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London Oi!/Streetpunk
CROWN COURT (member is Arms Race、Violent Reaction、Die)
cd/ 7ep/ shirts
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■予約商品■ SHAWN-D AKA PSYCHO DIGGER / Cannibals favorite meal (cd) Midnight meal
CLEAN BREAK / st (7ep) Straight & alert
CLEAN BREAK / Face value (7ep) Straight & alert
THE HAMMER / Vermin (7ep) Straight & alert
FLOORPUNCH / Fast times at the jersey shore (Lp) Six feet under
FLOORPUNCH / Twin killing (Lp) Six feet under
FLOORPUNCH / New jersey straight edge (t-shirt)
PRAISE / Lights went out (Lp) React!
PRAISE / Leave it all behind (Lp) React!
PRAISE / Leave it all behind (long sleeve t-shirt) React!
MINDSET / Nothing less (7ep) React!
MINDSET / Go veg (long sleeve t-shirt) React!
MINDSET / Nothing less than true (t-shirt) React!
GRIEF / Dismal (cd) Fuck yoga
GRIEF / Sk (long sleeve shirt)
GRIEF / Dismal (long sleeve shirt)
LEEWAY / Born to expire (Lp) Reality
LEEWAY / Desperate measures (Lp) Reality
TECHNOCRACY / Price of killing machine (cd) Evil fly
TECHNOCRACY / Diary of terrorist (12") Guerrilla
ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT / Terrorize (Lp) Beer city
ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT / No way back (cd) Taang!
REAL REGGAE / Rigg (cd) Diwphalanx
ZENTERPRISE magazine vol.5 (magazine)
CAR10, GLEAM GARDEN / split (tape) Black hole
THE PRACTICE, WHAT-A-NIGHT'S / split (7ep) Imomushi
WHAT-A-NIGHT'S / st (Lp) Snuffy smiles
WHAT-A-NIGHT'S / st (cd) Nice'n'easy
MINORITY BLUES BAND / Momentary Beautiful Burnout - Songs From Split E.Ps And More (cd) Snuffy smiles
TURNCOAT / Under the streetlight, Swarming insect. (cd) Fnd
TURNCOAT / Raise your flag (cd) Fnd
SILVERWIGS / st (cd) Nice'n easy
FIVE NO RISK / demo 2016 (cdr) Self
FIVE NO RISK / Self encourage (cd) Front of union
FIVE NO RISK / Art imitation (cd) Love over voltage
FIVE NO RISK / Now here man (cd) Front of union
SKIZOPHRENIA! / Single ticket to demo-lition (Lp) Hardcore survives
POVLACION / 4 songs demostracion (cdr) Self
THE RUSTED / Verkligheten (7ep) Overthrow
THE RUSTED / Fran Den Morka Halan (cd) Classick
DEATHRO / Be myself (cd) Royal shadow
V.A / Noise circus 2 (cd) New smell
V.A / Tokyo sound system 2 (2Lp) New smell
V.A / Tokyo sound system 1+2=3 (2cd) New smell
FRANTIC STUFFS / Last wave (Lp) Episode sounds
CENJU & DJ HIGHSCHOOL / 14th avenue radio mix (cdr)
BBH / The album (cd) Seminishukei
BUSHMIND / Sweet talking (cd) Seminishukei/Awdr/Lr2
BUSHMIND / Good Days Comin' (cd) President heights/P-vine
BUSHMIND / Bushmind's special 7inch from Sweet Talking (7ep) Seminishukei /Awdr/Lr2 /Jetset
BUSHMIND / Da Mobbstarr Bench (cdr) Seminishukei
BUSHMIND / Graze The Sky (cd) KWANZAA
BUSHMIND / int'l players classics vol.01 (cd) Seminishukei
BUSHBURST / Wit da illness (cd) Seminishukei
DJ HIGHSCHOOL & BUSHMIND / Lieutenant's aquarium (cdr) Seminishukei
DJ HIGHSCHOOL / Make my day (cd) WDsounds
DJ HIGHSCHOOL / Rise & shine feat. DUO TOKYO - Thum thum feat. TAC ROC (7ep) WDsounds
GRINGOOSE / With your sweet heart including starrburst new 5 tracks (cd) Seminishukei/ Prillmal
CENJU / Cakez (cd) Skarface/WDsounds/P-vine
CJ & JC (CENJU & J.COLUMBUS) / Steve jobbs (cd) WDsounds/Curious security
J.COLUMBUS / Sun columbus (cd) WDsounds
noise / 9 minutes cooking (t-shirt)
Homecomings / クリスマスをしようよ-White love song (7ep) Second royal
Homecomings / Hurts-fine (7ep) Second royal/felicity
Homecomings / Somehow, somewhere (Lp) Second royal/felicity
RAKTA / 回顧と展望 discography (cd) mouse
UNHOLY GRAVE / Crucified (tape) Karasu killer/Give praise
REBEL ONE EXCALIBUR / tπ/set (7ep) Self
REDDTEMPLE / 12" bonstar remix (7ep) Self
ReddTemple + Otomo Yoshihide / st (Lp) Self
ENDZWECK, malegoat / split (7ep) Cosmic note/Stiff slack
Duck. Little Brother, Duck!, malegoat / split (7ep) Stiffslack
MALEGOAT / Here and there (cd) Stiff slack
malegoat / to face the music (cd) Stiff slack
CUT SELF NOT VOL.1 - malegoat (dvd) Urge film
THE T.V. DINNERS / Zankyo + Fuckin' eternal romanticists (cd+dvd) Stiff slack
THE SHRINE / Tripping corpse across america (t-shirt)
THE SHRINE / Rare breed (raglan-shirt)
THE SHRINE / Rare breed (long sleeve shirt)
BLKTOP PROJECT / Concrete jungle (cd) Rush!/ Awdr/lr2
RAZZLE DAZZLE / Strictly saucers (cd) Lockin' out
RAZZLE DAZZLE / Both (cd) Lockin' out
VVORLD / Babylon haze (cd) Self
BLADE / Stabbed - Some old scars 1994-1996 - (Lp) Ediciones Limitadas
TEPPEI HORI / Kekkai #001 (zine)
INFeNCE / st (cd) Self
SICK OF IT ALL / Just look around (Lp) Strength
KRIMEWATCH / demo 2016 (tape) Lockin' out
RED DEATH / Deterrence (7ep) Lockin' out
LOCKIN' OUT / False (pin) Lockin' out
ACxDC ‎/ Postcard (flexi) To live a lie
TAINTED DICKMEN / Tornado thrashing bomber 〜全世界総メタル化計画〜 (cd) Furious
ANOTHER VICTIM / A Bitter End (2cd) Closed Casket Activities
HARM DONE / Abuse/abused (Lp)(cd) Straight & alert
HARM DONE / st (7ep) Straight & alert
HARM DONE / Abuse/// (long sleeve t-shirt) Straight & alert
LAID 2 REST / Unmatched dominance (cd)(tape) Frequency deleted
Featured 7/16 up!!
SHORT, FAST & LOUD #29 -TO THE POINT, FUCK YOU PAY ME / split- (zine+7ep) Six weeks
YOUTH BRIGADE / Complete first demo (7ep) Dischord
Homecomings / クリスマスをしようよ-White love song (7ep) Second royal
Homecomings / Hurts-fine (7ep) Second royal/felicity
bed / Via nowhere (cd) 3p3b
TOY-POOH-DOLLS / Pop punk summer days of santaroh (7ep+cd) KiliKiliVilla
1000 TRAVELS OF JAWAHARLAL / Owari wa konakatta (cd+dvd) Imomushi
REDDTEMPLE / 12" bonstar remix (7ep) Self
ラミ子 / 妖精 イズ ヒア (7ep) Less than TV
NORTH MAN NOSE / st (cd) Metal tapes
ANTI CIMEX / st - aka Criminal trap - (12") Nada nada discos
ANTI CIMEX / Absolut country of sweden (Lp) Nada nada discos
ANTI CIMEX / Scandinavian jawbreaker (Lp) Nada nada discos
TAU CROSS / st (cd) Relapse japan
TURNING POINT / 1988-1991 (2Lp+7ep) Think fast/Jade tree
HELLCHILD / ...To the eden (2cd) Ritual
GxSxD / The adversary (cd) Till your death
BREAK OF CHAIN / This is sendai (cd) Straight up
SWAG / Esprit de unity (cd) Straight up
EX-C / Dance in the dark (cd) Front of union
V.A / Noise circus 2 (cd) New smell
V.A / Tokyo sound system 2 (2Lp) New smell
ORIGIN OF M / Frog monolith (7ep+cd) Strong mind japan
THE RUSTED / Verkligheten (7ep) Overthrow
THE RIVAL MOB / Hardcore for hardcore (12") Quality control HQ
HARM DONE / Abuse/abused (Lp)(cd) Straight & alert
LAID 2 REST / Unmatched dominance (cd)(tape) Frequency deleted
V.A / Satisfaction guaranteed (cd) Nawpost
GOD'S HATE / Mass murder (cd)(Lp) Closed casket
MAKE IT LAST / Lower east side tokyo (cd) カタギ
V.A / For our same will (7ep) Soul age
MEANING OF LIFE / Refuse to lies (cd) Straight up


LIONEL / Small town, big dreams

SKM / The first