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sludge, doom, storner...

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KYUSS / ...And the Circus Leaves Town (cd) Elektra/Asylum
KYUSS / Blues for the Red Sun (cd) Dali
GODFLESH / love and hate in dub (LP) Kreation
CURRENT 93, OM / split (cd)

CURRENT 93, OM / split (cd)

WORSHIP / Last CD Before Doomsday (cd) Weired truth
ATARAXIE / Anhedonie (cd) Weired truth
IMINDAIN / And The Living Shall Envy The Dead (cd) Weired truth
WITHER / st (cd) Turannum

WITHER / st (cd) Turannum

NADJA / Thaumogenesis+Thaumoradiance (2cd) Daymare
V.A / TRIBUTE TO EYEHATEGOD -For the Sick- (2cd) Emetic
WINTER / Into Darkness - Eternal Frost (cd) Metal mind
CATHEDRAL / The Serpent's Gold (2cd) Earache
OM / Variations On A Theme (cd) Holy mountain
CURRENT 93, OM / Inerrant Rays of Infallible Sun (10ep) Neurot
GRIEF / torso (cd) Pessimiser
GRIEF / ...And man becomes the hunted (2Lp) Throne
WEEDEATER / sixteen tons (cd) Crucial blast
SUNN O))) / Domkirke (2LP) Southern lord
WEEDEATER / god luck and good speed (cd) Southern lord
OM / pilgrimage (cd) Daymare

OM / pilgrimage (cd) Daymare

THE OBSESSED / lunar womb (cd) Meteorcity
GRIEF / miserably ever after (cd) Theologian
JESU / Why Are We Not Perfect (cd) Daymare
NADJA / desire in uneasines (cd) Crucial blast
PENTAGRAM / Turn To Stone (cd) Peaceville
PENTAGRAM / Relentless (cd) Peaceville
FINAL / 3 (cd) Neurot

FINAL / 3 (cd) Neurot

SKULLFLOWER / Obsidian Shaking Codex (cdr) RRR
ISIS / Holy Tears + Not In Rivers But In Drops (cd+dvd) Daymare
PENTEMPLE / O))) Presents Pentemple (2cd) Daymare
GRAVES AT SEA / documents of grief (cd) 20 buck spin
BLACK BONED ANGEL / Bliss & void inseparable (cd) 20 buck spin
BONGZILLA / Gateway (cd) Relapse
DISEMBOWELMENT / st -discography- (2cd) Relapse
BYLA, JARBOE / Viscera (cd) Translation Loss
SWANS / Filth-Body to Body, Job to Job (2cd) Young god
GNAW THEIR TONGUES / An Epiphanic Vomiting (cd) Crucial blast
NADJA / Touched (cd) Alien 8

NADJA / Touched (cd) Alien 8

ELECTRIC WIZARD / st (cd) Rise above
ELECTRIC WIZARD / come my fanatics (cd) Rise above
COUGH / Sigillum Lucifer (cd) Force field
EARTH / the bees made honey in the lion's skull (2cd) Daymare
GOATSNAKE / 1 + Dog Days (cd) Southern lord
KHANATE / Khanate (cd) Southern lord
THRONES / Day Late, Dollar Short (cd) Southern lord
TOADLIQUOR / Hortator's Lament (cd) Southern lord
SLEEP / Vol.1 (Lp) Tupelo

SLEEP / Vol.1 (Lp) Tupelo

GODFLESH / Messiah (cd) Relapse
EARTH / Extra-Capsular Extraction (Re-issue) (cd) Sub pop
EARTH / Phase 3 - Thrones and Dominions (Re-issue) (cd) Sub pop
DAMAD / Burning Cold (cd) Prank
NADJA / Bliss Torn From Emptiness (cd) Profound lore
PYRAMIDS / st (2cd) Daymare

PYRAMIDS / st (2cd) Daymare

ALCEST / Souvenirs D'un Autre Monde (cd)
CAVITY / Laid Insignificant (cd) Daymare
ASBESTOS DEATH / Unclean, Dejection (10" VINYL) Southern lord
SUNN O))) / Oracle (LP) Southern lord
WILDILDLIFE / Six (cd) Crucial Blast
BLOODY PANDA / Pheromone (cd) Level Plane Records
MELVINS / ST (aka LYSOL) (cd) Boner
BURNING WITCH / Crippled Lucifer, Ten Psalms For Our Lord of Light (2cd) Southern lord
SUNN O))) / White 1 (2cd) Daymare
SUNN O))) / White 2 (3cd) Daymare
SUNN O))) / Black One (2cd) Daymare
SUNN O))) / Oo Void2 (2cd) Daymare
GIANT, TIDES / Split (cd) Level Plane Records
DYSTOPIA / st (cd) Life Is Abuse
ISIS / Oceanic Remixes - Reinterpretations 日本盤 (2cd) Daymare
BIRDS OF PREY / Weight Of The World (cd) Relapse
BONGZILLA / Amerijuanican (cd) Relapse
DYSTOPIA / st (LP) Life Is Abuse
DYSTOPIA / st (cd)(Lp) Tankcrimes
HAWG JAW / Send Out The Dogs (cd) Throne
WINDMILLS BY THE OCEAN / Windmills By The Ocean (Lp) Robotic empire
GODFLESH / st (cd) Earache

GODFLESH / st (cd) Earache

SLEEP / Holy Mountain (cd) Earache
THE GRASSHOPPER LIES HEAVY / Gun (cd) Forgotten empire records
ELECTRIC WIZARD / Pre Electric wizard 1989-1994 (cd) Candlelight usa
SAINT VITUS / Heavier Than Thou (cd) sst
SAINT VITUS / Mournful Cries (cd) sst
EYEHATEGOD / 10 Years Of Abuse (And Still Broke) (cd) Century media
ELECTRIC WIZARD / Dopethrone + Bonus (cd) Music cartel
SAINT VITUS / Born Too Late (cd) SST Records
EYEHATEGOD / Take As Needed For Pain (cd) Century Media Records
DYSTOPIA / Human=garbage (cd)(2Lp) Tankcrimes
EYEHATEGOD / In The Name Of Suffering (cd) Century Media Records
EYEHATEGOD / Preaching the End-Time Message (cd) Emetic Records
SUNN O))) / White 1 (CD) southern lord
SUNN O))), BORIS / Altar (collaboration) (CD) Southern Lord
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