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London Oi!/Streetpunk
CROWN COURT (member is Arms Race、Violent Reaction、Die)




New and Re-stock item 2/22 up!!!
SLAPSHOT / Keeping hardcore evil (College jacket)
OUTSPOKEN / Survival (long sleeve t-shirt)
EARTH CRISIS / All out war (t-shirt)
AGNOSTIC FRONT / Old school (t-shirt)
AGNOSTIC FRONT / United and strong (t-shirt)
AGNOSTIC FRONT / Envy the dead (t-shirt)
 ERODED / In (2cd) Ritual
KUGURIDO, DIEAUDE / 叫鬥 (cd) Break the records
ACUTE / 魘 -unasare- (Lp+cd) Crew for life
Hi-Gi / Classics (cd) Break the records
THE SLEEPING AIDES & RAZORBLADES / Save the right thing (7ep) Kilikilivilla
CHILDISH TONES / Nerd geek & weird (tape) Kilikilivilla
RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA / st (cd) Fade-in international
RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA / Discografia 2004-2010 (cd) Fade-in international
DESPISE YOU、COMPLETED EXPOSITION / Japan tour 2016 (tape) Toosmell
DESPISE YOU / West side horizons (cd)(Lp) Fuck yoga
DESPISE YOU / Skate (t-shirt)
DESPISE YOU / Child (t-shirt)
DESPISE YOU、COMPLETED EXPOSITION / Japan tour 2016 (t-shirt)
EXCRUCIATING TERROR / Expression of pain (cd) Blastasfuk
EXCRUCIATING TERROR / Divided we fall (cd) Blastasfuk
FULL OF HELL / Amber mote in the black vault (7ep) Bad teeth
SEX PRISONER / Tannhauser gate (Lp) Deep six
GOD'S AMERICA / Merge with The Infinite (Lp) Deep six
FRACTURED / Dilapidated (7ep) Deep six
LOW THREAT PROFILE / Product number three (7ep) Deep six
SPINE / Deny (7ep)Bad teeth
SPINE / Time has gone (Lp) Bad teeth
WEEKEND NACHOS / Apology (Lp) Deep six
WEEKEND NACHOS / Still (Lp) Deep six
WEEKEND NACHOS / Worthless (Lp) Deep six / (cd) Relapse
WEEKEND NACHOS / Unforgivable (Lp) Deep six
TO THE POINT / st (3"ep) Behind the mountain
TO THE POINT, SIDETRACKED / split (7ep) Deep six
TO THE POINT, PICK YOUR SIDE / split (10") Deep six
V.A / Wake up dead volume one (7ep) Bad teeth
TO THE POINT / Mentally checked out stone grey (t-shirt)
TO THE POINT / Mentally checked out white (t-shirt)
NO COMMENT / Common senseless (7ep) Deep six
NO COMMENT / Live on kxlu 1992 (7ep) Deep six
NO COMMENT / Downsided (7ep) Deep six
FCDN TORMENTOR / Demonic thereafter 1985-1991 (Lp) F.o.a.d.
FCDN TORMENTOR / Dungeon days 1982-1985 (Lp+cd) F.o.a.d.
CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER / Life in grave + Rarities 1985-1988 (Lp) F.o.a.d.
COKE BUST / Confined (Lp) Grave mistake
COKE BUST / The early years (Lp) Carry the weight
BUSTED OUTLOOK / Not defined by violence (Lp) Refuse
PERMANENT RUIN / Are you ready to sacrifice? (Lp) Agipunk
SPAZZTIC BLURR / Hello dum dums + Bedrock blurr demo 1986 (2Lp) F.o.a.d.
WEHRMACHT / Biermacht (cd) Foad
LUDICHRIST / God is everywhere:demos '85/Live at CBGB '86 (2Lp) F.o.a.d.
TRAGIC FILM / Violent works discography (cd) Final letter
TERMINAL NATION / st (7ep) Deep six
FAST ASLEEP / Outside the fence (7ep) Deep six
DEEP SIX RECORDS / 6 (t-shirt) Deep six
WRETCHED / Antologia 1982-1988 (2cd) Chaos produzioni
NEGAZIONE / The early days-Wild bunch (cd) We bite
ED / Future primitive + Old shit since 2003 (cd) F.O.A.D
CORRUPTED / 喪失:Loss (7ep) Crust war
WORSHIP / Terranean Wake (cd) Weired truth
WORSHIP / Last CD Before Doomsday (cd) Weired truth
JJJ / Hikari (cd) Fl$nation/Awdr/lr2
jjj / Yacht club (cd) FL$Nation/ Awdr/Lr2
jjj (FLA$HBACKS) / Yacht club sailing gear session (cd) Awdr/lr2
CLIMB THE MIND / チャンネル3 (cd) Stiff slack
Climb The Mind / とんちんかん (cd) Stiff slack
CLIMB THE MIND / 渋谷節 (dvd) Stiff slack
ENDZWECK, malegoat / split (7ep) Cosmic note/Stiff slack
Duck. Little Brother, Duck!, malegoat / split (7ep) Stiffslack
CUT SELF NOT VOL.1 - malegoat (dvd) Urge film
Discharming man / 歓喜のうた (cd) 5b
DISCHARMING MAN / ダメージド / マイウォー (7ep) 5b
dOPPO, Discharming man / split -Dream violence- (cd)	5b
elica / reward (cd) imakinn
tele / ヒトリ e.p. (cd) From desert city
KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN / A Voice From Childhood (cd) Wet Sand
LIVE CLEAN STAY YOUNG / st (cd) Jungle gym
SECOND TO NONE / Bab-Ilu (cd) Radical east
SECOND TO NONE, SABBAT / split (7ep) Organized sons of satan
HARM DONE / Abuse/abused (Lp)(cd) Straight & alert
HARM DONE / The first 3 years -discography- (cd) Stand for unity
V.A / New Breed -Tape Compilation- (cd) (2Lp) Wardance
BEYOND / Dew it!-Live crucial chaos wnyu (Lp) Revelation
INSIDE OUT / No spiritual surrender (7ep) Revelation
SUPERTOUCH / The earth is flat (t-shirt) Revelation
SUPERTOUCH / The earth is flat (Lp) Revelation
WARZONE / Don't forget the struggle, don't forget the streets (Lp)(cd) Revelation
WARZONE / Don't forget the struggle don't forget the streets back print (t-shirt) Revelation
WARZONE / Don't forget the struggle don't forget the streets  blue body (hoodie) Revelation
WARZONE / Don't forget the struggle, don't forget the streets (t-shirt) Revelation
WARZONE / Logo (t-shirt) Revelation
WARZONE / Don't forget the struggle White (t-shirt)
WARZONE / Don't forget the struggle Black (t-shirt)
UNDERDOG / Nyc (t-shirt)
UNDERDOG / Matchless (cd)(2Lp) Bridge nine
AGNOSTIC FRONT / Victim In Pain (cd) Bridge nine
CROWN OF THORNZ / Mentally vexed (Lp) Stronger than before
BREAKDOWN / The '87 demo (Lp) 540/Painkiller


LIONEL / Small town, big dreams

SKM / The first