAUDANUM / Split "Ultrasonic generator schematic" (cd) C.A.C
BLACK GANION / Melted Castle Gold yelow on Blue (t-shirt)
【予約商品】MEANING OF LIFE / Refuse to lies (cd) Straight up
MEANING OF LIFE / We trust our insight (cd) Straight up
assembrage / A wheel of wrath (12”) Guerrilla
TECHNOCRACY / Diary of terrorist (12") Guerrilla
HAM HAM HAMBURGERS / Dia del jamon (cd) Hip cat's
LOVEMEN / 1993-2000 ch.1 (2cd) Waterslide
LOVEMEN / 1993-2000 ch.2 (2cd) Waterslide
MALEGOAT / Here and there (cd) Stiff slack
CUT SELF NOT VOL.1 - malegoat (dvd) Urge film
SHIPYARDS / About lights (cd) Waterslide
SHIPYARDS / Night Of Fire (cd) Waterslide
FAILURES / Decline and fall (Lp) Youth attack
ANCESTORS / In death (7ep) Youth attack
COHOL / 裏現 (cd) Daymare
isolate / ヒビノコト (cd) Keep and walk
ISOLATE / また創るその時のために (cd) Self


LIONEL / Small town, big dreams

SKM / The first