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入荷しました!!! FIVE NO RISK / Self encourage (cd) Front of union


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WDsounds classic black (hoodie)
WDsounds classic White (hoodie)
WDsounds classic Navy (hoodie)
WDsounds In & out classic Navy (long sleeve t-shirt) WDsounds
WDsounds In & out classic Gray (long sleeve t-shirt) WDsounds
BURN / Shall be judged (long sleeve t-shirt) Revelation
the Miscasts, EXCUSE TO TRAVEL / split -the Miscasts are my Excuse to travel- (cdr) Self
JAHANGIR、 NOWON、 the Miscasts / 3way split -Suspect three- (cd) Hardcore kitchen
GEHENNA / Funeral embrace (7ep) Dark empire
GEHENNA / Negotium Perambulans In Tenebris (cd)  Magic bullet
FRIEND OR FOE / Outsider (7ep) Triple-B
DEAD END PATH / Death walks beside us (7ep) Triple-B
WAR PAINTED CITY INDIAN / Complete Discography (Lp) Time bomb
WAR PAINTED CITY INDIAN / Complete Discography (cd) Time bomb
WAR PAINTED CITY INDIAN / W.P.C.I. Dynamite years (cd+dvd) Time bomb
CITY INDIAN / Howling on fire (cd) Time bomb
CITY INDIAN / Howling Years (2dvd) Time bomb
IN DEFENCE / Discography compilation (cd) Crew for life
ミミレミミ / I understand the notation change ep (7ep) imomushi
U SPAN D, JOHARRY'S WINDOW / Split (cd) Stand
umberlite / st (tape) Self
ele-phant / Tobira (cd) Hello from the gutter
ABNORMALS / Live holy blind (dvd) Spider
V/ACATION / Vacant or action (tape+cdr) Self
V/ACATION / With Vacation (cd) Less Than TV
DISROTTED, SU19B / split (cd) Obliteration
SU19B / The world doomed to violence (cd) Y
GRINGOOSE / Misty moonlight lover (cd) Prillmal
GRINGOOSE / I left my heart in nezu (cd) Prillmal
GRINGOOSE / Coast II coast (cd) Prillmal/Seminishukei
KING104 / Criminal dream mixed by DJ MDK (cd) Fellowz
ONE-LAW / 1980 (cd) Fellows
ONE-LAW / Misty (cd) Fellowz/P-vine
DISTURD / Dark (cd) Self
DISTURD / Inside (7ep) Hardcore survives
AXEWIELD / War Machine (cd) Hardcore kitchen
WARWOUND / A huge black cloud the demos 1983 (cd) Boss tuneage
SKITSYSTEM / Enkel Resa Till (cd) Havoc
BIRTH RITUAL, BATTLE SHRINE / split (7ep) Aces sky high
BIRTH RITUAL / Turn up the evil (Lp) Self
BIRTH RITUAL / Angel grinder (7ep) 拷問装置
DORAID / Midnight (10") Strong mind japan
DIGRAPHIA, DORAID / battle of the pagan evil deities -Split- (7ep) 拷問装置
DORAID / dictator (7ep) 拷問装置
DESECRATOR / Subconscious Release (cd) Mosh tuneage
AGGRO / My vice-Fried (7ep) Beerdrop
AGGRO / Maelstrom (7ep) Beerdrop
CHARM / Shikami (7ep) 625 thrash core
CHARM, U.G MAN / Some secret split (Lp) 625
V.A /Punkabilly shakes japan (cd) Rude runner
S.O.B / What's the truth (t-shirt)
S.O.B. / Sound of burial (long sleeve t-shirt)
SxOxB / 2014 History of… white (t-shirt)
不幸 -FUCHO- / The dark halo (cd) Hardcore kitchen
VIVISICK / Nuked identitiy (cd) Vivisick/Tankcrimes/Insane society
VIVISICK / Respectand hate (cd) (Lp) Insane Society
VIVISICK / Set The Apathetic Era On Fire From 1997-2004 (cd) Self
LITTLE BASTARDS / Unforgiven (cd) Blurred
ZAGIO EVHA DILEGJ / Emotional outburst (cd) Blurred
FAST issue #9 (zine)
gruesome / Another reign (cd) Yellowside
UNEVEN RUNNING / Criminal elegy (cd) Bronze fist
CRIKEY CREW / My sons (cd) Sniffer
CRIKEY CREW / early years (cd) Hardcore kitchen
SCUMRAID / Rip up (7ep) Iron lung
SCUMRAID / Out of order (cdr) Self
DEATH RATTLE / Noiz and peace (cdr) Self
STUPIDS / Peruvian vacation (cd) Boss tuneage
STUPIDS / Retard picnic -Deluxe edition- (cd) Boss tuneage
GUSANOS / Life chord (cd) mkYENban
COUNT OF STRENGTH, nervous light of sunday / split (cd) Cosmic note
LOCKIN' OUT Camo embroidered snapback
NO WARNING / Friends in high places (flexi 7") Lockin' out
BUILD & DESTROY / Map of the heavens (7ep) Lockin' out
BUILD & DESTROY / demo 2010 (7ep) Lockin' out
FIDDLEHEAD / Out of the bloom (7ep) Lockin' out
RAZZLE DAZZLE / Strictly saucers (cd) Lockin' out
RAZZLE DAZZLE / Both (cd) Lockin' out
RAMPAGE / Limit of destruction (cd) Lockin' out
THE FLEX / Don't bother with the outside world (7ep) Lockin' out
STRAIGHT RAZOR / st (7ep) React!
SIEGE / Drop dead -30th anniversary edition- (Lp) Deep six
SIEGE / Drop dead -30th anniversary edition- (cd) Armageddon
CRUMBSUCKERS / Turn back time:the early years 1983-1985 (2Lp+cd)(2cd) F.o.a.d
CRUMBSUCKERS / Life of dreams - Beast on my back (cd) Real gone
LUDICHRIST / God is everywhere:demos '85/Live at CBGB '86 (2Lp) F.o.a.d.
LUDICHRIST / Immaculate deception & Power trip (2cd) Dead city
S.H.I. / Struggling harsh immortals (7ep) Crust war
S.H.I. / Lucifer rising (7ep) Crust war
THE SWARM / Parasitic skies (Lp) No idea
.NEMA / Bring our curses home (cd)(Lp) Sound pollution
SIN-NO-SKE / The deal (cd) Midnightmeal
MASS-HOLE / The menace 2 (cd) Midnightmeal
MASS-HOLE / 1982Sinstrumental (cd) Dirttrain
MASS-HOLE / PAReDE (cd) WDsounds
MASS-HOLE / 0263 bullets (cd) WDsounds/Midnight meal
MASS-HOLE a.k.a Blackass / Two of sheeps -remaster version- (cdr)Midnight meal
MASS-HOLE A.K.A BLACKASS / Every and tie (cdr) Midnight meal
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LIONEL / Small town, big dreams

SKM / The first