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ホーム japanese altanative, psychedelic, rock, pop, acid folk...
japanese altanative, psychedelic, rock, pop, acid folk...

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さんだるズ / Summer camp (cd) Self
HELLBRAIN / Bite the bullet (cdr) Self
she said / dim shape (7ep) Second royal
she said / So lonely but never alone (cd) Second royal
LIMITED EXPRESS(HAS GONE?) / All ages (cd) Less than TV
DAWN / There is no reason why (10") Debauch mood
Numb Turnpike / Psychic death mix pt.1 (tape) Zombie forever & Scum study production
ギョ・ビリーズ! / st -2nd- (cd) Swept
ギョ・ビリーズ! / st -1st- (cd) Swept
she said / Ducts and screen (cd) Second royal
CRYPT CITY / Chant (Lp+cd) Recorded city
CRYPT CITY / Chant (tape) Recorded city
LEARNERS, CHILDISH TONES / split (7ep) Kilikilivila
GEZAN / Never end roll (cd) 十三月の甲虫
sassya- / Non communication (cd) Nac
V.A / ロードトリップ (cd) ロードトリップ
GEZAN, LOSTAGE / split (7ep) Throat/十三月の甲虫
downy / 第六作品集『無題』 (cd) felicity
THE SLEEPING AIDES&RAZORBLADES / Safety pin stuck in my heart (tape) Black hole
ENERGISH GOLF / Healthy life (cd) 鳥獣虫魚
COUPLE / Brief pop (tape) I hate smoke
SOSITE, zArAme / split (7ep) Stiff slack
Homecomings / Sale of broken dreams (cd) felicity
AND SUMMER CLUB / Heavy hawaii punk (cd) こんがりおんがく
who cares / Unsigned raw future (cd) Self
THREADYARN, SLAVEDRIVER / split (7ep) Stiff slack
uri gagarn / Face (cd) Self
REBEL ONE EXCALIBUR / tπ/set (7ep) Self
zArAme / amnesia (cd) Disruff
Couple / Hands (7ep) I hate smoke
NORTH MAN NOSE / st (cd) Metal tapes
ラミ子 / 妖精 イズ ヒア (7ep) Less than TV
知ったかブリリアント / sittakabrilliant (cd) Self
RUINS / I, II & III (2cd) Super fuji discs
 山本精一 / Palm (cd) Donburi disk
Gofish / よかんのじかん (cd) Sweet dreams press
REDDTEMPLE / 12" bonstar remix (7ep) Self
aaps / Summer trip (tape) I hate smoke tapes
PWRFL Power / Extra ball (cd) Half yogurt
PWRFL Power / Just another best day (cd) Half yogurt
 桑名六道 / 桑名六道ノ壱枚目 (cd) Blood sucker
山本精一 / ファルセット (cd) P-vine
littlekids / st (cd) 生き埋め
山本精一 / 童謡(わざうた) (cd) P-vine
平賀さち枝とホームカミングス / 白い光の朝に - 江の島 (7ep) Second royal
Homecomings / Somehow, somewhere (Lp) Second royal/felicity
柴田聡子 / st (cd) P-vine
GHILOM / ギロムとは何か (cd) Self
Seuss / Dancing stupid-Friends of mine (7ep) Second royal
GOUPIL AND C, bahAMaba / split (cd) Marrcad ltd.
寺尾紗穂と松井一平 / いしとゆき - 幻のありか (7ep+cd) なりす
CRYPT CITY, DISCOTORTION / split (7ep) Recorded city
Gofishトリオと柴田聡子 / st (10") Sweet dreams
Gofish / あたまのうえ (cd) Compare notes
吉村秀樹 / Selected solo works (cd) 7e.p.
Hi,how are you? / Hi,ppopotamus how are you? (cd) Rose
me in grasshopper / New saturday (cdr) Self
aaps / 9.10 (cd) Self
AND SUMMER CLUB / Super dash (cd) 生き埋め
THE NOUP / Parede (7ep) Self
odoriba / 雨町くろにくる (cdr) Self
goat / Rhythm & sound (cd) Headz
にせんねんもんだい / N' (cd) 美人
白波多カミン / st (cd) tsunokakushi
ワッツーシゾンビ / Present progressive form #006 (2cd+dvd) Egypt
ワッツーシゾンビ / Present progressive form #006 (2cd) Egypt
花電車 / Live at nowhere 1987-1988 (2cd) Alchemy
花電車 / The golden age of heavy blood (cd) Alchemy
ReddTemple + Otomo Yoshihide / st (Lp) Self
Olololop / st (cd) リズム制作所
CARD / Lucky me (cd) Stiffslack
Hi,how are you? / にこいち白書 (cd) Rose
neco眠る / Boy (cd) こんがりおんがく
BLOODTHIRSTY BUTCHERS / 血に飢えた non-album songs -Independent recordings- (cd) King
ゑでゐ鼓雨磨 / 木陰のひわ (cd) 7e.p. records
マビキ団 with B-BOYS / ビール少年 (cd+dvdr) Self
3rd happy hardgore / Energy (tape) mostoff
アラヨッツ / ちっぽけなおつまみ (cdr) Pong-kong
CRYPT CITY / Live defect (cd) Throat
うつくしきひかりと惣田紗希 / 木漏れ日のうた (7ep+book) Compare notes
ほりゆうじ / なるほど!ザ・フリーワールド (cdr) Self
Hi,how are you? / さまぁ〜ぎふと (cd) Rose
GOUPIL AND C / So on (cd) Marrcad
アカイメARTS / 1st demo (cdr) Self
COPASS GRINDERZ / Kr/a/sh!《音圧鬼盤》 (cd) King
Co/SS/GrindERz// / Rock'n'roll ≪音圧鬼盤≫ (cd) King
Numb Turnpike a.k.a Telekov / st (cd) Scum study production
TELEKOV(Numb Turnpike) / Anything but a yuppie (cd) Scum study production
HIGH RISE / Psychedelic speed freaks (cd+dvd) U-rythmix
Lantern Parade, yukaD / あさがおのサンバ/夢を見るジャンキー (7ep+cd) City country city
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