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japanese hardcore、crust、punk

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DENDO MARIONETTE(電動マリオネット) / 傀儡電伝 (Lp) Mouse/Bitter Lake
THE HAWKS / Faith and truth (cd) Self
RISING SUN / Rising sun it's our flag (cd+dvd) Yellowside
THE INDEX / Fist -黒い瞳に咲く花- (cd) Dig over
BLONDnewHALF / Clean (cd) 男道 Dan-doh
郷士, WORTH / split (cd) Yellowside
CONSOCIO SENTENCIA / Avanzar mi camino, pase lo que pase (cd) イギナシ
DEATH SIDE / Bet on the possibility (cd) Break the records
DEATH SIDE / Wasted dream (cd) Break the records
HATEMAN / Neverland (7ep) Self
FRAMTID / Defeat of civilization + split EP tracks (cd) Self
EXTREME NOISE TERROR, REALITY CRISIS / split -Daily holocaust- (cd) MCR company
FRAMTID / The horrific visions (7ep) La vida es un mus
JUNTESS / Under the red moon (Lp) F.o.a.d.
鐵槌 / 激鋼 (cd) Diwphalanx
V.A / 狼の宴 -Wolfshohle- (cd) Pc
LRF / For beautiful human life (cd) Villainy prison
THE KNOCKERS / ラムコーク/ネオンライト (7ep) Break the records
MOONSCAPE / Cursed II (box cd) Self
SYSTEMATIC DEATH / Systema-ten (Lp) F.o.a.d.
 DEATHRO / Sleepless / Rhapsody (cd) Royal shadow
FORWARD / Against their insanity (Lp) 540
NURSE / Discography 1983-1984 (Lp) La vida es un mus
CRIKEY CREW / The one (cd) Yellowside
ZAY / Cry for the moon (cd) Zay-nin
WEAKS  / フラメンコ (7ep) Strong mind japan
KLAXION / 警笛ナラセ (cd) Front of union
THE SAVAGES, SOLPAATOS, POVLACION / 3way split -τρίαινα (trident)- (7ep) Hardcore survives
suckville / American suck (cd) Speed emperors
V.A / A tribute to Motorhead (2cd) Straight up
G.A.T.E.S / Back from the grave (cd) High society satanic
BACK TO BASICS / Back to basics (cd) Fine tunning!/Prisoner
無我 / There is nothing eternal exists (cd) Dharma
ADA, Dancebeach, Excuse To Travel, JahanGir / 4way split -Steel evening silent floor- (cd) Hardcore kitchen
LIFE, ZUDAS KRUST / split (7ep) Crust war
OOZE / From abyss higher than sky (cd) Hardcore kitchen
死んだ方がまし / Mensch, achte den menschen (cd) Self
V.A / HARDCORE BALL 3 (cd) Straight up
XERO FICTION / I feel satisfaction (cd) Jun gray/Pizza of death
THE LADSBEAT / Differ ruler and rules (cdr) Ttab
AUTOROLL, точка-トーチカ- / split (7ep) Too circle
SOW THREAT / Why? (cd) Self
ENDLESS CHAOS / st (cd) Break the records
ULCER  / Vandalism (cd) Hardcore kitchen
SLIP HEAD BUTT / インサート (cd) Break the records
FORWARD / Another dimension (7ep) Break the records
FILTHY HATE / Beyond technology human beings are gone...  (cd) Batman
DEATH SIDE / Bet on the possibility (Lp) Feral ward
KUGURIDO, DIEAUDE / 叫鬥 (cd) Break the records
TOXIC NOISE / Discography 1990/1994 (Lp) F.o.a.d.
VERTRAFT / Bssjhc conf.01 (cd) Break the records
FIREBIRDGASS / This is firebirdgass (cd) Break the record
GRIND SHAFT / Absolute and relative (cd) Diwphalanx
DEFUSE / Cry of roar (7ep) MCR company
KiM / 名もなき矜持 (cd) Front of union
V.A / HARDCORE BALL ONE (cd) Straight up
DEATHRO / Prologue (cd) Royal shadow
DISGUNDER, DISTURD, DORAG / 3 way split -Destructive Decibel Domination- (cd) Hardcore kitchen
AZN / 勝手だね / 風まかせ (7ep) 人間堂
DEMOLITION / Road is free (cd+dvd) Duel
REVOLT / Pogrom (7ep) Strong mind japan
BARASHI / st (7ep) Neseblod
AVVIKELSSE / st (7ep) Crust war
KLONNS / Cvlt ep (tape) Self
V.A / No rule no bashing (cd) Mindshocking
ROCKY & THE SWEDEN / God save the green (cd) Diwphalanx
DISCLOSE / Tragedy (Lp) La vida es un mus
DISCLOSE / Yesterday's fairytale, tomorrow's nightmare (Lp) La vida es un mus
THE KNOCKERS / Knockin' blues (cd) Straight up
V.A / Sons of skinhead Vol.3 (cd) Bronze fist
DIGRAPHIA / Blood will have blood (cd) 拷問装置
THE NESO / demo (cdr) Self
馬鹿衆 / Set me free (cd) Noymann
BIRTH RITUAL / Turn up the evil (cd) Self
NATURAL BORN MASTERS / Justice to the enemy (cd) Yellowside
DESPERDICIO / Mas destruccion! (7ep) Overthrow
MOTIVELESS, WOLFGANG JAPANTOUR / split - Cosmic horror - (7ep) Awesome mosh power
MOTIVELESS, WOLFGANG JAPANTOUR / split - Cosmic horror - (cd) For victory
DORAID / Alive at the inferno vol.05 - Still midnight! - (tape) 拷問装置
LITTERS / Dirty crunchy (7ep) Self
BLADE / Stabbed - Some old scars 1994-1996 - (Lp) Ediciones Limitadas
FIVE NO RISK / demo 2016 (cdr) Self
チャッカーズ / 日本解放最前線 (cd) Fade-in
チャッカーズ / 日本解放最前線 (Lp) Fade-in
BLACK AND WHITE, THE SAVAGES / split (7ep) Beastly cad
G-GAS / Generation gas (Lp) Not very nice/General speech
TYPHUS / st (cd) Super fuji discs
ESSENCE / Slum moments (cd) Break the records
鉄アレイ / Last night (cd) Break the records
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