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ホーム japanese grind, death, black
japanese grind, death, black

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WORLD / st (cd) [...]dotsmark/死体カセット
BUTCHER ABC / Butchery workshop 2002 - 2009 (cd) Bizarre leprous production
 BUTCHER ABC / North of hell (Lp) Power it up
SELF DECONSTRUCTION / Wounds (Lp) Break the records
ROSENKREUZ / Surrender or die (cd) Self
BROILER / Bestialized in dystopia city -魔境- (cd) Hello from the gutter
V.A / GRIND BASTARDS #12 (cd) Grind freaks
MAGGOTY CORPSE / Requiem (cd) Dark blasphemies
EUTHANASIA / Demos and Rehearsals 1992 - 1993 (cd) Nuclear Abomination
死んだ細胞の塊 (SHINA SAIBO NO KATAMARI) / 禍具魂 (Kagutaba) (cd) Obliteration
SWARRRM / こわれはじめる (cd+booklet) Longlegslogarms
SWARRRM / こわれはじめる (cd) Longlegslogarms
BUTCHER ABC / North of hell (cd) Oblitaration
EXCRUCIATING TERROR / Legacy of terror sessions (cd) Mierdas production
EXCRETEASS / Gods reflects on grind (cd) Unacknowledge
V.A / Grinding syndicate (cd) Distorted harmony
EVIL / Rites of evil (邪悪を讃えよ) (cd) Obliteration
注射針混入豚 / 初期音源集(cd) Bloodbath
ASPHYXIATION / 000 ~ Regression & epilogue ~ (tape) Depressive illusions
NEKROFILTH, BUTCHER ABC / split (cd) Obliteration
FINAL EXIT / Mr.exshit a go-go!!! (cd) Oblitelation
xKATExMOSHx, SETE STAR SEPT / split (7ep) I feel good
BODYBAG, EARTH FEDERATION / split (7ep) Awesome mosh power
FINAL EXIT / Seasons are going and going... (Lp) Sphc
SETE STAR SEPT / Beast world (Lp) Sphc
NOISE A GOGO'S, MACROCHORD / split -Scum charged attitude- (7ep) Hello from the Gutter
V.A / GRIND BASTARDS #11 (cd) Grind freaks
 VVORLD / Highway hits (cd) Self
END ALL / Signs of life (cd) Till your death
BUTCHER ABC / ABC Butchers co. ltd (cd) Obliteration
BROILER, TRIKORONA / split -Split bird- (cd) Impulse
SECOND TO NONE, SABBAT / split (7ep) Organized sons of satan
ENDON / Bodies (cd) Daymare
ENDON / Through the mirror (cd) Daymare
 ERODED / In (2cd) Ritual
DISGUNDER, SWARRRM / split -Skylab hurricane- (7ep) Break the record
ungodly / 3 songs (cd) Self
DISGUNDER / Ripping to the grind (cd) Hardcore kitchen
NECROPHILE, NECRORITE / split (7ep) Awesome mosh power
MORTALIZED / 呪われた ...Complete mortality (cd) Blastasfuk
UNHOLY GRAVE / Crucified (tape) Karasu killer/Give praise
TERROR FECTOR / Everlasting hell damnation (cd) Ritual
SWARRRM / 20 year chaos (cd) Longlegslongarms
SELF DECONSTRUCTION / Wounds (cd) Break the records
HATER / Nightmare continues... with your haterizer (cd) Captured
GxSxD / The adversary (cd) Till your death
HELLCHILD / ...To the eden (2cd) Ritual
V.A / Grind bastards #10 (cd) Grind freaks
TAINTED DICKMEN / Tornado thrashing bomber 〜全世界総メタル化計画〜 (cd) Furious
ORANGE / Lemarchand's box (2cd) Till your death
PLUTONIUM, EGOFIX / Split (7ep) 男道
DESERVE TO DIE / demo 2015 (cdr) Self
CSSO (CLOTTED SYMMETRIC SEXUAL ORGAN'S) / Are you excrements? (Lp) Fat ass
TAINTED DICKMEN / Grind mother (cd) Self
TAINTED DICKMEN / The defects of humanity (cd) Self
EXORGRINDST / Exortic grinding hard core (cd) Cosmic note
ungodly / demo (cd) Self
KNAVE / Discography of darkcore -X (cd) Self
LITTLE BASTARDS / Unforgiven (cd) Blurred
CATASEXUAL URGE MOTIVATION / Death to pigs (cd) Bizarre leprous
FINAL EXIT, DECHE-CHARGE / Split (7ep) Septic aroma of reeking stench
GANG UP ON AGAINST / Park (Lp) Juke boxxx
COHOL / 裏現 (cd) Daymare
UNHOLY GRAVE, DROPDEAD / split (7ep) Armageddon
UNHOLY GRAVE / Blast mayhem (cd) Deathmutt
V.A / GRIND BASTARDS #9 (cd) Grind freaks
DEATHBLAST, DEATH THIRST, MASS HYPNOSIA / スラッシュ大殺界 -3way split- (cd) Till your death/Bloodbath/One a records
Scalpel Succubus Bitch / Blood fire nazimetal (cdr) Self
BUTCHER ABC / Road to hell (7ep) Power it up
VULGAROYAL BLOODHILL / Los muchos muertos de VULGAROYAL BLOODHILL (cd) Obliteration
VISCERA INFEST / Verrucous carcinoma (cd) Obliteration
COFFINS, BUTCHER ABC / split (7ep) Obliteration/Bones brigade
UNHOLY GRAVE, BUTCHER ABC / Nuke'em all -split- (cd) Grind freaks/Obliteration
DIE YOU BASTARD! / 激昂 (cd) 半田商会
SWARRRM / Flower (cd) Daymare
ENDON / Bodies (12") Daymare
ENDON / Mama (cd) Daymare
CRUCEM / Buried in the frozen silence (tape) 拷問装置
FUCK YOU TOO / No god (cd) Ninja x
SECOND RESURRECTION / Dyschezia (cd) Pendulum
V.A / Divine wind (7ep) Imminent destruction
V.A / GRIND BASTARDS #8 (cd) Grind freaks
V.A / SLAVE TO THE GRINDCORE -World wide grindcore compilation- (cd) WideblasterN
ZENANDS GOTS / 暗夜に蠢く (cd) 不動の庵
PIGNICK / Nick man S.M (cdr) Self
ANAL VOLCANO / ¡no puedo vivir sin eso! (cd) Obliteration
ORGASM GRIND DISRUPTION / Offensive grind dudes (cd) Till your death
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