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London Oi!/Streetpunk
CROWN COURT (member is Arms Race、Violent Reaction、Die)





New and Re-stock item 10/22 up!!!
鐵槌, 桜花 / split (cd) Straight up
鐵槌 / 日本狼 (cd) Straight up
DEMOLITION / Road is free (cd+dvd) Duel
DEMOLITION / Bombenhagel (cd) Duel
OFFICE VOIDS / st (7ep) imakinn
DISCHARMING MAN / ダメージド / マイウォー (7ep) 5b
Discharming man / 歓喜のうた (cd) 5b
CRYPT CITY / Chant (Lp+cd) Recorded city
CRYPT CITY / Chant (tape) Recorded city
CRYPT CITY, DISCOTORTION / split (7ep) Recorded city
FUGAZI / 10/30/96 Sapporo,Japan counter action (cd)
FUGAZI / First demo (cd)(Lp) Dischord
THE SLEEPING AIDES&RAZORBLADES / Safety pin stuck in my heart (tape) Black hole
THE SLEEPING AIDES & RAZORBLADES / Favorite synthetic (cd) Debauch mood
killerpass / まわりたくなんかない (Lp) Kilikilivilla
SAETIA / Collected (2Lp) Secret voice
REVELATION RECORDS / Logo (hoodie) Revelation
GORILLA BISCUITS / Start today (cd)(Lp)(tape) Revelation
GORILLA BISCUITS / Hold red (t-shirt)
GORILLA BISCUITS / Jungle (t-shirt) Revelation
CHAIN OF STRENGTH / The One Thing That Still Holds True (cd) Revelation Records
CHAIN OF STRENGTH / The One Thing That Still Holds True (long sleeve t-shirt) Revelation
INSIDE OUT / No spiritual surrender (hoodie) Revelation
INSIDE OUT / logo (sweat shirt) Revelation
YOUTH OF TODAY / Positive outlook (sweat shirt) Revelation
BOLD / OG logo (sweat shirt) Revelation
V.A / New Breed -Tape Compilation- (cd) (2Lp) Wardance
TURNING POINT / 1988-1991 (2Lp+7ep) Think fast/Jade tree
TURNING POINT / Jump (t-shirt)
JUDGE / What it Meant: The Complete Discography (cd)(2Lp) Revelation
JUDGE / New York Crew (long sleeve t-shirt) Revelation
JUDGE / Arched (t-shirt) Revelation
JUDGE / Chung (t-shirt)
BURN / From the ashes (7ep) Bridge nine
BURN / st (7ep) Revelation
BURN / Shall be judged (long sleeve t-shirt) Revelation
INSTED / Proud youth: 1986-1991 (cd) Indecision
 INSTED / Bonds of friendship (t-shirt)
FALLING DOWN / Believe (cd) Crew for life
WOLFGANG JAPANTOUR / Keep on flowing 2004-2012 (cd) Crew for life
MOTIVELESS, WOLFGANG JAPANTOUR / split - Cosmic horror - (7ep) Awesome mosh power
WOLFGANG JAPANTOUR / String of choices (cd)(7ep) Crew for life
ACUTE / 魘 -unasare- (Lp+cd) Crew for life
CRUCIAL SECTION / catch the future (cd) 男道
CRUCIAL SECTION / Standing on the front line (cd) (Lp) Crew for life
CRUCIAL SECTION / Friends in the circle pit! (cd) (7ep) Crew for life
HARDA TIDER, CRUCIAL SECTION / split -Unleash the fucking fury- (cd) Crew for life
CRUCIAL SECTION / United thrash night euro tour 2009 (dvd) Crew for life
RED EYED DEVIL / Consequence of time (cd) Beatdown hardwear
RED EYED DEVIL / Demo 2 (cd) Self
SWORN VENGEANCE / Hammer of vengeance (cd) Goodlife
SKY CAME FALLING / ...To forever embrace the sun (cd) Goodlife
SENTENCE / War (cd) Goodlife
BADGE 714 / Tearless (7ep) Kilikilivila
井の頭レンジャーズ / From『Rangers patrol 1977~1982 UK!』 (7ep) Kilikilivila
LEARNERS, CHILDISH TONES / split (7ep) Kilikilivila
LEARNERS / st (cd) Kilikilivila
NOT WONK / This ordinary (cd) Kilikilivilla
NOT WONK / DisOrdinary (7ep+cd) Kilikilivila
CAR10 / Best space (cd) Kilikilivila
THE CAVITYS / Don't need complex (cd) I hate smoke
DESPISE YOU / West side horizons (cd)(Lp) Fuck yoga
GRIEF / Come to grief (2Lp) Alone
GRIEF / Dismal (cd) Fuck yoga
GRIEF / Dismal (Lp) Fuck yoga
GRIEF / Depression (Lp) Fuck yoga
GRIEF / Sk (long sleeve shirt)
COWARDS / Rise to infamy (Lp) Throatruiner
DECONSECRATE / Nothing is sacred (cd)(Lp) Goodlife
B/W SHIRO KURO -Sugi's drawings 2004-2006- (book) Blood sucker
PHOTO AND DESTROY -片岡冬樹 写真集- (book) MCR company
G-GAS / Generation gas (Lp) Not very nice/General speech
DISARRAY / 1982-1986 (Lp) Black water
THE COMES / No side (shm-cd) SS recordings
THE COMES / Live 1985-1986 (2cd) SS recordings
THE COMES / Power Never Die (cd) SS recordings
RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA / st (cd) Fade-in international
RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA / Discografia 2004-2010 (cd) Fade-in international
STATE CRAFT / To celebrate the forlorn seasons (cd) (Lp) Good life
RENOUNCED / Theories of despair (cd) Good life
RENOUNCED / Theories of despair (Lp) Carry the weight
xREPENTANCEx / The sickness of eden (cd) Goodlife
DIGRESS / The seventh day (7ep) Carry the weight
CULTURE / 2015 (7ep) Carry the weight
H8000 zine compilation (book)
V.A / KDS CREW -Rise & fall (cd) The age of venus
FURY OF FIVE / Fury gang (jacket)
FURY OF FIVE / Real is back (7ep) Fast break
BOXCUTTER / The ill testam (cd) Good life
CROWN OF THORNZ / Mentally vexed (hoodie)
CROWN OF THORNZ / Mentally vexed (t-shirt)
CROWN OF THORNZ / Nothing but tragedy (7ep) Bridge nine
CROWN OF THORNZ / Train yard blues (Lp) Stronger than before
BULLDOZE / Bd (snapback)
BULLDOZE / Og beatdown (t-shirt)
LEEWAY / Born to expire (Lp) Reality
LEEWAY / Desperate measures (Lp) Reality
LEEWAY / Desperate measures (t-shirt)
ARMS RACE / New wave of british hardcore (Lp) La vida es un mus


LIONEL / Small town, big dreams

SKM / The first