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japanese hardcore、crust、punk

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EYESCREAM / I scream (tape) Self
プラナリア / 呼吸00:12:35 (cd) High speed savage
UNARM / Discography (cd) Self
DENDO MARIONETTE (電動マリオネット) / 傀儡外電 -juvenile rock- (tape) Mouse/Bitter lake
猿芝居 / 愛サレタイ (7ep) 悲観
F.U.P / Noise and chaos - discography 1988-1991 (cd) Black konflik
SHOT GUN / No medicine can cure a fool - discography (cd) Black konflik
MUSTANG / Mind wandering (Lp) Break the records
ATARAXIA / 自由ノ代償 (cd) 爆音連鎖
S.D.S, MISERY / Split (cd) MCR company
NIGHTMARE / Thirsty and wander (cd) Blood sucker
WARHEAD / Change the reality - Release your self (7ep) Blood sucker
COLORED RICE MEN / Colored rice men + Asphalt death another mix (cd) Blood sucker
☆HISATAKA☆ / 天国と地獄 (cd)(7ep) 男道 Dan-doh
Novadies / st (cd) Self
LAST RIGHT BRIGADE / Hoy por la libertad (7ep) Kick rock
XIDENTITY / Voice (7ep) Overthrow
THE TITS / Great punk TITS (cd) T.t.
V.A / Sweet scum scramble (cd) 富真面目
THE LAST SURVIVORS, END RESULT / split -We will resist, stand up and fight!- (7ep) Hardcore survives
PISTOL JOKE / Frustration noise (flexi) Pogo77
SKITKLASS, CRIMEX / split (7ep) Deleted/Hardcore hell
C.O.S.A / Strategic 1989-1995 (cd) Black konflik
MILITARY SHADOW / Metal punk ironfist (tape) Black konflik
SOLPAATOS / Vapaus (cd) Discos peligrosos
UNARM / The voice from forced silence (7ep) Adult crash
KUOLEVA / st (7ep) Pogo77
CYNIC-19 / Organic Labylinth (cd) Label carnival light
ANNY / Attsck psychobilly (cd) Rude runner
SUMMER OF DEATH / Bolt nine chambers (7ep) Hardcore survives
TOM AND BOOT BOYS / Demo 1995 (7ep) pogo77
TOM AND BOOT BOYS / Demo 1996 (7ep) pogo77
STAGNATION / !!! (7ep) Hardcore survives
GOUGE / st (7ep) DMB production
M.O.B.S / I am a hero!! (cd+dvd) Psychotic
ATTACK SS / Total attack 2006-2013 (cd) Strong mind japan
REALITY CRISIS / Discharge your frustration + Open the door and into the new chaotic world (2cd) Break the records
REALITY CRISIS / Discharge your frustration (cd) Break the records
FIXED / Dear (cd) Fixit
MALiCE PANiC / st (7ep+cd) Alive by caffeine
THE TITS / 悦楽患者 (Lp) Pogo77
 MASTERPEACE / Heisei last (tape) Egypt
 MASTERPEACE / Heisei last (cd) Egypt
ARGUE DAMNATION / Re-cycle old pure hardcore punk scum 1994-2003 (cd) MCR company
U.C.A / Mad rider! go mad! ride on! (cd) Self
ZYANOSE / Chaosbender (cd) Self
ZYANOSE / Chaosbender (Lp) Distort reality
MALIMPLIKI / Libervola (7ep) Hardcore survives
SLANG / Greatest shits (cd) Straight up
EYESCREAM / st (tape) Self
KLONNS / Bodies (tape) Self
ZYANOSE / Noise philia 2005-2011 -編集盤 2005-2011- (cd) Self
V.A / 4 head crash!! 2 (cd) Haunted house
MALIMPLIKI / Diskografio2014-2017 (cd) Great dance
 FORWARD / Future troops (cd) Break the records
SKITKLASS / Greatest shits (Lp) Pogo77
カマラーダ / 噛み合う歯車 (cd) Break the records
ORION / The life ep. (cd) Break the records
脊髄注射 / Tokyofightsound (cd) Novembre
AGONY A.D. / Rxexd (cd) Self
THE LAST SURVIVORS / Don't care about raw fuckin' life (7ep) Hardcore survives
THOUGHT CONTROL / Pop allergy (cd) Strong mind japan
QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS / Tell us the truth (7ep) Pogo77
DESSERT / Soul searching (cd) Ranch
ABNORMALS / Z・e・r・o (cd) Spider
THE HAWKS, 血盟(BLOOD PLEDGE) / split -Respect and honor asian united- (cd) Suns
CONTRAST ATTITUDE / 18 track compilation 2018 (cd) Why
 DEFUSE / Cry of roar (cd) Mcr company
SKITKLASS / Greatest shits (cd) Break the records
Granule, KLONNS / split -Discipline- (7ep) Black hole
BACK TO BASICS / Shaded eyes (7ep) Secret mission
LASTSENTENCE, VOCO PROTESTA / split (7ep) Doomed to extinction
V.A / アコーステイック不法集会 (cd) Blood sucker
GUILLOTINE TERROR / 日本刀 (cd) Battle planning
CONTRAST ATTITUDE / 12 track compilation (Lp) Distort reality
NEVER AGAIN / 未完成の足あと (cd) Diwphalanx
KUGURIDO / 2018 demo (cdr) Self
CHEERIO / Seed punk (cd) 人間堂
THE SOLUTION, SANDIEST / split -Old pals act- (cd) Beat surrender
EIEFITS / メザメ (cd) Mangrove
EIEFITS / Mezame -メザメ- (Lp) F.o.a.d.
FIVE NO RISK / Kite (2cd) Front of union
V.A / Trash from chaos #3 (cd) 男道
UNARM / 2007-2016 (tape) Self
PARASITE / 残響 (cd) Boss tuneage
THE SAVAGES / Bloom on the ash (cd) Break the records
BAYONETS / Pogo or die (7ep) All ages hardcore
STRUGGLE FOR PRIDE / We struggle for all our pride. (2cd) WDsounds/ Awdr/lr2
G.A.T.E.S / Children of the night (cd) High society satanic
BIRTH RITUAL / The wild evil ~ demos & singles collection (cd) Thrashing cult
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