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KID FRESINO / Coincidence - Arcades ft.NENE (7ep) Dogear/Awdr/lr2
JAY WORTHY x THE ALCHEMIST / Fantasy island (Lp) Alc
BLAHMUZIK / World of various colors (cd) Live.pro
MASS-HOLE / Blue tape (cd) Midnightmeal
J.COLUMBUS / North tokyo soul tape (cd) WDsounds
HIT / The hit (cd) WDsounds
A-THUG & DJ J-SCHEME / Life of DMF (cd) Dawg mafia family
TEK (SMIF-N-WESSUN) / Skin on trial (cd) WDsounds
NERO IMAI / Return of acid king (cd) RCslum
sons of AHITO / war number 02 (cdrx2) a匕to
GRADIS NICE & YOUNG MAS / Roc a fella - The first (7ep) Dawg mafia family muzik-Awdr/lr2
ROCKASEN / Two Sides of (Lp) Assassin of youth
DOGEAR RECORDS / 06-17 mixed by DJ K-FLASH (cd) Dogear
MIKUMARI x OWL BEATS / Fine malt no.7 (cd) Rcslum
FEBB AS YOUNG MASON / Hussle 4 hussle feat.KNZZ/ The game iz still cold feat.A-THUG (12")
DEEPCOUNT / Road (Lp+cd) Self
PUNPEE / Modern times (cd) Summit
GRADIS NICE & YOUNG MAS / L.o.c -Talkin' about money- (cd) Dawg mafia family muzik
RAMZA / Pessim (cd) Aun mute
E.S.V / ぬけ道 (cd) Recoscona
LIONEL & SKM / 0867 Mega shit (cdr) One family
SONETORIOUS aka DJ HIGHSCHOOL / Bedtime beats vol.5 (cd) Seminishukei
HIT / Be!! (cd) WDsounds
C.O.S.A. / Girl queen (cd) Summit
SOLIS MAN / Iron oxide color (cd) Times together
V.A / 5014CompMostWANTED45 (7epx2) WDsounds
  ISSUGI & GRADIS NICE / The remix album "day and nite" (cd) P-vine
A-THUG / God malverde (cd) P-vine
KINGPINZ (MASS-HOLE & KILLIN’G) / Kingpinz (cd) WDsounds/Dirtrain
ENDRUN / Oneway (cd) P-vine
オッス!オラ和人! -OSSU! ORA KAZUTO- / st (7ep) Oni-yan
KANDYTOWN / st (cd) Warner music
F.T.W. / The world is fucked (cd) To the point
a匕to project -SATOL- / Sons of AHITO (tape) a匕to -AHITO[亜霊止]
COSAPANELLA(C.O.S.A.&Campanella) / コサパネルラ (cd) Made day maider/Awdr/lr2
J.COLUMBUS / Hotel mets (cdr) WDsounds
V.A / Lazy replay : mixed by DJ KIYO (2cd) Lazy women
KID FRESINO / Horseman's scheme (cd) Dogear
FEBB AS YOUNG MASON / So sophisticated (cd) Vybe music
ECD x DJ MITSU THE BEATS, PUNPEE / 君といつまでも(Together forever mix), お嫁においで2015 (7ep) New japan
ISSUGI from MONJU / 7inc tree (cd) Dogear
MC KHAZZ / Snowdown (cd) Rcslum
 B.D. / The tonite 10 (10"+dvd) WDsounds
JJJ / Hikari (cd) Fl$nation/Awdr/lr2
JJJ / Hikari (2Lp) Fl$nation/Awdr/lr2
V.A / 5014Comp most wanted - Instrumental - (cd) WDsounds
YUKSTA-ILL / Neo tokai on the line (cd) P-vine
井の頭レンジャーズ / Rangers patrol 1977~1982 UK! (cd) Kilikilivilla
YUKSTA-ILL / Minority policy -Operated by KOKIN BEATZ THE ILLEST- (cd) Rcslum
KID FRESINO / Salve (cd) Dogear/Awdr/lr2
FEBB AS YOUNG MASON / Beats & supply (cd) Troop
LA COKA NOSTRA / To thine own self be true 帯付国内盤仕様 (cd) Fat beats
LA COKA NOSTRA / To thine own self be true  (2Lp) Fat beats
仙人掌 / Voice (cd)WDsounds/Dogear/P-vine
DOGGIES / You bark, we bite (cd)
 ISSUGI & GRADIS NICE / Day and nite (cd) Dogear/P-vine
V.A / 5014 Comp most wanted - Revist - (cd) WDsounds
井の頭レンジャーズ / From『Rangers patrol 1977~1982 UK!』 (7ep) Kilikilivila
V.A / Culture expands the world (cd) Seminishukei
ERA / Jewels deluxe (cd) Rev3.11
DUO Tokyo / The best (cd) How low
SUPER DUMB / Join (cd) P-vine
MASS-HOLE / 80+2 (cd) Lazy woman music
Campanella / Peasta (cd) Made day maider / Awdr/lr2
Campanella / Peasta (2Lp) Made day maider / Awdr/lr2
C.O.S.A. x KID FRESINO / Somewhere (cd) Summit
C.O.S.A. x KID FRESINO / Somewhere (2Lp) Summit
The Black Brothers / You’ve been saying things - Everyday (7ep) Pressure sounds
Roland Alphonso & The Inventors / Hop special - Food of love (7ep) Pressure sounds
Jojo Bennett with Lynn Tait & the Jets - Count Ossie & Leslie Butler / Living soul aka the Loop - Gay drums (7ep) Gay feet
Junior Soul with Lynn Tait & the Jets - Lennie Hibbert / Miss cushie - Pure soul (7ep) Gay feet
THEUS / Just to of THEUS (cd) Guruz
SLUM RC / Who wanna rap 2 (cd) Rcslum
CJ & JC (CENJU & J.COLUMBUS) / Steve jobbs (cd) WDsounds/Curious security
  ISSUGI from MONJU / Earr (cd) Dogear
 IO / Soul long (cd) P-vine
 IO / Soul long (2Lp) P-vine
ILL-TEE / T bang (cd) WDsounds
jjj (FLA$HBACKS) / Yacht club sailing gear session (cd) Awdr/lr2
 SATOL / Shadows (cd) Progressive form
STUTS / Pushin' (cd) Atik sounds
DOPEY / Smile (cd) Smile office
BUSHMIND / Bushmind's special 7inch from Sweet Talking (7ep) Seminishukei /Awdr/Lr2 /Jetset
KNZZ / Z (cd) P-vine
KID FRESINO / Conq.u.er (cd) Dogear
MASS-HOLE / PAReDE original soundtrack score (cd) WDsounds
KILLah BEEN / 夜襲 (cd): P-vine/Apollo-rec productions
ISSUGI & DJ SCRATCH NICE / Urbanbowl mixcity (cd) Dogear
tha BOSS / In the name of hiphop -限定盤- (2cd) Tha blue herb recordings
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