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sludge, doom, storner...

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UPSIDEDOWN CROSS / Evilution (cd) Taang!
UPSIDEDOWN CROSS / st (tape) Taang!
ELECTRIC WIZARD / Legalise Drugs & Murder (7ep) Rise above
SAINT VITUS / Lillie : F-65 (cd) Season of mist
HIGH ON FIRE / Blessed Black Wings (cd) Relapse
HIGH ON FIRE / Art Of Self Defense (cd) Daymare
OM / Advaitic Songs (cd) Daymare
SQRM / Rodeo (Lp) Youth attack
LAZARUS BLACKSTAR / Tomb of Internal Winter (Lp)
MELVINS LITE / Freak Puke (cd) Ipecac
JK FLESH  / Posthuman (2cd) Daymare
SLEEP / Dopesmoker (2cd)  Daymare
EIBON / st (Lp) Iconoclast

EIBON / st (Lp) Iconoclast

OM / live at jerusalem (Lp) Southern lord
ISIS / Live I-VI (6cd) Daymare 
ENCOFFINATION / O' Hell, Shine in Thy Whited Sepulchres (cd) Self made god
EYEHATEGOD / Dopesick (cd) Century Media Records
ILSA / Tutti il Colori del Buio (cd) Dark descent
NOOTHGRUSH / Live for nothing (cd) Southern lord
NOOTHGRUSH / st (cd) Fuck yoga
Flipper / Album: Generic Flipper (cd) Water
Melvins / Bullhead (cd) Boner
Melvins / Ozma (cd) Boner

Melvins / Ozma (cd) Boner

GOATSNAKE / Flower of Disease (Lp) Southern lord
GOATSNAKE / Flower of Disease (cd) Southern lord
NOOTHGRUSH / Failing Early, Failing Often (cd) Emetic
SHRINEBUILDER / st (cd) Neurot
GRIEF / Turbulent Times (cd) Southern lord
GRIEF / Turbulent times (2Lp) Throne
THE OBSESSED / Incarnate (cd) Southern lord
THORR'S HAMMER / Dommedagsnatt (cd) Southern lord
ASBESTOS DEATH / Unclean, dejection (cd) Southern lord
WINTER / Into Darkness (cd) Southern lord
WINTER / Into Darkness (Lp) Southern lord
SAINT VITUS / the walking dead-hallow's victim (cd) Sst
SAINT VITUS / hallow's victim (Lp) Sst
OAK / ii (Lp) WDsounds-A389

OAK / ii (Lp) WDsounds-A389

ELECTRIC WIZARD / Black Masses (cd) Metal blade/Rise above
TOLL / st (Lp) Youth attack
ENCOFFINATION / Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh (cd) Self made god
EARTH / A Bureaucratic Desire For Extra Capsular Extraction (cd) Daymare
OAK / st (Lp) A389 Recordings
SAINT VITUS / the walking dead (12") Sst
IRON MONKEY / Our Problem (cd) Earache
MOSS / Tombs Of The Blind Drugged (cd) RISE ABOVE
ELECTRIC WIZARD / Witchcult Today (cd) Candlelight
CASTLE / Electric wolves (cd) Init
AMENRA / Mass III-II + Mass IIII (2cd) Init
LAUDANUM / The Coronation (2Lp) Life is abuse
ASUNDER, LIKE FLESH ON FLESH / split (cd) Life is abuse
CAVITY / Supercollider (cd) Hydra head
FLOOR / st (cd) No idea

FLOOR / st (cd) No idea

FLOOR / Dove (cd) No idea

FLOOR / Dove (cd) No idea

MOSS / sub templum (cd) Rise above
16 / Bridges To Burn (cd) Relapse
ALCEST / Souvenirs D'un Autre Monde (Lp)
CULT OF LUNA / Eternal Kingdom (cd) Earache
BLACK COBRA / Chronomega (cd) Daymare
MELVINS / Chicken Switch (cd) Ipecac Japan
JESU / Opiate Sun (cd) Daymare
OM / God Is Good (cd) Daymare
JESU / Pale Sketches (2cd) Daymare \2730
JESU / Infinity (2cd) Daymare
BLACK COBRA / Bestial (Japanese Edition) (cd) RED COBALT INDUSTRIES
GREYMACHINE / Disconnected (cd) Daymare
IRON MAN / I Have Returned (cd) Shadow Kingdom
Electric Wizard / Let Us Prey (cd) Rise above
Aguirre / Calvaire (Lp)

Aguirre / Calvaire (Lp)

SUNN O))) / Monoliths & Dimensions (cd) Daymare
CATHEDRAL / Forest of Equilibrium (cd) Earache
SLEEP / Dopesmoker (cd) Tee Pee
ISIS / Wavering Radiant (cd) Daymare
NADJA / corrasion (2LP)

NADJA / corrasion (2LP)

Nadja / Numbness (cd) Happy Prince
SLEEP / Holy mountain (Lp) Earache
FACEDOWNINSHIT / Shit Bloody Shit (cd) Crimes against humanity
ATAVIST, NADJA / 414101 (Lp) Kreation
JUMBO’S KILLCRANE / The Slow Decay (cd) Crucial Blast
ACID KING / III (cd) Small Stone
CANDLEMASS / Tales Of Creation (2cd) Candlelight USA
OREN AMBARCHI / Triste (cd) Southern lord
ASUNDER / a clarion call (cd) Life is abuse
EVOKEN / Quietus (cd) Avantgarde music
BATTLE OF MICE, JESU / split (cd) Robotic empire
CAVITY / on the lam (cd) Hydra head
JESU / st (2cd) Daymare

JESU / st (2cd) Daymare

JESU / Lifeline (cd) Daymare

JESU / Lifeline (cd) Daymare

KHANATE / Clean Hands Go Foul (cd) Daymare
KTL / IV (2cd) Daymare

KTL / IV (2cd) Daymare

KYUSS / Welcome to Sky Valley (cd) Elektra/Asylum
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