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- DESOLATED japan tour -
9/20(sun) 岡山PEPPERLAND!!!
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New and Re-stock item 8/2 up!!!
BREAKfAST / 眩暈 (cd) Thrash on life
BREAKfAST / Day after BREAKfAST (cd) Thrash on life
BREAKfAST / Break me fast (cd) Felicity
BREAKfAST / Americanbreakfast (dvd) Felicity
BREAKFAST, STRUGGLE FOR PRIDE / split (cd) 625 thrash core
STRUGGLE FOR PRIDE / cut your throat (cd) Felicity
【予約商品】DELTA SLEEP / Twin galaxies (cd) Like a fool
REVOLUTION FOR HER SMILE, folks / split (7ep+cd) Self
REVOLUTION FOR HER SMILE / Songs for all alone (cd) 生き埋め
V.A / 生き埋めVA (cd) 生き埋め
AND SUMMER CLUB / Super dash (cd) 生き埋め
THE NOUP / Parede (7ep) Self
NOUP ZINE vol.14 2015 June (zine)
Dancebeach, THE T.V. DINNERS / split (7ep) Throat
THE T.V. DINNERS / Zankyo + Fuckin' eternal romanticists (cd+dvd) Stiff slack
CARD / Lucky me (cd) Stiffslack
noise kun x record shop DIGDIG (mug cup)
record shop DIGDIG x Chun one 2015 gray (t-shirt)
NOBYKI / Soul stride (cd) Chaos & anarchy
SANDIEST / Madness Seventeen (7ep) Sick
SKIZOPHRENIA! / Single-ticket to demo-lition (cd) Hardcore survives
SKIZOPHRENIA, VAASKA / split (7ep) 540/Todo destruido
VAASKA / Todos contra todos (cd) Vox populi
1981 / Antems for doomed youth (cd) Vox populi
LAST / Better than to do nothing (cd) Break the record
THE RUSTED / Fran Den Morka Halan (cd) Classick
THE GO / Oh days (cdr) Self
V.A / Get back our future ~tsuyama city punk omnibus 2013~ (cd) Vox populi
PROTECT / proud ones... (USED cd) Straight up
STATE CRAFT / to celebrate the forlorn seasons (cd) (Lp) Good life
APPARITION / 2014 Promo (cdr) Self
WISDOM IN CHAINS / The god rythm (cd)(Lp) Fast break!
RAW NOISE APES / Electroconvulsive blast orgy (10") Septic aroma of reeking stench
AGATHOCLES, SAUERKRAUT / split (7ep) Septic aroma of reeking stench
EL ZINE vol.18 (zine)
EL ZINE vol.17 (magazine)
EL ZINE vol.16 (zine)
el zine vol.15 (book)
el zine vol.12 (magazine)
REDUCTION / Make pot not war (cd) Radical east
B-SIDE APPROACH / Rock of black sheep town (cd) Vato
REDSHEER / Eternity (cd) Till your death
THE DONOR / Agony (cd) Till your death
DEATHBLAST, DEATH THIRST, MASS HYPNOSIA / スラッシュ大殺界 -3way split- (cd) Till your death/Bloodbath/One a records
NAVEL / Heartache (cd) Belly button
NAVEL / Uneasy recordings:1994-1999 (cd) Belly button
【予約商品】MALEGOAT / Here and there (cd) Stiff slack
【予約商品】CUT SELF NOT VOL.1 - malegoat (dvd) Urge film
Duck. Little Brother, Duck!, malegoat / split (7ep) Stiffslack
eito / trivial agony (cd) Rawcalorie
DUB 4 REASON / Anarchy and dub (cd) Twisted productions
STAB 4 REASON / Existence (cd) Loft
CRUSTNOME / demo 2015 (cd) Self
ATARI, sto cosi cosi / split -secret agreement under the city lights- (7ep) Self
SUPERTOUCH / The earth is flat (t-shirt) Revelation
SAND / Spit on authority (cd) Pizza of death
V.A / Japanese katana soundtrack (cd) Pizza of death
SEMINISHUKEI / clover (t-shirt)
GRIM TALKERS / Grim talk navy (t-shirt)
PAYBACK BOYS / Classic (t-shirt) WDsounds
DREAD EYE / Cock sparrer rip off black -DIGDIG exclusive color- (t-shirt)
WDsounds In & out classic Navy (long sleeve t-shirt) WDsounds
WDsounds In & out classic Gray (long sleeve t-shirt) WDsounds
ALCOHOLIX / Allover closet destruction (cd) Neo holdings
snarekillsnation / bisui (cd) Neoholdings
U SPAN D, JOHARRY'S WINDOW / Split (cd) Stand
CROW DRAGON TEA / eternal voyage (cd) Happy & funny life
DEATH THREAT / Out of (t-shirt)
DEATH THREAT / logo (t-shirt)
BULLDOZE / Og beatdown (t-shirt)
BULLDOZE / Og beatdown (long sleeve t-shirt)
MERCENARIAS / Demo 1983 (7ep) Nada nada discos/Dama da noite
SCUMRAID / Out of order (cdr) Self
TILL EWING / Highest bash in the fuckin babylon (cd) Wrong art
TILL EWING / radical rebirth trap (cd) まるごし WORLD WIDE
CONFUSION / 3 songs demo (cdr) Self
SOUL DISCHARGE / Unconditional love (cd) Self
HARDA TIDER, CRUCIAL SECTION / split -Unleash the fucking fury- (cd) Crew for life
CRUCIAL SECTION / Standing on the front line (cd) (Lp) Crew for life
CRUCIAL SECTION / Friends in the circle pit! (cd) (7ep) Crew for life
SLEEP / Dopesmoker (picture Lpx2) Southern lord
SLEEP / Dopesmoker (2Lp) Southern lord
SLEEP / Dopesmoker -dark green- (t-shirt) Southern lord
GOATSNAKE / Black age blues (2Lp)(cd) Southern lord
GOATSNAKE / Black age blues (t-shirt) Southern lord
FEAR OF GOD / As statues fell die-hard picture edition (Lp) F.o.a.d
FEAR OF GOD / As statues fell -white- (Lp) F.o.a.d
FEAR OF GOD / As statues fell die -black- (Lp) F.o.a.d
FEAR OF GOD / Under the chainsaw : complete demos 1987 (Lp) F.o.a.d.
G.I.S.M. / Determination (cd) Beast arts
NAMASTE / Pulse of the earth 〜鼓動〜 (cd) 海賊
MASTERPEACE / フヘントヘンカ (cd) Diwphalanx
MASTERPEACE / Bomb (dvd) Times together
GRIND SHAFT, MASTERPEACE / Long Trip To Essence -split cd- (cd) Cosmic note
LOS CRUDOS / Doble Lp discografia (2Lp) Maximumrocknroll
THE RIVAL MOB / Mob Justice (cd) (Lp) (tape) Revelation
THE RIVAL MOB / Devolution (t-shirt) Revelation


MASTERPEACE / Bomb (dvd) Times together
Diwphalanxからリリース予定の2ndフルアルバムも待ち遠し過ぎるOsaka city Hardcore Punk/Rock!MASTERPEACE!
4、5年前からリリースの予定はあったと思いますが、遂にMASTERPEACEのdvd作品がTimes togetherよりリリースです!感涙!

LIONEL / Small town, big dreams

SKM / The first