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London Oi!/Streetpunk
CROWN COURT (member is Arms Race、Violent Reaction、Die)





New and Re-stock item 12/11 up!!!
WRONG IDEA / What's left inside (7ep) Speedowax
RENOUNCED / Conditioned from birth (7epx2) Speedowax
WILL TO DIE / Mass grave (7ep) Speedowax
MONO / Requiem for hell (cd)(2Lp) Temporary residence
TURNSTILE / Pressure to succeed (7ep) Reaper
TURNSTILE / Step 2 rhythm (7ep) Reaper
TURNSTILE / Move thru me (7ep) Pop wig
gauge means nothing / 残響も失せた過去と諦めに彩られた未来に (cd) Endless/Nameless
TEPPEI HORI / Kekkai #002_20150620 (zine)
SHUT YOUR MOUTH / Phoenix (cd) Toosmell
V.A / HARDCORE BALL ONE (cd) Straight up
V.A / HARDCORE BALL 4 (cd) Straight up
INFOREST / Aftermath (cd) By shoes
ENJOY and RELAX / 2016 summer (zine+cdr)
tele / ヒトリ e.p. (cd) From desert city
MERAUDER / Master killer limited special edition (2cd) Century media
CANDIRIA / Surrealistic madness (cd) Too damn hype
CANDIRIA / While they were sleeping (cd) Metal blade
 ISSUGI & GRADIS NICE / Day and nite (cd) Dogear/P-vine
POISON THE WELL / Distance only makes the heart grow fonder (cd) Goodlife
nervous light of sunday / 冷静 (cd) Cosmic note
bacho / 最高新記憶 (cd) Cosmic note
endzweck / tender is the night (cd) Cosmic note
WEEKEND NACHOS / Apology (cd) Cosmic note
DEATHRO / Prologue (cd) Royal shadow
DEATHRO / Be myself (cd) Royal shadow
KRIMEWATCH / Promo tape (tape) Self
FAST ASLEEP / Outside the fence (7ep) Deep six
CAVE STATE / st -2nd- (7ep) Deep six
TERMINAL NATION / st (7ep) Deep six
GOD'S AMERICA / Merge with The Infinite (Lp) Deep six
FRACTURED / Dilapidated (7ep) Deep six
TO THE POINT / st (3"ep) Behind the mountain
TO THE POINT, PICK YOUR SIDE / split (10") Deep six
TO THE POINT, SIDETRACKED / split (7ep) Deep six
SEX PRISONER / Tannhauser gate (Lp) Deep six
JAGGED VISIONS / Beyond the serpents touch (7ep) Trip machine laboratories
ALL OUT WAR / Truth in the age of lies (cd) Organized crime
ALL OUT WAR / Dying gods (cd)(Lp) Organized crime
BRICKBUTT / The stupid sons of diplomats (cd) Spooky bank
ENDON / Mama (cd) Daymare
DISCHARMING MAN / ダメージド / マイウォー (7ep) 5b
dOPPO, Discharming man / split -Dream violence- (cd)	5b
FORSAKEN / Cease to exist (7ep) Neutral words
BURN / From the ashes (7ep) Bridge nine
JUST ZINE (zine)
NATIONS ON FIRE / Strike the match (Lp) Kidnap music/Good life
LESION / st (7ep) Adult crash
LESION / II (7ep) Adult crash
DOGMATIST / Worn out welcome (Lp) Adult crash/Raw birth
MIZERY / Absolute light (cd)(Lp) Flatspot
REBIRTH / Crucible (Lp) Carry the weight
LIMITED EXPRESS(HAS GONE?) / All ages (cd) Less than TV
EL ZINE vol.22 (zine)
EL ZINE vol.21 (zine)
elica / reward (cd) imakinn
VOTZCO / st (7ep) Debauch mood
DAWN / There is no reason why (10") Debauch mood
FORDIRELIFESAKE / A Daydream Disaster (cd) Thorp
FORDIRELIFESAKE / dance, pretend, forget, defend (cd) Thorp
hopesfall / No Wings To Speak Of... (cd) Trustkill
ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE / This Is A Spark Of Life (cd) Indecision
SHAI HULUD / Just can't hate enough x 2 - Plus other hate songs (Lp) No sleep
SHAI HULUD / That within blood ill-tempered (cd) (Lp) Revelation
SHAI HULUD / A Profound hatred of man (cd) (Lp) Revelation
SHAI HULUD / Hearts once nourished with hope and compassion (cd)(Lp) Revelation
SWING KIDS / Discography (cd) three one g
SHATTERED REALM / from the dead end... (cd)
BLADE / Stabbed - Some old scars 1994-1996 - (Lp) Ediciones Limitadas
CROM / The Cocaine Wars 1974-1989 (Lp) Forest Moon Special Products
DESPISE YOU / West side horizons (cd)(Lp) Fuck yoga
DESPISE YOU / Skate (t-shirt)
DESPISE YOU / Child (t-shirt)
DESPISE YOU、COMPLETED EXPOSITION / Japan tour 2016 (t-shirt)
FULL OF HELL / Amber mote in the black vault (7ep) Bad teeth
SPINE / Deny (7ep)Bad teeth
SPINE / Time has gone (Lp) Bad teeth
CROWN COURT / Capital offence (Lp) Rebellion
CROWN COURT / Trouble from london (7ep) Contra
CROWN COURT / Ruck and roll (7ep) Rebellion
CROWN COURT / The english disease (7ep) Rebellion
CROWN COURT / Trouble (t-shirt)
CROWN COURT / We made you (t-shirt)
CROWN COURT / No paradise (t-shirt)
VIOLENT REACTION / Marching on (cd)(Lp)(tape) Revelation
VIOLENT REACTION / City streets (Lp) Quality control HQ
ARMS RACE / New wave of british hardcore (Lp) La vida es un mus
ARMS RACE / Nwobhc (t-shirt)
SHRAPNEL / Frenzied state (7ep) Quality control HQ
THE FLEX / Flexual healing VI -Live from the paincave- (tape) Painkiller
CHICANO CHRIST / st (7ep) Tacklebox
BAD BRAINS / Pay to cum (7ep) Bad brain
KRIMEWATCH / demo 2016 (7ep) Lockin' out
BIGCITY / 4 songs (cd) Self
parkmates / From the square closet to your rock or one of dumps (cd) Self
LEEWAY / Tin Cans Calling Home (cd) Shirafu
THIRSTY CHORDS / Kioku no ep (cd) Shirafu
THIRSTY CHORDS / Red eyes (cd) Shirafu
THIRSTY CHORDS / i continue i... (cd) Shirafu


LIONEL / Small town, big dreams

SKM / The first