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japanese hardcore、crust、punk

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V.A / Bullshit disaster (2cd) 男道 Dan-doh
愚鈍 GUDON / 1984-1990 Rest in peace (cd+dvd) Blood sucker
 Boris / No (cd)(Lp) Blood sucker
GRAVE NEW WORLD / The last sanctuary (cd) Black konflik
FORWARD / Live house benefit (cd) Blood sucker/Break the records
  CONTRAST ATTITUDE, THE KNOCKERS / split (7ep) Distort reality
etæ / All possibilities will come from there (cd) Break the records
CROW / Last chaos (tape) Prank
FIVE NO RISK / クラヤミノメダマ (cd) Front of union
Nightmare / Give notice of nightmare (Lp) Farewell
Nightmare / Give notice of nightmare (tape) Deleted
DEFORMED EXISTENCE / Hate with patriotism (cd) Acclaim collective
LiFE / Ossification of coral (Lp) Acclaim
 NEHANN / Tec (7ep) Black hole
GRAVE NEW WORLD / The last sanctuary (Lp) Bitter lake
V.A / 死国 2020 (2cd) 男道 Dan-doh
V.A / Hit chart killers "Smash the DISCO2020" (cd) Hardcore kitchen
MILITARY SHADOW / Blood for freedom (Lp) F.o.a.d.
鎮非羅 (Chinpira) / Rebel noise hardcore punk (Lp) F.o.a.d.
 RIGID / Bad fella (7ep) Mystic river
  SKITKLASS / 世界の平等さようなら (7ep) Distort reality
After The NUKES / In the capital (cd) Surge drive
NEVER AGAIN / Walk by myself (7ep) Break the records
THE TITS / 狂乱鬼胸 (cd) T.t.
THE STALIN / Trash (Lp) Political
THE STALIN / Trash (cd) Political
THE TITS / 狂乱危胸 (12") Pogo77
REALIZED / st (cd) Straight up
S.i.N / 自作自演の世界 (cd) 激烈音舎
CROW / Live 1988.2.28 antiknock (cd) Black konflik
CROW / Live at watts 25 oct 2002 (cd) Black konflik
DEATH SIDE / Save the live house benefit (cd+dvd) Break the records
V.A / Disco sucks (cd) Hardcore kitchen
 STAGNATION / Noize 2020 (cd) Strong mind japan
V.A / SURVIVE! AGAINST covid-19 (cd) Strong mind japan
V.A / Gifu Emergency Comp (cd) Strong mind japan
END OF POLLUTION / Hope from the dark + plus (cd) Strong mind japan
STRUGGLE FOR PRIDE / いろいろなMake a rainbow. (cd) WDsounds/ Awdr/lr2
SOLPÄÄTOS / Vapaus + Oikeusvaltio (Lp+flexi) Pogo77
GAI / Damnation (cd) Kings world
GAI / Damaging noise (cd) Kings world
SKITKLASS, ARTIFICIAL JOY / split (7ep) Break the records
FIRESTARTER / Demolition tapes (cd) Mangrove
DECEIVING SOCIETY / Cruster 16minutes shock (cd) Fivek nuckle shuffle
SANDIEST / Goxready stadyxgo (cd+dvd) Sick
ZYANOSE / Chaosbender (7ep) D-takt & rapunk
ZYANOSE / スピロヘータ (7ep) D-takt & rapunk
ZYANOSE / Loveless (7ep) D-takt & rapunk
ZYANOSE / Crossing (7ep) D-takt & rapunk
 FEROCIOUS X, SISTEMA EN DECADENCIA / split -Varld av skit- (7ep) Hardcore victim
FEROCIOUS X / Den gra sanningen (7ep) Brain solvent propaganda
IZ / Living dead (cd) Self
GESS / Suffer damage + live (Lp+cd) F.o.a.d
KLONNS / Vvlgar (cd) Black konflik
FRIARS"N"SNIFFERS / No frills, no bullshit (cd+7ep) Bovver
MISILISKI / Torawarenomi (7ep) Hardcore survives
BLACK AND WHITE / One Cchod wonders here's the black and white (Lp) Pogo77
突撃戦車, LITTLE BASTARDS / split -突撃 Bastards- (7ep) Awesome mosh power
プラナリア / 呼吸00:04:19 (cd) High speed savage
LRF / Meat mentality (cd) Real deal
 OUTO / st (cd) Meatbox
WEAKS / Dreamin' (cd) Strong mind japan
U.D.A / Paint it fuck (flexi) Pogo77
KKG / No.0 (cd) Break the records
V.A / Silent running (cd) Hello from the gutter
DISCLOSE / Raw brutal assault vol.1 (2cd) 男道 Dan-doh
DISCLOSE / Raw brutal assault vol.2 (2cd) 男道 Dan-doh
AFTER / st (cd) Self
白(KURO) / Hardcore damnation (2cd) Kings world
経血 / Scapegoat (Lp) Break the records
GESS / Suffer damage (cd) Black konflik
GHOUL, MOBS / 極悪ツアー -1985 GHOUL & MOBS Live at 新宿LOFT (cd) Hold up
DISCLOSE / Nightmare or reality (Lp) La vida es un mus
CANARIA / 死灰復燃 (Lp) F.o.a.d.
SKITKLASS / Primitiv kansla (Lp) Pogo 77
猿芝居 / 思想音楽の奇跡 2009-2019 (cd) Deleted
SKITKLASS / Primitiv kansla (cd) Break the records
CONFRONT / Trace 〜 Early years songs (cd) Novembre
pleasure and the pain / moonshine (cd) Self
MERRY GOROUND / 1983 (7ep) Harimau asia
MALiCE PANiC /  What went wrong (cd) Alive by caffeine
Zん / Escape from not tokyo (cd) Donut
ABIGAIL, STUPID BABIES GO MAD / split (cd) Helleo from the gutter
ACUTE / みだら (Lp) Crew for life
XERO FICTION / Pop overdose! (Lp) Xero xero
DEFORMATION QUADRIC / Anger at the social system (Lp) Rsr
ROUTE 66 / Good times rock'n roll - rockin doll (7ep) Break the records
ROCKY & The SWEDEN / City baby attacked by buds (cd) Break the records
STRUGGLE FOR PRIDE / Make a rainbow (12") WDsounds/ Awdr/lr2
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