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New and Re-stock item 5/23 up!!!
FREEDOM / Pay the price (7ep) Triple-B
PIECE BY PIECE / Primitive as fuck (7ep) Solid bond
TRIPLE-B Records / bbb (t-shirt) Triple-B
V.A / The songlines of protesta (cd)
G.I.S.M. / Determination (cd) Beast arts
THE PRACTICE / Nothing New (cd) Diwphalanx
THE PRACTICE / Who Knows What Killed Me (cd) DIWPHALANX
ACxDC / Antichrist demoncore (Lp) Melotov
V.A / New Breed -Tape Compilation- (cd) (2Lp) Wardance
CRO-MAGS / The age of quarrel (Lp) Brass city boss sounds
AGNOSTIC FRONT / No one rules (Lp) Radio raheem
BURN / st (7ep) Revelation
JUDGE / What it Meant: The Complete Discography (cd)(2Lp) Revelation
THE RIVAL MOB / Hardcore for hardcore (12") Quality control HQ
SHRAPNEL / Frenzied state (7ep) Quality control HQ
ARMS RACE / Gotta get out (7ep) Quality control HQ
THE FLEX / Wild stabs in the dark (Lp) Video disease/Milk run
VIOLENT REACTION / Marching on (cd)(Lp) Revelation
VIOLENT REACTION / City streets (Lp) Quality control HQ
VIOLENT REACTION / Dead end (7ep) Quality control HQ
VIOLENT REACTION / st  (7ep) Quality control HQ
VIOLENT REACTION / st  (7ep) Painkiller
TURNSTILE / Non stop feeling (cd)(Lp) Reaper
THRH / Love the life you live live the life you love (7ep+cd) I hate smoke
ORION / Party knights (cd) Break the records
反好旗 / neverfade (cd) Break the records
GOD'S HATE / Divine injustice (7ep) Closed casket
DISGRACE / True enemy (cd)(Lp) Closed casket activities
TWITCHING TONGUES / Sleep Therapy (cd) I scream (Lp) Durty Mick
TWITCHING TONGUES / In love there is no law (cd) Alliance trax
FACECARZ / Back To The Future (cd) Bowl head inc.
THE ICE / Touching The Void (cd) Countdown
FORESEEN / Helsinki savagery (cd)(Lp) 20 buck spin
ALPHA & OMEGA / No rest, no peace (cd) (Lp) Bridge nine
LEEWAY / Born to expire -25th anniversary edition- (cd) Marquee
LEEWAY / Desperate measures (cd) Marquee
LIFE BALL / If I were your friend (cd+dvd) kilikilivilla
Scalpel Succubus Bitch / Blood fire nazimetal (cdr) Self
ニーハオ! / No respect (cd) Omochi
hasymonew / tomarumawaru (cd) Half yogurut
DJ SEROW / Vernal euphoria (cd) Midnight meal
MASS-HOLE / The menace in japan (cd) Midnight meal
MASS-HOLE / PAReDE (cd) WDsounds
MEDULLA / Back pawn/Baaad trainz (12") Midnight meal
LUMPY & THE DUMPERS / Collection Lp 'Japanese edition' (Lp) episode sounds
GENTLEMEN / 終焉 (7ep) episode sounds
SICK THOUGHTS / パンクを殺す (7ep) episode sounds
ZENOCIDE, W.D.L.K. / split -Dirtbag cartel- (cd)
ZENOCIDE / Veronica puts on silk (cd) Mgmd a org.
Carre echoed 3rd.y / 3a suicidio (cdr) Mgmd a org.
3rd.Y / Toxictape deluxe (cdr) Whatevamuzik
BLCXCSTB / Gossip fruits (cdr) Whateva muzik
STEP FORWARD / st (7ep) Painkiller
PALM / The unusual (7ep) Alliance trax
SOUL SEARCH / Nothing but a nightmare (7ep) Revelation
BOLLOCKS no.019 (book)
BOLLOCKS no.018 (book)
BOLLOCKS no.017 (book)
cheap cheese / Up & down (cd) Self
BILLY CLUB SANDWICH / Japan suspects tour (dvd) WDsounds/Dead city
BUSHMIND / Sweet talking (cd) Seminishukei/Awdr/Lr2
BUSHMIND / Good Days Comin' (cd) President heights/P-vine
BUSHMIND / Da Mobbstarr Bench (cdr) Seminishukei
BUSHMIND / Graze The Sky (cd) KWANZAA
BUSHMIND / int'l players classics vol.01 (cd) Seminishukei
BUSHMIND / 2013 Dtw mix (cdr) Himcast/Dcr
D.O.D / Digital Dope Bombing Arrests (cd) WD sounds
V.A / BLACK SWAN 2 (cd) Black swan inc.
ILL-TEE / Ice cream dream (cd) Midnight meal
YUKSTA-ILL / Tokyo ill method (cd) Rcslum
FEBB / The season (cd) WDsounds
FEBB / The season instrumental "the background music off the season" (cd) WDsounds
jjj / Yacht club (cd) FL$Nation/ Awdr/Lr2
CENJU / Cakez (cd) Skarface/WDsounds/P-vine
R61BOYS / 中央分離帯 (cd) Under throne production
DJ HIGHSCHOOL / Make my day (cd) WDsounds
envy / Atheist's cornea (cd) Sonzai
ポンコツCATS / Ponkotsu works 2011~2013 (cd) Fade-in
ポンコツCATS / 誰とも合わない (7ep) Fade-in
THE NOUP / Parede (7ep) Self
assembrage / A wheel of wrath (12”) Guerrilla
TECHNOCRACY / Diary of terrorist (12") Guerrilla
ペキンパー第五号 -エレクトリック・ウィザード降臨!第三次世界ドゥームロック大戦勃発!かっ!- (book+dvd)
ENCOFFINATION / O' Hell, Shine in Thy Whited Sepulchres (cd) Self made god
ENCOFFINATION / Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh (cd) Self made god
ASOCIAL TERROR FABRICATION / under the dark force (7ep) Hardcore survives
FALSE INSIGHT, STUPID BABIES GO MAD / New scum city -新底辺屑都市- (7ep) Strong mind japan
SUSPENSE / Murder with the axe (7ep) La vida es un mus
NEO PUNKZ / Fascist fuckerz (7ep) La vida es un mus
HANK WOOD AND THE HAMMERHEADS / st (7ep) La vida es un mus
PRAG / st (7ep) La vida es un mus/Nopatience
LIFE / The world lies across them (Lp) La vida es un mus
TONE DEAF, she luv it / split (7ep+cd) Self
RIE LAMBDOLL, DUB MAGUS FROM BEIRUT / split (10") Public riddim
MASTERPEACE / Bomb (dvd) Times together


MASTERPEACE / Bomb (dvd) Times together
Diwphalanxからリリース予定の2ndフルアルバムも待ち遠し過ぎるOsaka city Hardcore Punk/Rock!MASTERPEACE!
4、5年前からリリースの予定はあったと思いますが、遂にMASTERPEACEのdvd作品がTimes togetherよりリリースです!感涙!

LIONEL / Small town, big dreams

SKM / The first